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Comment: Security Saved Me (Score 1) 473

by netcaretaker (#38258012) Attached to: Half Life of a Tech Worker: 15 Years
The one thing that I learned and it was totally by accident is that security is the one thing that having a history on makes you more valuable to the company. The company also gets very nervous to the point of paranoid about moving the work, the testing and the architecture to another country. Even though I personally think that there is little chance of anyone embedding something in the product that would leave a back door (given the reviews we go though), the company does not think the same way. And from a history standpoint having all that old school shit in my head and pulling it out like "ya, this is a variation of the XYZ attack that was run years ago, we should be able to apply the same logic to prevent this, or at least it will be a starting point to prevent it" . Many times this my exec management has said " this is exactly why we pay you". But all that being said, if you do not stay current you will be unemployed, but with security once you spend years learning the basics of the subject staying current is still work but manageable.

Comment: Re:This is a DC problem, not a Google problem (Score 4, Insightful) 139

by netcaretaker (#29339805) Attached to: Google Apps Not the DC Success Many Believe?
Wow, and the haters who love to bash MS begin. Ya, exchange, the mature product that does calendering and mail and all your contacts truely sucks. It is much worst then google (oh wait, they don't have a global directory, and email outage, blah blah blah), or Apple .mac (really? that works now?) or mac servers with IMAP. Google, is not enterprise ready, and is not secure, and will own your data in the cloud. I would perfer my local .gov NOT to use it if my name is going to be on any of their docs.

Comment: WTF? He says this and it is news? (Score 2, Insightful) 348

by netcaretaker (#29317673) Attached to: Doctorow On What Cloud Computing Is Really For
Come on, this is somehow news because Doctorow says it? You have not noticed that when you get an email in google that all of a sudden the ads that are around the edges have something to do with what is in the email you are reading? If you put it in the cloud, those who own the cloud, own you and your data, NOT new news. And because of that, it will never happen in my world, I will pay someone to host my server, but I am not letting someone host my DATA.

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