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Comment Re:I have no debt and a hefty savings account (Score 1) 386

They don't want people with great credit and great ability to pay up. They want people who can't pay it off, so will carry a balance and therefore pay interest, which is where the credit companies make their money.

If you're not quite able to pay off your card (so that interest keeps accruing), but can make regular payments and won't quite stiff 'em, that's their notion of an ideal customer.

A customer who keeps their credit card paid off all the time is just an expense.

Comment Re:Change the interface! (Score 1) 262

I briefly ran Warp 3... briefly because

1) It wasn't useful without running Windows on top of it so I'd have some reasonable array of apps, and the exact same app doing the exact same task not only used 4x the memory it did in plain Windows, and ran at about 1/4th the speed, it was also much more likely to freeze up. And any task that was prone to exhaust resources in Windows (which was generally recoverable if one closed the offending app) could be relied upon to crash Warp.

2) When (not if) Warp crashed, it was prone to nuke something it required to boot. I've forgotten the details, but I found a reference to the exact cause in the manual (so it was a known issue!), and tho getting it bootable again was an easy fix it was also tiresome to have to do it every other day.

So after a few days of this it was marked FAIL, and I went back to DOS/Windows. OS/2 must have merit as an embedded OS, or it wouldn't have any traction there in the first place. But it was no mystery to me why it never caught on as a desktop.

Comment Re:Inflation? (Score 1) 674

That may be, but it doesn't address how much bureaucracy is involved in getting to that point. It's not just collecting and redistributing someone else's money; it's paying for the employees and facilities required to do so. If they work in a nice building and are unionized and get benefits and retirement pensions (and show me somewhere that's not the case?) well, there's your overhead, and a great deal of the reason-for-being for many gov't programs.... if the program goes away, so do all those union jobs, and more to the point, so do the union dues (not to mention the union members and program recipients who can be relied on to vote Democrat).

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 372

That's the basic problem with the liberal mindset: everything is either/or. There's no ability to see that things might exist along a continuum. Just because one system is in some ways better than another doesn't mean "everything's OK".

(Tho I think the AC who responded to me makes a good point, even tho profit-based enforcement has its own difficulties; we used to call that "protection money".)

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 372

One might consider that the U.S. is a weird hybrid of frontier and modern societal modes, not directly comparable to anywhere else.

But I'd like to hear firsthand experiences on cops in developed nations. Are they really any better, or is it a generally more-compliant populace? I recall a recent study that found Europeans are much more willing to just go along with authority, while Americans are far more likely to question it, and this contrast was especially marked when that authority overstepped its bounds (Europeans knuckle under; Americans rebel). It follows that one would expect American cops will expect more resistance from our less-compliant population, and are therefore more likely to be belligerent toward the public.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 372

Or maybe it's that in the U.S., we still have the right and the balls to speak up against police misconduct, and aren't likely to disappear forever for doing so.

Yes, our cops are out of line, largely because they are being taught that the public is the enemy -- but compare, say, Mexican or Nigerian cops and ours suddenly look far better.

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