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by TheGratefulNet (#47563281) Attached to: Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess

bullshit excuse. I don't want or need new features. I want the 512 meg stuff TO WORK and not buzz at me when I touch the screen. or reboot (showing the shimmering X) during gps car use! or have their maps route me into a downtown (redwood city) when I'm really going from south san francisco to san jose. that is a pure route101 trip and yet, time after time, it sends me thru downtown RC when I didn't need to do that.

gmail app is broken (I have to use k9 to read my gmail) - gmail app won't even poll for new messages anymore.

we're talking HUGELY EMBARASSING BUGS here. and yet, they act like the platform is 'done' and the tell you 'just buy another phone, rich guy'. yeah, right, feed the landfills by throwing away functioning hardware.

fucking google... sigh ;(

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by TheGratefulNet (#47563263) Attached to: Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess

I can thank contracts? this was bought outright and from google. it used to be their flagship (yes, a long time ago, but that's not relevant). what is relevant is how google ACTS vs what they SAY. their action speaks volumes and if it wasn't google, with 10's of thousands of employees who are, supposedly, best-in-the-world - they SHOULD have at least one person to support older phones, at least for security and major bugfixes. to this day (and on its birth day) it had a problem with x,y screen calibration. after a few hours of use, it buzzes at you if you touch the screen to click something. from DAY ONE it did that and it never got fixed. flagship phone, has to be reset (power cycle) to reset the x,y calibration. I don't mean the just-loaded-software (touch corners to calibrate) - but I mean that a power cycle will cause the x,y locations to stop vibrating at you and accept your input.

this is just one of the many bugs in the nexus one. I will never buy another nexus now that I see how short google's attention span really is. I don't care what their marketing says, from personal ownership experience, they are shit and they abandon stuff for whatever reason - but the end user is screwed.

there's lots of reasons to hate carriers, but all of this that I mentioned is nothing to do with them and everything to do with google's product mgmt. they decided to pull people off the n1 project and abandon it, leaving major holes in the software. pathetic. I'd expect this from a 10 or 50 man company but NOT from the almighty google. seriously!

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cell carriers? I have a google nexus (one) and it was abandoned BY GOOGLE, not the carriers, 2 years ago. no security fixes, no nothing. stuck at 2.2.something.

google fucked us over by saying that nexus phones are upgradable and supported. they are not - not by any reasonable definition of 'supported'. I can have linux kernel, ip-stack (etc) updates (at least for security) for 10+ yr old linux pc's. but a few yr old phone - NO WAY. google has the attention span of a 5 yr old.

should I have to throw away a $300 paid for phone that still works, electrically (at least)? this is why I hate android and hate google even more. they use the word 'linux' a lot but they bastardize it and abandon it and tell you 'go re-buy your phone'. sorry, that's not acceptable. not on a device that is less than 5 yrs old and still in perfect working condition. the only issue is the poor software and that will NEVER be fixed, it seems.

I hate google. totally fucking hate their whole development model for phones. (and that leaves me no choice since I also hate apple and their whole scheme of lock-in).

wish there was another choice. the whole mobile data thing really unnerves me with how bad the scene really is.

I guess I can't (or wont) install any apps since the certs can't be trusted (or the code that checks them) and so whatever apps I have now, that's what I have and won't ever have any more on this phone.

(and I fully expect the google fanboys to mod me down. they always do when I yell about their most holy and blessed google.)

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"that's the policy."

yeah, we're robots with no brains. we follow orders. don't question stupid rules and never use human judgement. we are humans, but we should be thought of as cattle.

yup, I fully agree.

we should do what we are told and stop thinking. yup, I fully agree. that's pure wisdom. we need more people like you and me. world would be a lot better if we all just shut up and do as we're told.


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and threatened to have him arrested? you think that's fully legal? but they (air waitresses) have so much power, they likely COULD cook up something that would cause the guy to go to jail. its absurd that attendants have this much power, but lately in the last 10 or so years, they do. its bullshit but they do have power over you.

if I was the guy being abused like this, I'd ask them 'have you ever heard of the streisand effect. I'll wait, you go look it up and then come back and see if you want the PR fallout that you're gonna get. go google it. here, use my phone.'

no shit, I'd put them on the worry, or at least give them some insight as to the huge mistake THEY are about to make.

they could still cause me trouble, but I would NOT delete a post (I don't tweet or fb) on some company's request unless what I said was truly illegal or against some contract (like an employment contract). but being a CUSTOMER and being threatened with jail unless you remove your freedom-of-speech right, that's just beyond what I would put up with.

at least the story made the news, so the end effect of his post is now the same and the airline did NOT win this time out.

