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Comment: Re:How do we know we've only discovered 1% of NEAs (Score 1) 54 54

About haft the mass of the asteroid belt is in the 4 largest bodies. Also note that is half of the *estimated total mass*. We have very accurate orbital models and combined with what we have seen we can get fairly accurate estimates. It is very unlikely to get a big surprise. Because as you say, it would be easy to detect it.

Comment: Re:Sure ... (Score 1) 154 154

New Zealand is about 20000km from where i currently live. at 0.2g max acceleration you can cover that distance from stationary starting to stationary stop in less than two hours (6300seconds). So your idea of forces involved for high speed are quite false. Of course in this example top speed would be 6232m/s, or about 15% below orbital speed. quite impractical for a plane, or even this concept. But it illustrates the point.

In short your top speed is what matters. There are no inherent forces that kill you at speed and acceleration can be very mild.

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