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Comment: Re:Another bad parenting example (Score 2) 221

How does one kid go from getting a bad grade to breaking and entering... Probably by following the train of thought that anything is ok as long as you bring home good grades.

That's what good parenting is about, right? Making sure your kids knows that his grades mean everything.

Comment: Re:Hahah (Score 0) 221

Someone fucking up on a test, then having the bright idea of "hacking" a computer (when obviously having no skill whatsoever to do so), then lighting the computer on fire without either considering that this will not accomplish anything nor having the sense to know that this fire might not be limited to the computer but may spread...

If that are the actions of a rational adult, ... Ok, it's the US, I withdraw my argument.

Comment: Re:No, his hack was successful (Score 3, Insightful) 221

He issued an HCF instruction.

Shame I didn't have mod points- not just for the joke itself, but because- in a discussion thread that could otherwise have been mistaken for one on Fark or whatever- it says something that this is by far the most reminiscent of the traditional Slashdot audience and style.

Do molecular biologists wear designer genes?