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Comment Re:IoT (Score 3, Insightful) 43

Funny but a friend of mine called the Apple II a toy but then he had a PDP-11.
Actually the AppleII was a better computer than the Vic-20 but it also cost many times as much.
Frankly I loved all the computers of the late 70s early 80s. So many new ideas and so many systems and all of them you could learn inside and out except for the Ti-99.

Comment Re:Am I missing something here? (Score 2) 119

I worked for a software company that had a contract with the Senate of Canada to supply software.
One of the times that we sent them a free update it got stopped by canadian customs at the border. They asked me the value of the package and I told them it was free. They did not like that so I told them it was 8 floppies and at 5 cents each it was 40 cents. They did not like that answer.
I finally asked them if they understood that it was going to the Senate of Canada. They said they did but they still must collect a tariff on it!
I finally just lost it and said you do know that you are trying to collect money from the government of Canada to give the government of Canada!
He said yes. I told him he had just invented taxerbation.
We set up a BBS that day so they could download the updates.
Yes this was pre internet.

Comment Re: Vietnam (Score 0) 282

"JFK kept us stumbling forward in VN until just before he got killed; by then he planned to get us out."
That is pure fantasy. At no point in JFKs time in office did the number of US troops in VN decreased.
LBJs advisors where JFKs advisors.
Nixon actually got negotiations started and ended.

Comment Re:A few issues with this: (Score 1) 96

these would be non-is
"5. Data connections will be difficult, high speed ones even worse.

6. Provisioning and resupply of fuel, maintenance spares, personnel and food will be very expensive.

7. Emergencies will be hard to deal with, fires, accidents, taking on water etc..

8. Storms, wind, waves, etc will all cause you issues.sues"
Okay 7 is still an issue but storms in a SF Bay, data connections, and provisioning would not be a big deal.

Comment Re:Excuse me, but.... "win"? (Score 2) 282

Actually yes from 1945 to about 1962-3 the US could have won in a nuclear war. Russia lacked any real way to deliver nuclear bombs effectively to the US. Now Europe, Japan, and Korea would have been toast but the US would not have been that badly damaged.
Yes we could have won that in about the same way that France won WWI or Britain won WWII

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. -- F. Brooks, "The Mythical Man-Month"