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Comment: Re:Looks like Windows 3 (Score 1) 93

by hairyfeet (#49202747) Attached to: Hands-On With the Vivaldi Browser

Yeah it was doing damned good....until the last release, then its like Nadella forgot to lock the backdoor and the Metro asses snuck in and started shitting all over the OS. The previous release? Light on resources, had an Aero like look, and other than a few shit icons was pretty damned good, the latest build? Looks like shit and I frankly just shut it off after 10 minutes of the CPU grinding at 100% for fuck all. If I had to guess? Cortana NEEDS TO DIE as it looked like all the services that were just hogging the shit out of the CPU had to do with that bitch.

Nadella needs to wake the fuck up and get back on the helm, because MSFT can't afford three clunkers in a row and if the current release ends up being the RTM? Yeah give it the fuck up, its just barely better than Metro.

Comment: Re:Zero Research (Score 1) 287

by hairyfeet (#49201977) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

If you do not understand how a massive BOYCOTT hurts your bottom line when you make over 90c of every dollar with a cut of search? Then you sir are either trolling or is so locked into your political beliefs that you will ignore reality in favor of politics.

Just ask the guy that USED to work at MSFT that said "If you don't want to always be online buy a 360" about how bad press affects a bottom line, that little stunt caused sales to crater, just as Eich caused FF adoption to nose dive. Pretty much every gamer website had a large "Do not use FF, here are some better choices" banner, which looking back was kinda ironic as they themselves cratered by choosing to be anti-gamergate and ran off all their users, but for a couple weeks there you couldn't surf anyplace other than the right wing blogs that didn't have some sort of "ditch FF" article. That kind of bad press just slaughters a company, look at their numbers before and after and you'll see they have yet to recover.

Comment: Re:After the .com boom (Score 1) 287

by hairyfeet (#49201869) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

Sigh, kids who do not know their history. Let me enlighten you child, you see there was certain things you HAD to have if you were gonna be a "dotbomb billionaire", those fancy ass uber expensive office chairs, the waiting area had to look like you were in an LA plastic surgeon's office, and you HAD TO HAVE a wall of the most expensive Sun hardware. So you had these companies literally buying millions of dollars worth of Sun gear, walls and walls of it. Now what do you think happened when they cratered, the market is in full panic mode, and the investors are just praying they can get back 8c on the dollar of what they put in?

You see child when you have a market crash? Rational thought doesn't come into play, they move like a herd of frightened animals. You see the guy next to you is dumping that shit for any bit of cash they can get and you go "Oh fuck if I don't get out I'll be able to wipe my ass with this stock!" and it drives down prices until the shit is worthless. Now eventually sanity DOES return but since hardware has a shelf life? You still aren't gonna get shit for that 4K Sun server because by the time sanity returns you can get a 1K Intel that is faster.

What we saw was no different than after the housing bubble burst, where you could get a 3 bedroom in Ohio for $300. Everybody panics, the plummeting price causes more panic, pretty soon they'll sell you half the office for $100 just to get something out of it. So as somebody pointed out Sun ended up having to go on the market and spend millions buying truuckloads of their own hardware just to trash it to keep competing with it as it was going for a couple cents on the dollar, everybody wanted out and if it meant selling a million dollars worth of office gear for $10K? So be it.

Comment: Re:Looks like Windows 3 (Score 4, Insightful) 93

by hairyfeet (#49201805) Attached to: Hands-On With the Vivaldi Browser

So now its wrong to want a UI that doesn't look like the dev took a Clevland Steamer on my screen? From the bottom of my heart fuck you, fuck the hipster douchebags that thought the shitastic fucking 90s was "retro cool" and so are trying their fucking damnedest to recreate Windows God Damned 2.0, the shitiest fucking tablets and Worst Buy special laptops have 200 times the power Windows 2.0 ran on so its more "how low can ya go?" dev circle jerking, and most of all it shows the devs (and anybody who supports that shit) is fucking ignorant because things like raised borders SERVE A PURPOSE, they show you what is clickable and what isn't. Wanna see what this shit flat shaded UI gets you? Yeah go look at Windows Mist8ke and see how quick that shit died,l you couldn't tell foreground from back, icon from picture, Windows 2.0 had better separation of elements!

So you can take that shit and shove it between your collection of Captain Planet and Power Rangers DVDs, the early 90s are NOT retro cool and eye sore flat shaded bullshit is not now, nor will it ever fucking be, popular!

Comment: Re:Impossible (Score 1) 235

by techno-vampire (#49201003) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away
Modern firefights usually involve more bullets going down range too.

