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by TheTurtlesMoves (#48360039) Attached to: The Strangeness of the Mars One Project

Apart from the cold, there is no atmosphere, so exposure to the outside will cause ruptures in the cell walls, with consequent death directly after. You body is a bag of water made of billions of bags of water: they will burst on contact with the vacuum of Mars.

Turns out that this is not the case. On the order of 90 seconds total vacuum should not kill you if you get recompressed. Our skin is not just for looks, but provides significant protection.

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Gene splicing is not particularly difficult..

Yes it is. Unless it is sticking into a bacterial vector, it is hard. Hell in in vectors getting everything right so that *anything* works at all is hard. For more complex organisms, its just either does nothing (silenced DNA) or kills the plant. Getting promoters and everything right is far from simple or straight forward.

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The point here is that the interactions of the systems we're dicking with are so complex that we have no possible way of even predicting the outcomes, never mind controlling them

If that were true. We wouldn't be able to put these genes in there in the first place. Just because it is too complex for you, or you are ignorant of what we can and do model. Doesn't mean other can't.

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With topics like global warming, Scientist can do no wrong. When it comes to cosmology, every dipshit thinks they have the answer in 5 seconds flat.

You are wrong. If your weren't such a dipshit you would have bothered to read up on the data a little bit, and then you would know you where wrong before opening that mouth of yours.

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Such an electric field would be trivially detectable. The currents the electric universe would need would also be trivially detectable. And then on top of all that, the electric universe explains a very good approximation of absolutely nothing about the universe we observe (Red shifts for example but plenty of other examples)

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You are in disagreement with experts. Like the IAEA.

Let me guess, LFTR have already done right? Wrong. It was a experimental reactor that did *no* breading. That did *no* in situ reprocessing. That didn't solve the corrosion issues, just suggested some things and on top of all that is still no fully decommissions. It was also tiny. At only 10MW.

As for TWR, well those estimates are from the company who wants to make them.

Read more serious articles and a little less LFTR fanboy sites and you would be a lot more informed.

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