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Comment Re:New York Taxi Workers' Alliance (Score -1) 180

Nice try but it's quite solid; Uber's rating system ensures that unacceptable issues (which seem to be the taxi's industry m.o. nearly everywhere except Deutschland and perhaps the UK) are dealth with expediently; hence Uber's extremely high customer satisfaction rate.

Personally, I have a LOT of sympathy for cab drivers; they're not all inept, unskilled or inconsiderate... but taxi companies?? Let's face it: ridesharing is downright fucking obvious in retrospect; I imagine at least 10,000 people have independently thought of this idea; however, those who had the wherewithal to actually develop and execute the idea get the credit. I have absolutely no sympathy for the lazy, corrupt and (more to the point) unimaginative fucks who run the taxi industry; if their dumb asses weren't dinosaurs in need of removal, they should have thought of this the first time one of them used an iPhone a decade ago....

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