Imagine how rare it must have been for two Civil War bullets to collide and fuse. Imagine how few of those that do ever get found. Now, consider the fact that they've found at least a dozen of them at Gettysburg, and that will tell you how intense the fighting was.

Comment: Corporate freedom, unless we say otherwise (Score 1) 226

by damn_registrars (#49200711) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)
Notice that again the conservative voice on slashdot is screaming about how FedEx doesn't want to transport certain goods. If the product was a pamphlet for a local union hall, the conservatives would say that FedEx was exercising their rights to free speech and freedom of association. But since the product is something that conservatives believe all Americans have god-granted rights to, FedEx's refusal to transport it is clearly a constitutional crisis.

In other words, FedEx is free to transport whatever goods they want, unless refusing them angers the conservatives. Then, FedEx must transport them in spite of their objections.

Comment: Re:sun? maybe, but who cares. (Score 4, Interesting) 287

by hairyfeet (#49196779) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

Flag on the field, 15 yards for BS. Linux had jack and shit to do with Sun dying, it was the fallout from the dotbomb that slaughtered 'em. For a good 6 years after the dotbomb you could get Sun hardware for WAAAAY below cost thanks to all the bankrupt dotbombs that bought walls of the stuff, I should know as me and several of my friends doing consulting made a killing off of it! A $450 SunRay thin client? Less than $15 in bulk, a $4k+ Sun server? You could pick 'em up all day for less than $200.

Linux didn't enter into the equation, there was several years where Sun had to compete with their own hardware which was being sold for less than a fifth of what they paid for it, and they just couldn't afford to have cratered sales for a half a decade so they slowly bled out.

As for TFA? If I didn't know better I'd swear that Moz has an Elop on the inside trying to torpedo the company for GOOG. How else do you explain repeatedly giving their customers the finger while their share tumbles? Even MSFT got the message when their sales tanked and punt kicked the sweaty one and his Metro crap to the curb, yet Moz doubles down and gives its users a double bird by making the UI more and more Chrome-like with every release.

Comment: Re:Zero Research (Score 0) 287

by hairyfeet (#49196557) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

Sigh, don't you just LOVE how conservatives HATE a truly free market, because you know that is EXACTLY what that was, right? People voted with their wallets when Moz placed a bigot as CEO by removing FF and asking others to do the same (thus taking a big bite out of their user and search numbers, costing revenue) and when faced with the monetary cost of their bad choice changed direction.

That is how a truly free market is SUPPOSED to work, you vote with your wallet for or against a company and then that company can stay the course and bleed to death or change course, see MSFT and the Ballmernator and Metro. But of course you don't like actual free markets, because if you did you would respect the free choice that such a market brings but I suspect that what you support is crony capitalism, where the "good old boy" system rigs the market for the enrichment of a few.

Sorry to disappoint you, that is how truly free market capitalism works, people can vote with their wallets however they choose.

Comment: Re:A serious question (Score 3, Interesting) 287

by hairyfeet (#49196379) Attached to: Mozilla: Following In Sun's Faltering Footsteps?

At the time Opera was spyware/adware and was treated like plague blankets so for all intents and purposes it might as well have been Moz because nobody was shelling out $30 USD just to get Opera decrapified.

It is just too bad somebody at Moz is pulling an Elop and fucking the company for Google, because ever since they have turned Moz into a shitty ersatz Chrome their share has just nosedived, even those that are hooked on the extensions going to one of the alternate like PaleMoon,Waterfox, IceDragon,etc. I personally tossed FF from my software collection I give my customers, I now give 'em Seamonkey if they remember Netscape and PaleMoon if they don't. I mean if all I'm going to get from FF is an ersatz Chrome, why not just run Chrome?

Comment: Re:Why don't people think about this shit? (Score 1) 246

by damn_registrars (#49190813) Attached to: Facebook Rant Lands US Man In UAE Jail
Have you considered a new hobby? Following me around and showing that you love replying to my comments without reading them is a rather odd choice, particularly on a website with as few readers as this one. We heard recently that Gary Con is coming up soon, maybe you can find something to do there.

Comment: Re:Why don't people think about this shit? (Score 1) 246

by damn_registrars (#49188671) Attached to: Facebook Rant Lands US Man In UAE Jail

You shouldn't just expect that everything you say is monitored and will be used against you.

There is a big difference between what you say - verbally or in private writing - and what you write in public. He wrote this in a public place, he had no reason to expect that it would be withheld from his employer if they were to come looking for it.

He's like a function -- he returns a value, in the form of his opinion. It's up to you to cast it into a void or not. -- Phil Lapsley