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Comment: Re:Why Steam? Why? (Score 0) 135

by lgw (#48626133) Attached to: To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

Sometimes I wonder why companies, especially companies selling digital goods, don't just set the price in one particular currency then let it somewhat auto-fluctuate in the other currencies according to the market. Wouldn't that be simpler for them?

Sorry, that's illegal in many countries with fucked currencies.

Most seller of luxury goods in Russia aren't selling at all. The ruble is toilet paper now, and you can't legally sell in dollars (though there's a very long tradition of doing so anyhow). You'll get 2x as many rubles for a dollar on the street as the official exchange rate, as people with limited access to the international market are paying a premium to GTFO. The only other choice Steam has is to stop selling to Russia at all.

Google's market cap is higher that then Russian stock market right now.

Politically speaking, Russia's currency lost value because they invaded a nearby nation and they are under sanctions.

Not at all. Not eve a little. I doubt sanctions have ever accomplished anything. This is entirely OPEC: Saudi Arabia is destroying Iran. Iran can't survive at these oil prices, and the Saudi rulers want the current Iranian leadership gone. It's not quite so simple as an extension of the Shia-Sunni conflict, but that's the heart of it. Had this happened 5 years ago, it's likely ISIS wouldn't have happened, but sadly they can survive now without Iranian funding.

Comment: Re:Amazon (Score 1) 209

by lgw (#48620935) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

. I hear Amazon basically data mines business partners who sell on their site to undercut prices on everything except for certain narrowly agreed products.

To be fair, most sellers on Amazon Markets do the same, and price their stuff just under or at Amazon's price, and Amazon seems OK with that. Wasn't there a bug in the past where the software that people use to undercut Amazon had a big and was pricing stuff at 1 cent, and Amazon stepped in to help out with that?

They're definitely playing the long game. But it's not a good move for their partners.

So far it's worked very well for their customers, and has for many years. It's starting to seem pretty far-fetch that this is some elaborate scheme to do anything except lower prices to keep customers buying.

Comment: Re:They couldn't wreck the movement from the outsi (Score 1) 209

by lgw (#48620877) Attached to: What Will Microsoft's "Embrace" of Open Source Actually Achieve?

How do you know that MS is not abetting the systemd bandwagon? What a perfect leadup to the Extend and Extinguish steps.

That would be a work of genius, and frankly I don't think MS is that smart any more. Still, if it turns out Pottering has been on the MS payroll all along, I might actually die laughing.

Comment: Re:Classic pricing problem (Score 1) 315

by Mike Van Pelt (#48620009) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

You left out a biggy: 5. Don't punish conservation.

How do some CA utilities punish water conservation? It goes like this: A. drought hits. B. utility requests conservation. C. Good citizens comply. D. Because utility revenue is proportional to usage, utility has less revenue. E. Utility has to raise rates. F. Good citizen who complied is a chump. He ends up paying more because he did a good deed.

And on top of that: Good citizen complies, water supplies get more scarce, mandatory rationing is implemented as it is Every. Single. Time., in the form of "Everybody must cut back on their previous use by x%", bad citizen just waters his lawn three times a week instead of every day, but good citizen is screwed.

Comment: Re:Better Link (Score 1) 315

by Mike Van Pelt (#48619937) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

Yeah, I really hate "gadzillions and gadzillions of gallons of water" reporting on the water deficit.

Taking their figures, 42 cubic kilometers, and California with an area of 423,970 square km, that's a deficit of about 10cm of rainfall, statewide.

(Assuming I didn't slip a decimal point.)

Yeah, it grossly underestimates the issue, because that much rain all at once would mostly run off, and rainfall is not evenly distributed, but it's more useful than the nutty measurement that was reported in that article.

Comment: Re: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed to Water R (Score 1) 315

by lgw (#48616171) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

one acre is about 4000 m^2, a foot is about 0.3 m, so about 1200 m^3
You have 264 gallons per cubic meter, lets say 250 since the acre-foot estimate is about as accurate as Russian maps along the Ukrainian border anyway.
That gives us about 1200/4 * 1000 = 300000 gallons.

An acre is a rectangle bounded by a furlong and a chain (things you learn from rock music videos), or 22 * 220 square yards, so an acre-foot is 43560 cubit feet ~= 325850 gallons.

Comment: Re: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed to Water R (Score 1) 315

by lgw (#48614425) Attached to: 11 Trillion Gallons of Water Needed To End California Drought

The typical family uses an acre-inch of water a month, or an acre-foot per year, whatever that is in gallons.

But residential use is trivial over all - most water use is in power generation, and most of the rest is agricultural. California is one of the few states that actually uses saltwater for power generation, but still: mostly farms.

Comment: Re:Move to a gated community (Score 1) 593

by lgw (#48614083) Attached to: Waze Causing Anger Among LA Residents

Most other city business does not need to be done in a city centre any more. chucking more free ways at is does not solve the problem.

You might be a liberal if your solution to an engineering problem is "everyone else just needs to change how they behave and the problem goes away!"

reality outside those few hours a day they have a 5%(or whatever) usage.

In California (which started this discussion), "peak usage" is the majority of the day. Rush hour is from 6am to 9pm. That's what happens when you won't build enough roads.

Comment: Re:Tired of this shit (Score 5, Interesting) 437

by lgw (#48611841) Attached to: Virtual Reality Experiment Wants To Put White People In Black Bodies

Sure, I had it great growing up in a trailer in the Appellations, single mother, etc. Leave me out of your privilege claims and stop fucking stereotyping me based on the color of my skin, you damn racist bigot.

I certainly understand that the mostly upper-middle-class-good-college Social Justice Warriors who have never done anything use with their life feel like they have unearned privilege. Yup, you do. That has little to do with race. Stop assuming that other people who look like you have a similar background. Stop assuming that there aren't people who look nothing like you but have the same background. That's exactly the sort of offensive stereotyping we're trying to stamp out!

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