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count me in as one of those rare ones. I never finished college (transferred a bunch of times and lost credits so at grad time, I thought I had enough but actually didn't; got a job offer, took it and never finished school). but I've been working in the industry since the early 80's and consider myself to be completely competitive with actual degree-holders.

its hard to get experience without a degree; but one short-cut is to go to a co-op or intern-based school (for me, it was northeastern in boston) and that got me enough starter experience to bootstrap me into the workforce. after that, no one ever really cared about my lack of a sheepskin.

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I fully understand what he's saying and he's right.

I started doing software work in the early 80's and it was easy, fast and fun.

now, its about 'scrum' and 'agile' and all that stupid shit (sorry if that offends). we had a simple life with makefiles and cvs, but now the librarians are complex and not intuitive, the build systems are uber complex and the CI (cont. integr.) stuff is a big change (and a whole system in itself) compared to the nightly build idea. code reviews, enforced coding standards add more slowness to the dev cycle. bug reporting systems are also complex.

in short, its no fun anymore for us old guys. I fully see what he's saying. he's not talking about tiny snippets but getting shipping code out the door - its more process than it really needs to be, and the quality is STILL NOT THERE, so I don't think we made any real progress. and add in java where even idiots are allowed to write code (no need to free, whoopee!) and you have people who get lazy and if they ever have to write in C, they are totally lost.

lastly, there are too many fad languages and this wastes everyone's time and since you can't be good at so many things, it spreads you too thin if a project has 5+ languages in it.

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I'm over 50 and have paid so many times over, I feel I've more than 'helped' the industry long enough.

I respect corps that respect me. but the entertainment industry treats us all like criminals. so, I might as well just play along; if I'm being treated like one, I will act the part (in their eyes). I don't give a fuck. after so many years of seeing the bullshit and lies from them, I've had enough. I started out in good faith and paid for cable, vhs tape rentals, dvd rentals and then netflix. I saw the content quality go down (not visuals but storylines and even compression or - worse - too much dynamics - in movies), forced ads - its too annoying to tolerate, for the most part, anymore.

remember, this is the same industry that keeps those old ancient disney cartoons still OUT of public domain. they are not interested in fairness or fairplay. if they can squeeze an extra few cents form you, they will.

in the corp world, its screw or be screwed. if you are not doing the screwing, YOU are the chump, the patsy. I hate being the patsy so I stopped playing their game.

the industry won't dry up; and even if some segments did, mushrooms would sprout up and someone else would take their place.

there is zero ethics in media, today. the corps are not there for art or furthering of society. they are vultures picking meat off any bones they can find.

I have zero guilt about going to the bay for my movies. I sleep very well at night, knowing I've given back to them what they have done to us for decades.

an old addage: to get respect, you have to give it. they are getting their just deserts. and if they cry about it, WHO CARES.

yes, I feel that strongly about the mafiaa. for the last 25+ yrs, its going down down down the shitter. if you work in that industry, you get what you deserve. go work somewhere honorable if you want ethics and fairness.

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I don't respect IP anymore. I've worked my whole life, given my effort to companies who make big money and I get a salary, at best; and an eventual layoff, almost always.

been fucked and fucked again by corp america and I've had enough.

IP is a corrupt concept. they steal from you, so treat them how they treat you.

do you respect the mafia? why respect IP companies? if they were honest and didn't overprice things and put more and more restrictions on things, that would be one thing; but they are corrupt motherfuckers and so, I give them no respect and no consideration at all.

they lost me, forever, as a customer. for decades I paid into the system. NO MORE.

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I used to enjoy playing dvd's, but then, once I learned about 'downloading', the PB movies are cleaned, ad-free and compressed well enough to watch without wasting disk space.

I'll never buy a bluray player if I can help it (unless it comes cheap with a laptop) and I won't buy bd's since it supports sony and all those bad companies. I consider THEM to be pirates (oddly enough) since they steal too much of our money. I've paid enough to the entertainment industry. fuck them. no more paying to a corrupt group of corps.

VPN sets you free ;)

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