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Comment Re:Greenspan (Score 1) 4 4

Greece is the prefect example of what I mean. They are being robbed in broad daylight by the financial markets. They are an economic colony of the banks(how ironic that it is Germany who doing this) Your trickle down is the false god that you worship. And it is you expressing the childish blame, against the poor, that you also repeat from mass media bullshit. Another appeal to authority is all you show here. Projection is as normal as taking a dump to you. In your case, more like diarrhea that is filling your diaper. After all this time I just roll with it.

Comment Re:Shorter d_r: (Score 1) 56 56

So, the Senator who served in Iraq and has the Ivy league degree is a clown on the take.

Wow, talk about your appeal to authority! Yeah. He's a corrupt bastard clown who wants war. All those 'creds' (which, in his case, are mostly bureaucratic and ceremonial) don't preclude his corruption. Dude, you are such a textbook case! I just can't remember the word to describe that bullshit you're trying to pull. Ah well, it'll come to me some day. I forget who just said it, but it seems to be true. You believe and vote for any given murdering rapist (though a college degree is required) because they you what you want to hear before you would vote for an atheist hippie. I'll betcha that word I am looking for is in the DSM5... Eh, what's the point? "Crazy" will do for now.

Anyway, what you believe is your business. That is not my concern and it never was. You want war, just like he does. That is a fact you can take to the bank, and deposit it with the rest of your denials in a nice warm moist dark place. You know, with this and your bigotry against gays, you might want to double check with your deity to see if it really approves. It would be better though, to see you come out of your closet and just admit the truth. I'd wager you would feel better for it.

Comment Re:Compelling products from Detroit? unlikely (Score 2) 145 145

I find it unlikely Detroit will put out any compelling auto no matter if it runs on electric, gas, diesel.

The current Corvette is broadly considered to be the best deal in high performance... in the world. The new Cadillacs are awe-inspiring and built like they mean it. Even Ford has apparently discovered reliability. You're talking bollocks.

I'll grant you a lot of garbage is still coming from the big three, but look around the world. Everyone makes shit cars.

Comment Re:Startup management subsystem (Score 1) 330 330

Wow... that's inefficient. Polling to see if a service is running then restart it.

Wow... that's something that every other operating system's service manager can handle.

And that's the problem with the init scripts - they make the whole thing less efficient. If a process spawns another process, that parent gets notification by default when something happens to its child.

OK, so exec the daemon from your script, whatever. It's not a problem for me. However, not doing this gives you a chance to do more stuff when the daemon dies...

Comment Re:Smart (Score 3, Informative) 145 145

They *are* doing them, but there are several manual steps currently. Go to Teslamotorsclub.com if you don't believe it.

I've been there, and what I saw was a bunch of people who don't own Teslas slapping each other on the back while looking at photos which don't provide any proof that swaps are occurring.

For what it's worth, battery swaps are a dead end.

Sure, I agree. But credit systems are bullshit, too, and Tesla is gaming the credit system on top of that.

Comment Re:Smart (Score 4, Insightful) 145 145

Hey I like Tesla as much as the next guy, but wake me up when a corporation lobbies government in a way that goes against their own self-interest.

Wake me up when they prove that they're actually performing battery swaps, which is required at this phase to get all the credits they're getting. There's no evidence that they can do it, let alone that they are doing it. (If anyone feels differently, let's see some photographic evidence of a swap actually taking place; I am not interested in seeing the pictures of the car sitting in the swap station with nothing happening.)

Comment Re:interesting experiment (Score 1) 198 198

That is why it was damaged in america in short order, because americans think exactly like this comment.

Really? Because I did say I thought it was a douchey thing to do. If all Americans thought that way, it wouldn't have been damaged. QED, you didn't actually read and/or understand my comment before talking about it...

Comment Re:Looks like you guys lost (Score 1) 330 330

Maturity isn't really about age, but of total development hours. Popularity matters, because it helps to attract contributing developers, and more can be done in a shorter amount of time. Because of it's popularity, I think it's probably fair to say that Linux has matured faster than FreeBSD.

You forget that for the entirety of time from 1977 and 1991, there was no Linux, just BSD (excluding AT&T versions) so all the development time was spent on BSD, from which FreeBSD comes. In addition, FreeBSD supports Linux Binary Compatibility - with exceptions, of course. There is also a lot of cross pollination between Linux and the BSDs now.

In some sense you're comparing apples with somewhat different apples and I think it's fair to leave it as a "to each their own" kind of thing and YMMV.

Comment Re:Greenspan (Score 1) 4 4

You insist on seeing and stating it backwards. Your trickle down is the plantation. Our safety nets are the gasoline to rid ourselves. We just have to light it. There is more than enough money for all the programs we need. It flows all day every day right over our heads, untaxed. Your taxes have no need to go up. You are simply spreading more media lies, just like on your Iran spiel. Deficit spending benefits financial markets through the commoditization of debt. The debt is the product being traded. And it serves to create a very convenient currency shortages, to drive up interest rates, and to get people like you to call for more austerity.

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work.