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Comment Re:i haven't bought a car in a while... (Score 1) 252

It is already getting common here in europe. Much like the city bike services, car services are gaining in popularity. You pay only when you drive the car. Park it and then its in a database for the next person.

The requirement to "have" a car disappears pretty fast once alternatives are available. Especially if you can budget and see just how much that car really costs.

Comment Re:Actually, you CAN'T do that (Score 1) 65

IAAP and your mostly correct. However the force is no where near 10kN. However lets assume 1N, with 1m of seperation that is 1J of energy. Or enough energy to produce about a billion protons. So yea true separation distance are small before more quarks are created.

Comment Re:What are they going to replace with? (Score 4, Informative) 484

You should do that. Because 1kJ of of electricity is *not* the same as 1kJ of heat. A heat pump, pumps heat from outside into the house and for 1kJ of electricity you can easily pump 4kJ of heat from outside cold to inside hot giving a total of 5kJ of heat. ie 5x better.

So you really should study your basic thermodynamics and entropy because you don't know it. You want to look at a carnot efficiency and heat engines/refrigeration.

Crazee Edeee, his prices are INSANE!!!