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Comment Re:wft ever dude! (Score 1) 166 166

So "as long as you do nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about" that REALLY your position? You DO know you are a felon, right? You are, I am, pretty much everybody is as You commit three felonies a day and the ONLY reason they do not go after you is how much work it would take. Now you have all these SJWs pushing for pretty much anything they find personally offensive (oh I forgot "trigger warning") to be labeled as "hate speech", you have people being investigated by Homeland for making a bad joke or daring to be seen with a sign at a protest, you have CEOs of media cartels saying every song you listen to without giving them money is really think we should make things EASIER for the state and the cartels?

If you are gonna keep that position I hope you are VERY careful with what you say, what you write, and watch, because all it will take is someone with a tiny bit of power deciding they do not like you. I personally don't have nearly as much faith in the government and cartels as you do, so I'll pass for as long as I can and buy a VPN to idoncareistan when I no longer can, thanks anyway.

Comment Altitude is difficult to estimate (Score 2) 185 185

There have been studies done before asking average people to estimate how high an object is in the sky (generally balloons or kites) and the estimates were generally awful. Even judging the difference between 60 and 200 feet is generally beyond the range of what most humans can comprehend in vertical distance.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 1) 254 254

That is because being "Windows ME Ready" meant that you had all WDM drivers. You see what I found the fatal flaw with WinME was some numbnuts at MSFT decided that BOTH WDM and VXD drivers should be supported...what a fuck up! If you mixed WDM and VXD drivers? It was pretty much guaranteed to shit itself and BSOD then only question was WHEN it would happen. I saw PCs at the shop (those Mini HPs with the CD holder on the top, can't recall the model ATM) that you could literally set your watch by, it would crash ME in less than 20 minutes from first boot every time. Replace the VXD only built in sound with a WDM card? Magically ran just fine.

So count yourself lucky, all WDM was a rarity when it came to ME thanks to all the Win98 parts the OEMs had, most were a mix of the two which is why IMHO Windows ME became so hated.

Comment Re:Slashdot crying wolf again... (Score 1) 166 166

And you don't see a PROBLEM with this? You DO know you are advocating giving every single device a "digital fingerprint" which will be trivial for the governments and media cartels to use against you, yes?

You say something that offends a special snowflake of a protected class (thereby committing thoughtcrime...err "hate speech") online, watch a video some cartel thinks you should have paid them $$$ to watch (which is very likely they shared for that very reason) and no problem, simply look at the IP V6 and you'll know exactly who that evildoer was and what device they used at the time!

I'm sorry but with all the truly evil fascist shit we've seen from our corporate overlords and their government puppets I really do NOT trust them with that kind of power. Remember citizen you have committed three felonies today and the only thing stopping them from busting you for it and ruining your life? Is how much resources it would take to prove it. Lets not make it any easier for them,mmkay?

Comment Re:wft ever dude! (Score 2) 166 166

Am I the only one that sees IP V6 as a "cure" worse than the disease? From everything I've seen it looks like a police state and media cartels wet dream, the ability to assign a unique address to every.single.device like a digital fingerprint so they can trivially trace back every statement, every video watched, every move, for later prosecution? Am I the only one having a problem with this idea, or is the idea of always being under the all seeing electric eye something the young folks simply accept and don't care about?

Comment Re:Companies Selling Actually Free Software? (Score 1) 346 346

Anybody who actually watches the man speak can see he is a classic "stuck in a time" kind of guy, which doesn't really work in a field that changes as insanely fast as computing does.

Ever know a guy whose music tastes is stuck in their teens/early 20s so they listen to ONLY music from that period? Yeah well seeing RMS address a room of 20 somethings as "hackers" (which is his standard greeting BTW) like it was 1974 and he was in a computer club meeting? yeah it felt exactly like that, watching Disco Dan talking about going to a BOC concert or seeing Foghat on some oldies tour, a guy stuck in time that refuses to accept that it isn't 1975 and computing is actually for the masses instead of a handful willing to write their own compilers and copying code from the back of Byte magazine.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 2) 254 254

I love how they use your bandwidth to send Windows Updates to others unless you know where to opt out, I'm sure there are gonna be a LOT of users on metered connections gonna be having a heart attack next month when they get their bill!

I'm advising my customers to avoid Win 10 for now, look I REALLY wanted to like Win 10, I really did, but it seems to be more of the ham fisted stupid shit we've been getting since Win 8 instead of a return to Win 7 greatness. the settings/control panel frankenstein clusterfuck, the datamining that makes Google look like they are privacy focused, I just haven't seen a thing that can't be had better by simply slapping Win 7 on an SSD. Even their "whiz bang" features like Cortana are slow, have a bad learning curve, and demand you give away pretty much any privacy to use the thing.

Sorry MSFT but at this point I'm even advising my Windows 8 customers to stay away, in fact Windows 8 plus Classic Shell is frankly better, with all the speed ups without the datamining and nickel and diming and you can grab Win 8 for $65 on Amazon, if you need a Windows OS and don't have the excellent Win 7 that is what I'd point customers to, Win 10 is just not worth what you give up.

BTW anybody else notice the insane astroturfing going on by MSFT trying to keep 10 from becoming another 8? Even sites like El Reg is seeing accounts that were dormant since the Win 8 release suddenly shooting down any complaints and singing the praises of Win 10 in market speak. Normally I condemn any talk of shills and astroturfing because...well I had customers that liked Windows ME, and there is everything from AMC Matador to Zune fanclubs because there will always be somebody who likes it no matter what it is, but just like previous ads by MSFT its just so.....well hamfisted and obvious, you can almost see the PHB standing behind the typist telling them to stay "on message" while going down a print out of a PPT with buzz words like "social integration" and "unified user experience". C'mon MSFT, if you are gonna turf at least do it well, half assed turfing is just lame.

Comment Re:They're going to be charging money for the OS s (Score 1) 254 254

*Shrug!* So set up a dual-boot system, defaulting to Linux. Linux can read/write Windows partitions quite well, TYVM, although the opposite isn't true. (There may be third-party software for that but if so, I'm not aware of it.)

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 49 49

Are you unaware that there are "side deals" with the IAEA to which Congress is not privy?

So you're trying to tell us that there are secret deals that congress doesn't know about, but you do? I'd love to know who your sources are that congress is not able to communicate with.

I defy you to show when I (or anyone else, for that matter) has EVER floated a theory that HRC or BHO initiated the attack on Benghazi, irrespective of motive.

If they didn't initiate it, then why are you so angry about them having the cause of it wrong the first day they briefed the media on it? How can you be so sure that they knew how it came to be - and gave an alternate story for it - if they didn't call it in themselves? Your claim that they initially were lying can only be backed up if they knew that what they said was wrong. You haven't provided any other explanation for why they would have known it to be wrong, unless they had themselves fabricated the intelligence reports that existed up to that point (which, in the world of your conspiracy, would have only been done for political gain).

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 49 49

Congress has full authority to trash and/or disregard the proposed treaty.

By not submitting a treaty as a treaty, for 2/3 ratification, I'm pretty sure President Jarrett has indicated her overall opinion of whatever Congress has to say.

So apparently your assumptions about what someone else might think about someone is more important than the fact that this is not binding without congress approving it. Gotcha.

President Lawnchair sent his top diplomat over

the stone cold disaster that was his predecessor.

Hold on a second, here. One of your Benghazi conspiracies claims that she - with or without President Lawnchair - initiated the attack on Benghazi for political gain. If that is the case, then she most certainly is not a disaster as the attack most definitely happened. I know you champion so many conspiracies that you have a hard time noticing when one is contradicting another, but this one is pretty damned obvious.

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