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Comment Re:not all sets have a solution (Score 1) 208

who the hell has this in their brain that saying 'i don't know' is a BAD thing?

I'd rather have someone admit that they don't know everything than to try to fake it.

90% of the companies have zero clue how to interview. and it shows. the software quality is at an all time low and getting worse every day.

whatever you guys are doing, you are doing it 180degrees wrong. but you'll never admit it because .... ...you won't ever admit you don't know something!

perhaps I've been doing software for too long, but I'm sick and tired of the bullshit games that companies play during interviews. coding used to be fun and we used to take pride in our work. now, its all about 'velocity' and agile and speed. all the things that are toxic to quality designs and implementations.

Comment Re:TL;DR? (Score 4, Insightful) 208

speed coding is a sign of youth, and to be honest, I am bored by kids who are at google and think they know everything.

speed is the WORST metric you can use to measure coders and programming skill. in my 35 yrs writing code, I never ONCE had to code while being timed. not a single god damned time. its stupid, it shows that you have no idea what real programming is like and it ends up being an agist test. younger kids, fresh from school are filled with algorithms and nothing else. those of us who have been away from school for decades not only don't care about memorizing algs, but realize that its the dumbest use of greymatter. we realize that anything that is memorizable is also searchable (online or in books) and its a total waste of your brain to store crap there that is easily found in ref material.

google: please just fix your fucking bugs in android and stop trying to show off how 'great' you are. maybe you can fix the year old VPN bug in android 4.4? maybe you can fix other bugs that languish? maybe you can STOP eol'ing things people use and actually support the code for longer than your summer fling.

and for the record, I've never once had to redo an already done linked list library or tree library. total waste of time to reinvent wheels. google bores me with their 'brain teasers'. I don't like to waste time on your so-called 'challenges'. and that goes for any other company that thinks that timed tests are, at all, relevant in software engineering.

Comment Re: The farther left you go, the more you lose (Score 1) 284

"if you can't protect it, don't collect it"

no government OR business has proven to us that they can safeguard our info. therefore, I will never willingly give info to any 'authority' that I don't have to, under pain of arrest or actual physical pain.

I could care less what 'good uses' they list. the bad overweighs the good. I safeguard my personal info as best I can and since we get an almost weekly news item about this or that company having a network or computer break-in, the industries have not proven that they can protect the info well enough.

until they can protect it, they do not deserve to collect it.

burn that into your memories, guys. IF YOU CAN'T PROTECT IT, DON'T COLLECT IT!

these days, those are really important concepts to internalize. teach that phrase to others and maybe, eventually, people will think before they hand over info 'just because'.

Comment I WOULD use a vpn ... (Score 3, Interesting) 125

but I'm on android 4.x and 4.x is marked 'wont fix' by google and their vpn (ipsec, I think; not sure which component is broken) just will not work.


hey google fans, care to try to defend google, here?

I'm not able to (easily) upgrade beyond 4.x on my phone and vpn is still broken. do you guys find this behavior (wontfix) acceptable?

I sure wish I could run my vpn again. funny that on my ancient nexus one (which is stuck on 2.2) runs the vpn software just fine. and I know that on a 5.x phone it also runs fine. why google ignores this show-stopper bug, I have no idea; but 'upgrade to a new phone' is never a good answer when its JUST a software fix that lazy-assed google refused to backport.

Comment Re:"English, motherf..., do you speak it?" (Score 2) 93

much more british than american. I hear indians (who speak something closer to british english) say that word; but I never hear US born folks saying that. I'm over 50 and the first time I heard that word was just a few years ago. its just not common here and its quite a dated old fashioned word.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

I'd like to see a court go along with a company demanding their SEVERANCE back due to a worker (who was away from the job for months) not remembering something.

then again, this is the deep south and they have zero respect for workers down there. if a southern judge rules on this, the employees COULD be toast. its not legal, but that never stopped the south from being, well, the south, before.

Comment if you can't protect it, don't collect it (Score 1) 58

that's all I have to say.

oh, and any business that lets medical info about patients be hacked should be forced to go out of business and the ceo's and c-levels all should be put in jail.

if we did that, over night the security of such places would be 100% better. since there is no penalty to being incompetant, they continue to be as such.

only if there is personal pain for the c-levels would anything like this change.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

lots of people like to hate on calif, but in this state, its a true 'right to work' state and that means no employer can deny you the ability to work in your field (even if it means working for the competition) and no employer can force you to be OUT OF WORK. this is pants-on-head levels of crazy, here, with this bank bullshit!

look mr. company man, you are telling us that you have low confidence in your CHOICE to fire us all and hire h1b's. its not our fault you went full retard on this one; and you cannot make it our problem once you let us go.

it should be interesting to see what happens. does the bank get slapped down or are they allowed to let this die quietly? I cannot see this non-contract standing once it gets public scrutiny. banks DO need customer confidence and if this goes truly public and is NOT spun so that it makes the employees sound bad, maybe a good example could be made.

there really needs to be a LOT more company bitch-slapping since the companies are so out of control right now. they get anything they want and the US government keeps giving them this, that and the other.

Comment Re:If you did not pay for the product, you are one (Score 5, Insightful) 578

nah, problem solved by fresh install of dvd based win7, disable all bad updates (beyond a certain date) and disable update mechanism entirely.

that also means that win systems can't be directly on the net and even allowing them access to the net is not very smart anymore.
whee! its like win95 and win98 days, where every windows box is, by definition, unsafe on a LAN or WAN.

we had a few years in the middle where it was good to enable updates and windows was starting to show some maturity in the computer market. not any more. MS has gone back to its truly evil ways and - funny enough - its starting to make apple look good in comparison! wow, just wow.

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