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Comment Re:Obvious deflection (Score 1) 240

Why is the ethics for an autonomous killing machine different from a non autonomous one?

Ha! No wonder you posted this drivel as AC; obviously autonomous weapons (capable of operating themselves!) are to be approached just a bit more cautiously than we do killing machines (knives, guns, tanks) that aren't.

Figure out a way to raise humans so that they don't turn out bad.

I see you're real proficient at suggesting realistic solutions to problems... ;)

Comment Re:Totally orthogonal to the topic at hand... (Score 1) 574

You make a valid point but nonetheless it's *exactly* like telling a rancher he's small-minded for insisting on raising grass-fed beef because more and more [ignorant] people are content with the flavorless, factory-farmed dogshit being pushed-out by BigAg on behalf of McD's and Walmart.

Quite possibly the market you describe simply isn't the one that Neil wants to focus on.

Comment Re:Totally orthogonal to the topic at hand... (Score 1) 574

That's a cool story....hope it's true.

Very much so. :) FYI, this occurred at Kenyon (small liberals arts school in Ohio); Neil was there visiting his daughter.

I do think he's being a bit daft with all this 'quality' nonsense though.

Neil's easily the most vocal proponent of replacing 16bit/44khz audio with 24bit/192khz and that's a contentious subject... but all the yammering and clamoring aside, if someone were to take a decent pair of speakers (nothing necessarily extreme, mind you; my preference would be an older pair of Klipsch Reference floorspeakers, $1000 on CL) and bi-amp 'em to a decent used receiver (Marantz, Denon and HK come to mind, $300 on CL), feed 'em with optical S/PDIF from a pc or SACD player... and then audition the uncompressed recording of your choice (presumably something you're used to and love) at 16bit and 24bit... there's an excellent chance you'd be able to tell the difference in a double-blind test. As for being able to tell the difference between high-bitrate compressed and 16bit lossless? It's a foregone conclusion and anyone saying otherwise is either tone-deaf or talking out their ass; that "high quality" MP3, WMA or proprietary stream (i.e. Spotify on its highest quality settings) is going to sound muffled by comparison; particularly the highs.

Comment Totally orthogonal to the topic at hand... (Score 1) 574

Totally orthogonal to the topic at hand but a true story definitely worth relating: while my kid brother was at college, one of his friends was cranking Neil Young loudly in his dorm room... and there came a loud pounding on his door. He yelled "come in" and Neil Young opened the door and yelled "Turn it down!" with a shit-eating grin.

Comment Re:Fracking to relieve tectonic pressure (Score 1) 265

No, not in any meaningful sense (i.e. the context of the comparison in question): fracking-induced quakes are highly-localized and miniscule by comparison; i.e. just because you might be able to pop a zit on your face quite easily doesn't mean that you can use the same technique to remove a brain tumor... but yes, both the zit and the tumor are located in your head. ;)

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