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Comment Re:Wow, so much effort (Score 1) 115

Oh god. There is hardly any He3 on the moon. It is in the parts per *billion* range and a mine to run just one power station would be the biggest mining operation of ever. On top of that, He3 fusion is *way way way* harder than DT or even DD fusion. And with DD fusion you get He3 ash. It would still be cheaper just to breed He3.

If He3 is the best reason you can come up with to go to the moon. You have no reason to ever go to the moon.

Comment Re:Free money isn't free (Score 1) 1291

Yea its pretty bad here. Free health care. Awesome standards of living. Low crime rates. I go on holidays most weekends. Food and living costs are lower than my contemporaries in the US, and we have great transportation. Fairly good employment opportunities if i felt like moving jobs. Cheap to almost free education, great maternity support if you want/have kids.

Yea really Sucks to be us.

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