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Comment Re:Mostly for criminals (Score 1) 57

It's about 1½ times what I paid a couple of years ago to have someone build me an x86_64-based workstation with 8x2 cores (Haswell IIRC), 16GB RAM, a heap-big SSD, and a few other choice goodies.

So... What kind of porn did you say do you like to watch? And what's it worth to you not to have the answer revealed, whether or not you feel like responding to the question?

Comment Re:Pooh-Pooh all you want. This is great news! (Score 1) 240

You mean the Microsoft that thinks it owns the users computer and can force spying and updates on people unwittingly and or against their will? Yea real swell...

That would be the Microsoft that lets you pay for the system, then purports to rent it back to you, hoping you'll not notice, yes.

Comment Re:That isn't trustful. (Score 1) 551

So your advice is that you should place more trust in code that you can't audit a single line of, just because it'd be hard to audit all FOSS code.

That's a pretty amusing substitute for logic, but you're welcome to apply it for yourself if you like.

Be sure to get back to us and let us know how that's worked out for you.


Giant Magellan Telescope Set To Revolutionize Ground-Based Astronomy 104

StartsWithABang writes: If you want to see farther, deeper and at higher resolution than ever before into the Universe, you need four things: the largest aperture possible, the best-quality optical systems and cameras/CCDs, the least interference from the atmosphere, and the analytical techniques and power to make the most of every photon. While the last three have improved tremendously over the past 25 years, telescope size hasn't increased at all. That's all about to change over the next decade, as three telescopes — the Giant Magellan Telescope, the Thirty Meter Telescope and the European Extremely Large Telescope — are set to take us from 8-10 meter class astronomy to 25-40 meter class. While the latter two are fighting over funding, construction rights and other political concerns, the Giant Magellan Telescope is already under construction, and is poised to be the first in line to begin the future of ground-based astronomy.

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