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Comment: Re:Ooh! A letter of apology! (Score 1) 80

10 years ago this was a real problem. Now it just takes a few calls to clear everything up, and a few weeks for it to all get sorted out. Yeah, it sucks you have to waste hours on it, but the credit agencies have a procedure for identity theft reporting now.

If you're ever worried something might happen, just flag your account for fraud. Once you do that, opening any new accounts will require they call you to confirm (which should be the default IMO).

Of course, the real problem is that we're all far to much in the habit of borrowing money, but that's a different rant.

Comment: Re:What does that even mean (Score 3, Informative) 88

A mountain at 42,164bkm would have the peak in geosynchronous orbit

But not geostationary (unless the mountain were at the equator) so while you might not fall down, you'd be in a bit of an awkward orbit yourself, relative to that mountain. Quick, someone try it in Kerbal Space Program!

But if someone built a tower 384,000 km high, it would travel faster than the moon. And if you jumped off that tower, you'd also never reach the ground.

One of the problems with building a space elevator on Mars is that it would be higher then the (innermost) moon, which would come say "Hi!" every few hours, moving quite fast.

Comment: Re:Force his hand..."Sue me! Sooner than later..." (Score 1) 359

by lgw (#49748061) Attached to: Student Photographer Threatened With Suspension For Sports Photos

If you were fired from your job because became a registered Republican, the Republican party would go to war for the right to represent you in court./quote

A great many people have been fired for being Republican, most famously the editor of Playgirl. Oddly, political party is not a protected class and you have no recourse in most states.

Comment: More than PR (Score 5, Insightful) 301

by SuperKendall (#49747339) Attached to: What Was the Effect of Rand Paul's 10-Hour "Filibuster"?

The question is, would he have done this even if not running for president?

The answer is obviously yes, based on past behavior. Rand Paul has been one of the few people willing to go on record voting against things he does not agree with, instead of not voting at all.

So while of course some element of it is PR, that is not the core reason as to why he did this.

Comment: Why not follow the links (Score 1) 112

by SuperKendall (#49741075) Attached to: Hydrogen-Powered Drone Can Fly For 4 Hours at a Time

The website you get following the "hydrocopter" link in the article states pretty clearly:

HYCOPTER is being readied for a record flight endurance of 4 hours, or 8 to 10 times the average flight duration of equivalent systems today.

Which is about right based on even high-end drones consumers use today.

Comment: Re:Or they're just proxying their connections (Score 1) 217

What I'm saying is, before I rely on sneakernet on the off chance it having specifically what I want, I'll turn to other options. I'm not some bored kids in the burbs in the 70s that needs to go out and play baseball for a 1000th time, because there's absolutely nothing else to do.

It's not about "do you have this specific must-have thing I'm looking for"; it's about "lets swap all the all the movies each of us has ever ripped/torrented, so now both our collections are larger".

The only stuff I watch on my TV are the few titles Netflix has for streaming, or anything from my hard drive. I still have hundreds of DVDs in boxes, but I never watch them directly -- the UI is too annoying. Anything "must watch", I'll buy the DVD, rip it, and watch it immediately, but that's only a few titles a year. When I'm bored, I'll look through my movie directory and see if anything looks interesting enough to watch.

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