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Comment: Re:Still not adding up (Score 1) 243

by TheTurtlesMoves (#47738643) Attached to: It's Dumb To Tell Kids They're Smart

Which isn't to say IQ is worthless, it still measures of ability.

Only in the US. Where it is mostly just a self fulfilling prophecy.

I would argue not only is that IQ as it is currently measured is worthless as it does not measure what it set out to. But also that the fundamental assumption behind it is also flawed.

Comment: Re:Which Species, and Why? (Score 1) 59

I have worked with this data. Its very short fragments and are far from complete. Hell even modern genomes are far from complete. We know that DNA is simply not long term stable unless preserved at very cold temperatures. Temperatures that just have not been around on earth for that long in a single location.

Comment: Re:And with that yoiu get POWER! (Score 1) 420

No you can't. There is entropy change pulling salt out of the water, that is the free energy of a system with a pile of salt and some fresh water is higher than with the two mixed. You must provide that energy. It turns out that energy is quite a bit and the pressure from the tides is not enough. Unless your reverse osmosis membrane has a min pressure across it, it won't work. Also you don't go as far as salt crystals because you need even more energy as the salt concentration increases. Thus you dump brine (extra salty sea water) back into the ocean.

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by TheTurtlesMoves (#46926919) Attached to: Chernobyl's Sarcophagus, Redux
Low level waste is just that. Its stuff that may have some very low induced activity, typically from some exposure to neutrons. Most of the activity is gone after a few hours and almost all after a year or two. Activity is often so low you don't need special handling equipment.

This NOTHING like spent fuel waste.

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Wrong. Don't pass go don't collect $200. Sure solar activity follows an 11 year cycle. But that simply means that the probability changes over that 11 years.. a bit. But not much. Its like having a 11 year cycle on how many lotto tickets you buy. Still does not make these events overdue.

The sun does not sit there and go "haven't sent a big flare in the direction of earth for 30 years.. better do one now". The chance of one in the next 11 years is no different from the last 11 years. Yea i have a masters in Astrophysics. Yes this is what the Scientist say. Not some uninformed /. who clearly knows nothing about statistics or the physics behind them.

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