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Comment: Re:FLAC (Score 1) 361

by TorrentFox (#41401893) Attached to: Neil Young Pushes Pono, Says Piracy Is the New Radio

I was going to use my mod points, but I feel it's better to explain why you're wrong.

CD audio has a sample rate of 44.1kHz, which means that it will perfectly reproduce frequencies up to 22,050Hz. Human hearing drops off sharply at 20K. As to the other end of the "spectrum" (in reality the range of normal human hearing), a CD will sample an 19Hz wave, 5Hz wave, a 1Hz wave, or a 0Hz wave (pure bias which is likely to damage your speaker, something that an LP is physically incapable of doing), all inaudible.

Vinyl transfers these days usually come off a the same DAT tape or final mix used to make the CD. On top of the sameness, vinyl offers an inferior signal to noise ratio.

This topic has really been beaten to death, brought back and re-killed so many times it's depressing. And all the while, producers are putting out material that won't sound good no matter what the medium. It doesn't matter.

Comment: Re:Circumcision or healthy lifestyle, which's bett (Score 5, Interesting) 1264

by TorrentFox (#41162085) Attached to: US Doctors Back Circumcision

Post-hoc rationalization.

A few points:

- I would rather have the penis I was born with, which would now include not a 'small ribbon' but an area of skin with the approximate surface area of an index card
- There are far less invasive treatments for penile cancer than the removal of the entire penis

But... becoming a girl because you have cancer and lose your penis? Are you for real? It's funny you mention that though, because there's a notable case where circumcision itself did destroy the penis of an infant, and in attempt to fix things they performed gender reassignment surgery (though doomed sexually for life), put the kid on hormones and raised him as a girl. Problem was, he never identified as a girl, and some decades after learning the truth about what happened to him, killed himself.


But yep, the science behind the procedure is bulletproof. Except when it isn't.

And to your assertion of cognitive dissonance, I have not experienced this. To the contrary I have found that people will go to any length to convince themselves that they have not been harmed when it's very obvious they have.


Comment: Re:Lies (Score 1) 1264

by TorrentFox (#41161407) Attached to: US Doctors Back Circumcision

Honestly, I'm surprised such an outwardly angry response would be considered insightful. So I'll respond.

A) I never said it was all doctors, and I never said you had to be a member to be a pediatrician. They have 60,000 members, who I'm assuming are mostly pediatricians - is that enough for you?
B) Yes, they do. It's tough to find exact figures, but for example Colorado is saving about a quarter million dollars a year having eliminated the procedure from medicaid coverage in 2010. The issue came back on the ballot in 2012 and was struck down.
C) No, the unbiased science shows it to be unnecessary. The rest of the developed and uncut world already having defunded it en masse shows it to be unnecessary.

And yes, babies die from it. What was the number again, 100-some per year? Ever heard of a baby dying from not being cut? I didn't think so.

Critical thinking much?

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