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Comment: Re:April Fools stories are gay (Score 1) 1482

by Torodung (#46634517) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

"Unwilling to tolerate differences in opinions or beliefs, especially religious beliefs."

The American Heritage Dictionary

I'll see your dictionary, and raise you a politically motivated reference volume decided by fiat. The original "intolerance" was religious intolerance. Easy to forget, I suppose.

If you believe words have only one definition and you command it in a given discussion, you may be gravely mistaken. You are certainly not a useless human being, because there is no such thing outside of the confines of utter bigotry.

Comment: Re:problem is (Score 4, Insightful) 841

by Torodung (#45636925) Attached to: Employee Morale Is Suffering At the NSA

Even more fundamentally obvious, the number of toys and troops, and their vast overarching deployments, creates an atmosphere that inevitably leads to wars. This is opportunity presenting itself to the military, and wars of opportunity. Let alone how it benefits the military industrial complex to have our military in such positions of opportunity.

If we have troops deployed globally, as we do now, the likelihood of elective war, even global war, goes up exponentially. It's what keeps such military geopolitics sustainable. In short: Weapons have a tendency to go off. It's what defines them as weapons. The idea of a deterrent force is an oxymoron and a myth.

Comment: Grim times (Score 0) 608

by Torodung (#45029515) Attached to: Shots Fired At US Capitol

So the only question in my mind is "How is this any different or less ethical than what Congress has done to this country?" The only difference is that, for some reason that escapes me, what Congress is doing, putting hundreds of thousands out of work because we don't accept election results any longer, is legal.

Clearly, this act is illegal, but my point is that both acts should be, and both are about the same level of nuts. Congress' behavior should be criminalized.

All those years of Russian history and I never understood why you might have to dissolve the Duma. This is a prime example. Our legislature cannot function, and is randomly lashing out at the people it represents. They have caused more harm to more people than this sick perp could ever hope to.

Comment: Why not a dog? Dogs are great in focus groups. (Score 1) 772

by Torodung (#44513271) Attached to: Should the Next 'Doctor Who' Be a Woman?

After Matt Smith's regenerative comment about having "two legs," I wonder if the Doctor shouldn't come back as a dog, or some mythical CGI centaur type thing. Why limit ourselves to humanity? Where is your imagination?

Oh, right. For the same reason Peter Capaldi is chosen as the next Doctor. The novelty of any such change wears off too quickly, and then you're stuck with a world of fan expectations and a never-ending cycle of ridiculous fan service. Better to keep the formula locked away in a vault, even if it isn't such a secret any longer, eh?

I heartily support Moffat's decision to keep it simple.

Comment: It's neither - just a false dilemma (Score 1) 410

In areas of high sensitivity, there is no such thing as "fearmongering." Only fear, and justifiable risk. That it's being publicized in this way, without the inclusion of some context in the summary of the real security needs of the governments, who have to worry about TEMPEST emissions and other crap no one would dream of caring about, is the "fearmongering." I trust that our governments know what their requirements are in this regard, and that avoiding Lenovo is not going to keep them from accomplishing their mission. So that choice is a no-brainer.

I doubt however, that avoiding that particular brand will help, when everything else is also made in China, and the minerals are sourced from China. That's the real dilemma. How do you maintain security when you produce very little as a nation? There's no substitute for "made at home" in these cases. I wonder in what case, if any, that is actually truly achievable.

Comment: Abusing the system (Score 5, Insightful) 214

by Torodung (#44394017) Attached to: Hackers Using Bots, Scripts To Lock Down Restaurant Reservations

This is abuse of the reservation system, plain and simple. It simply is not robust enough (too informal) to handle bots. I suspect it soon will become commonplace to require tortuous captchas for reservations. Great job, lazy hacktivists! You've ruined e-life for everyone.

As for posting code for it in the wild so any script kiddy can do it. Good for you. That's called leveling the playing field. It's the proliferation of bots just to be shits to each other that rankles my ire, not the fact that everyone can now do it.

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