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Comment What do they mean by Computer Science? (Score 1) 246

Do they mean coding (AP computer science)? The higher-level design stuff? System administration? Information security? The article mentioned AP Computer Science, so we'll be the world's leader in Java programming.

Also, the benefit might not be employment as a programmer per se, but simply using programs as part of one's day job..

Comment Re:As cynical as I am or not (Score 1) 229

But at the same time that my cynicism reads the potential subtext, I'm hopeful that while Irans' secular leadership is (excuse the turn of phrase here) hell-bent on destroying Israel and the U.S. and (likely) our other allies and anything that doesn't fit into their limited, rigid world-view, it's non-secular leadership is more open-minded and far-thinking, realizing that the World of today has become too small and all Irans' neighbors too close, in the literal as well as figurative sense, to allow the leadership decisions of an entire country to be guided by misguided tradition, narrow-mindedness, and hate.

So Iran's non-secular leadership is more rational than its secular leadership?

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