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Comment Re:From a geek's perspective (Score 1) 290

Me as well. I don't think it is a show about geeks. It is a sitcom about people who happen to be geeks. Just like Brooklyn Nine-Nine is not a show about the Brooklyn Police.

It is not a documentary.

Hating the show is a bit of 'in' thing. If I do not like a shos (like e.g. Game of Thrones) I just do not watch it. Not because it might be bad, but because I do not like watching it.

I would nog go about and tell others how bad I think it is and even less watch it week after week telling others how bad it is.

And as long as they are making money, they will keep producing it. You are the product, you are not the market. And if you think you are, just one word: Firely.

Comment IceComm: serverless video conferencing, very easy. (Score 1) 115

Set up IceComm on a web site that only you and your kids can access, and give them the Chrome browser with a bookmark to go there at scheduled times .. https://icecomm.io/

Very easy to set up server less video conferencing. Add a bit of TogetherJS to the mix and you've got realtime chat as well - without needing to install anything on any local computers besides the Chrome browser.

I use IceComm on my main server as the 'front door' to my business - I have a browser sitting on my front door all day, and whenever clients visit I'm ready for them. Its just like having a virtual front door to the business .. very handy and very care-free for the customers.

Comment Re:I block all flash ads (Score 1) 307

Well, I don't have Flash installed at all - which keeps me off Chrome - and if an ad-site gets to be too annoying in some way, it gets an entry in my "hosts" file.
Oh, and I go through my cookies occasionally making those from all recognisable ad-sites expire at the end of the session. Maybe I should use private-mode more.

Comment Re:Evidence of the Great Filter? (Score 1) 365

It does not matter that 99.99999% of the living things are unable to do math. It is only important that enough are able to do it.

And it is always needed to first answer what intelligence is. Some might say that 'self aware' is enough. Other say that they should be able to send signals to other planets.

For all we know, the first time we meet an other life form, they are building a bypass. Does not mean they are intelligent.

Comment Re:"When everyone can code . . . " (Score 1) 255

And even if everybody could code, some will be better at it and that will be the coders. Just like some will be better at making bread and yet others better at banking, being a manager or being a nurse.

Just like now.

Everybody can run (using the generalisation of everybody) That does not mean everybody is joining the Olympic Team of their country.

Comment Re:Are you paid by the government to do a job? (Score 1) 81

USofA is a thoughplace to work. Where I live, a compaby can not fine their workers. They can fire them, but not fine them.

They can reprimand them, but that is different.

If tghe company wants you to feel the consequences, they can do several things.
1) Not give you a bonus
2) Never ever give you a promotion again
3) Never give you a raise
4) Go to court

But they need to watch out for 2 and 3 that it isn't harrasment, because that could mean that the person takes them to court.

But the company can not fine you.

Comment And nothing wil be different (Score 1) 90

They could say that if the government did something wrong, the resposible people would be hanged in public by default without a trial, but that means nothing.

If your kid steals a cookie and all you do is say he should not do it, the kid will steal more cookies. This is not because the kid is bad, this is because the parent does nothing.

And then people say "but the constitution says ..." So? It might be nice as a starting point for a discussion, but in reality it means nothing.

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