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Comment: What kind of fucking shit is this? (Score 1) 14

by Taco Cowboy (#48465267) Attached to: NSF Commits $16M To Build Cloud-Based and Data-Intensive Supercomputers

If TFA wants to talk about supercomputer then it should stick to supercomputers. What is the point of sticking in the following:

... climate change skeptic Ted Cruz is rumored to be in line to chair a Senate committee that oversees NASA and the NSF

1, TFA has failed to substantiate its claim that Ted Cruz is a climate change skeptic
2. Even if Ted Cruz is a climate change skeptic it still has NOTHING to do with the funding of supercomputers
3. Supercomputer can be used for many things, not only for climate pattern modelling
4. TFA also failed to prove that Ted Cruz has refused to fund the purchase of supercomputer
5. Even if Ted Cruz is such a villian, that the guy would end up destroying NSF and whatnots, why didn't the American government, led by the Obama administration and its Democratic party congress critins, before Ted Cruz arrives at the scene, fund the purchase of supercomputers?
Is TFA going to be an article about the lack of supercomputer or is TFA going to be a political character assassination propaganda against Ted Cruz?
I have no relationship whatsoever with Ted Cruz. I just can't stand this kind of below-the-belt sneak attack disguising as a Slashdot article

+ - Bitcoin is not anonymous after all->

Submitted by Taco Cowboy
Taco Cowboy (5327) writes "Researchers from the University of Luxembourg have demonstrated that it is possible to figure out the IP address and therefore the identity of individuals who pay for transactions anonymously online using bitcoins

In an open-access paper entitled Deanonymisation of clients in Bitcoin P2P network — — the researchers explain bitcoins do not protect the IP addresses of users, and these can be linked to the user's transactions in real time, even if the client uses different pseudonyms for each transaction

The researchers say a hacker could discover the identity of a bitcoin user by using several computers and spending just under €1,500 (£1,190, $1,871) on such a deanonymisation attack

There are several ways for a hacker to generate a malformed message and pretend it has been sent by a user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network, even if the message has been sent from one of Tor's exit nodes

For example, say there are 1,008 Tor exit nodes. The hacker just needs to establish 1,008 connections and send a few megabytes of data to all connections from the Tor exit nodes to Bitcoin servers

Once the attacker knows what all the servers are and the bitcoin users have been banned from accessing these servers using Tor, they will then have to access the servers the normal way

"It shows that the level of network anonymity provided by Bitcoin is quite low. Several features of the Bitcoin protocol makes the attack possible. In particular, we emphasise that the stable set of only eight entry nodes is too small, as the majority of these nodes' connections can be captured by an attacker"

Every time the user's client makes a connection to an entry node of the bitcoin server, its address (perhaps an IP address associated with a major internet service provider) will be advertised

Once the hacker knows this address, he can trick the bitcoin server into revealing the IP address of the user

"The crucial idea of our attack is to identify each client by an octet of outgoing connections it establishes. This octet of Bitcoin peers [entry nodes] serves as a unique identifier of a client for the whole duration of a user session and will differentiate even those users who share the same NAT IP address," the authors stress

"As soon as the attacker receives the transaction from just two to three entry nodes he can with very high probability link the transaction to a specific client""

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Comment: Branding disasters (Score 1) 51

by Taco Cowboy (#48464829) Attached to: The People Who Are Branding Vulnerabilities

Nowadays they do assign names to typhoons / hurricanes, and TFA gives me an idea ... why stop at branding vulnerabilities when we can branding disasters?

All we need to do is to supply a meme, a logo, a theme song, ... and we can even throw in a new aerobic dance step as a bonus!

Anyone thinks such a venture might sell? How about we crowdsource our funding @

Comment: Re:LMFTFY (Score 1) 538

by MightyMartian (#48459077) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change

Yes, because apparently technologies don't get developed from inefficient proof of principle prototypes through to efficient production units, but either spring forth fully developed or not at all.

Nuclear is certainly a good stop gate, but unless we come up with cheap fusion, fission has all sorts of problems; everything from finding fissile materials to getting rid of them.

Comment: A clear pattern (Score 1) 70

by Taco Cowboy (#48453627) Attached to: DHS Set To Destroy "Einstein" Surveillance Records

First when it was found out that IRS was illegal harassing citizen groups in the USA, and an investigation was launch, IRS responded by telling the world that all the computers used by the people involved that case were mysteriously and co-incidently damaged --- so no trace of guilt could be found

Then it came the case of the records of H1B be destroyed, without letting the public to check it

Now this

I have been in America since the 1970's, and when I first landed at America, the Watergate thing was still a very hot topic

No matter how tricky that Tricky Dicky was, he paled in comparison to the wholesale destruction of evidence the Obama administration is doing

When I first arrived in America, I was a refugee from China

Now, I am an American citizen

Back when I was a refugee, I felt so awed by the American system - that even the President can be thrown out of office if he did rotten things

But now, as an American citizen, I feel rotten. I feel rotten because as an American citizen I can *DO NOTHING* about the illegal activitiess my own government is involved in

I feel so powerless, I feel so ashame

I know that, the founding fathers of my adopted country, the United States of America, told me, in the Declaration of Independence, that it is my duty, and the duty of ALL AMERICANS, to overthrow the government if the government turns rogue

The Obama administration is rogue, but as an American citizen, I have failed to carry out my duty, as has been instructed by the founding fathers

I am ashamed, man. Very very much ashamed, to have failed to live up to the expectation of the founding fathers, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America !

Comment: Why giving ? (Score 2) 91

by Taco Cowboy (#48443283) Attached to: How "Big Ideas" Are Actually Hurting International Development

I do not understand why the need to give foreign aid in the first place, I really don't

I am from China, and when I was in China, China was hit by the double whammy from Chairman Mao - in the form of great famine and cultural upheaval

Tens of millions of people perished

Despite of the suffering, China didn't receive any fucking foreign aid from nobody --- and at the end of it, China still survive, and the population of China is still over one Billion

Why then the West wants to give out money to help those "poor" countries? I mean, what the West is thinking?

They think without the "foreign aid" those poor countries will die?

For thousands of years the people of those "poor countries" were there before the "West" is known as the "West ... and they never got any "Western aid" at all, and still, they survived, right?

Don't care if it's brown skin, white skin, dark skin, yellow skin or whatever shade of skin those people are, with or without foreign aid they will survive

With or without the "disruptive method", those "foreign aid" is a waste of money anyway

Comment: Thieves (Score 1) 90

by Taco Cowboy (#48443117) Attached to: Samsung Seeking To Block Nvidia Chips From US Market

Hey, let's be frank

In technology almost everyone is a thief

Not only in the corporate settings, even in the academia setting thievery thrives --- you do not even need to look far to read stories of professors stealing and patenting students' ideas from himself / herself

And I am speaking from experience ... I had (at least) one idea stolen by my professor(s) and I couldn't do shit about it --- basically I had the choice of litigation (which would linger for ages) against my professor(s) and the university (which means I would never graduate) ...
... or I moved on ...
... by not disclosing any more ideas to anyone until I got my chance to try them out myself and patent them if they turn out to be useful

Comment: Pressure from the *West* (Score 1) 128

It used to be that the entire world was very scared of the Pressure from the *West* because it would be a crushing blow to whoever the West decided to punish
It used to be, no more
The West is getting weaker by the day - as their technological / military / moral advantage get plummeted - nowadays even the banana republics in Africa / Latin America / Asia do not care so much about what the *West* wants anymore

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