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by mwvdlee (#48194595) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

Factors like trying to limit civilian casualties?
The era of true, full-blown, kill-or-be-killed wars is behind us.
Modern wars are waged using politics with military force just one of many pawns.

If the US (or other nuclear countries) wanted to, they could wipe ISIS territory completely off the map, collatoral damage be damned.

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by mwvdlee (#48193781) Attached to: 3D-Printed Gun Earns Man Two Years In Japanese Prison

I think he was merely stating the obvious idea that with the weapons used by current day military, the whole defence-against-government argument for gun ownership is no longer valid. Whatever car roof-mounted machinegun you might have is laughably underpowered for the task of overpowering government.

The argument was a good one when both government and civilians had access to the same class of weaponry. Unless you want the public to be able to own strike drones, bombers and nuclear rockets, the argument should be shelved; anybody using it these days is just making a fool of himself.

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by mwvdlee (#48186189) Attached to: Microsoft Gearing Up To Release a Smartwatch of Its Own

At least another 5 Windows Phones were sold while I was being dealt with.

Was this some kind of fire sale to get rid of stock?
I've never been to a "local EE store" on a non-launch day and had that many customers waiting in line to buy the exact same product, of any product.

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Fixed costs are the same, spread over half the customers, meaning the prices go up. Your desire to be able to choose would mean that everyone would pay more for the same service, not less.

You assume the prices of service are based on fixed cost. Profit margins for cable companies are somewhere inbetween 30%-40%.
There are some numbers floating around saying they have a 97% profit margin. This number is wrong as it lacks all kinds of costs, but the remaining 3% is the fixed cost.
If their fixed costs would double, they'd still have plenty of profit margin to allow them to compete.

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