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Comment: Re: no ghettos pre-internet? (Score 1) 452

by dustmite (#44789291) Attached to: Could Technology Create Modern-Day 'Leper Colonies'?

"Stand your ground" doesn't mean 'self-defense' per se, 'stand your ground' refers to whether or not you have a duty to retreat when threatened in an open space, in that jurisdiction. It is separate from self-defense rights 'per se' in that all states recognize a right to self-defense, but states differ on whether you have a duty to retreat. Duty to retreat means, say, if a mugger pulls a knife on you, in a place that you are allowed to be (e.g. city street), if you have a duty to retreat in that jurisdiction, and you were able to run away from the attacker, then you are required to do so and thus not e.g. pull a gun on your attacker to defend yourself. "Stand your ground" laws mean that if you have a right to be in that place, then you don't have a duty to retreat, and thus are allowed to pull a gun on the attacker even if you could have run away.

'Stand your ground' had nothing to do with the George Zimmerman case, and wasn't even brought into the trial. It is inherently irrelevant because you can't voluntarily retreat when someone is on top of you bashing your head into the pavement.

Comment: Re:How this proof hold its water? (Score 1) 152

by dustmite (#44767047) Attached to: Court Orders Retrial In Google Maps-Related Murder Case
+1, this actually makes a lot of sense. I mean, consider also that this guy was a 'VoIP expert' who worked for Cisco - if he was planning a murder, does anyone honestly think he would be too stupid to even understand he should clear his browser cache?

Reportedly his relationship with his wife had been strained ... she may have planned to secretly meet someone else at that location (many possible reasons), gone there, and been murdered.

Certainly seems enough for reasonable doubt, especially given that search is the only evidence they have. What a flimsy case. Reminds me of the Shawshank Redemption case.

Comment: Re:We need to push regulators to treat them as a b (Score 1) 443

by dustmite (#44766887) Attached to: PayPal Freezes MailPile's Account
Worst idea ever. This is counter-intuitive, but one of the big REASONS that PayPal is able to suck so badly, IS that the banking regulatory environment is so ridiculous, that it's virtually impossible to set up new competitors to PayPal. If it weren't for those regulations, we would have several different BETTER alternatives to PayPal by now. If you think PayPal sucks, banks are far, far worse, and turning PayPal into 'yet another shitty, limited bank' is absolutely not the way to go.

Comment: Re:Slashdot statistics? (Score 2) 264

by dustmite (#40810615) Attached to: Will Real Name Policies Improve Comments?
Who cares? They get modded down and by and large don't affect the discussion. If your discussion forum doesn't have ancient features that help filter out the crap, it's because your discussion forum platform sucks, not because everyone needs to be forced or pushed to give up anonymity. Yours, Mr. Dust Mite.

Comment: Re:Stupid is as stupid does. (Score 1) 314

by dustmite (#34709268) Attached to: Real-Life <em>Frogger</em> Ends In Hospital Visit
(BeanThere here) Actually, you couldn't be more wrong. We have a horrible debilitating illness that runs in our family, and I've watched family members die slowly from it very literally since my earliest memories. Thus I realise probably more than most that in life, 'shit happens'. But my approach is not to assume that that entitles me to other people's money, instead, I plan for it. So while my friends and industry peers live it up and spend their money on nice houses and nice cars without putting much savings away, I've been living much more modestly from the start, and saving money so that if it hits me, I can pay for my own care. Shit happens in life. You plan for it. If I am ever in a situation where it's between my life, and living by leeching off of others, I will rather put a bullet in my head than leech off others. I am not a leech. And I think that's a good principle, and makes me a better person, than people who argue that being a leech is OK, even if that leaves people claiming bizarrely that I'm a "sociopath".

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