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Comment Re:I'm not convinced (Score 2) 259

Too bad, because the book constantly references OS360, whose development was the inspiration for the book.
It's been a while since I've read it, but I don't remember it mentioning Unix, atleast not in any significant way.

Back in those days you typically has many small, single-purpose programs "piped" using files, regardless of the specific OS.
Given the small memory sizes available, this was pretty much the only way to handle large jobs.

Comment Re:Not wasted (Score 1) 176

Ironically, the "3mm" markers use a font that is roughly 3x the size of the strangely un-anti-aliassed fonts rendered in the image.
Zoom your browser to ~50% and imagine the characters are even smaller than that; do you consider text of that size to be reasonably readable even from a 4800dpi print?

Comment Re:The problem wth tyrants is they're friendly ... (Score 2) 247

I agree with GP.

Are you sure those evil people weren't acting out of some extreme "survival of the fittest, and I decide who's fittest" principle they thought right, instead of intentionally and knowingly being evil? Minds can become horribly twisted and self-justifying, you know.