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Comment: Re: But is it reaslistic? (Score 4, Interesting) 360

the 'culture of fear' continues on.


yeah, right.

I'm tired of this scare bullshit. I worry more about my own people (the government and authorities) than I will ever worry about some foreign 'bad guy'.

when are people going to finally tire of being told to 'be afraid!' ? maybe the next generation will wise-up. (probably not, though; they are not any smarter than we are and they are falling for all the same propaganda.)

at least some of us can see thru this. not that it helps, any.

Comment: Re:Loose Lips Sinik Ships (Score 4, Informative) 246

yes. sort of.

first, there is the right to freely travel inside your country.

second, there is the implied right to earn an income. today, its getting to the point where travel via air is required by many jobs.

third, there is nothing in the C to allow denying you the right to travel.

this has never been about C stuff; but that does not stop the 'culture of fear' politicians who have found a new friend in keeping people under their control.

Comment: Re:Google seems kind of serious about this (Score 5, Insightful) 36

by TheGratefulNet (#47736443) Attached to: Google Announces a New Processor For Project Ara

google is only serious about ad revenue. all else are 'toys' to their management and the management and their employees have the shortest attention span of any large company I've ever known. they EOL things in such a short time, the trust level is now zero, with them.

hardware? google? they can't even keep software (that used to be flagship grade) working with patches and updates. they just plain lose interest and move on to other things.

at this point, google is a lot of talk but they can't be trusted to support things long-term and that, to me, kills any interest in tech things they show us.

Comment: Re:Working from home (Score 3, Informative) 161

by TheGratefulNet (#47719581) Attached to: Calif. Court Rules Businesses Must Reimburse Cell Phone Bills

they used to.

when I started at cisco, back in the early 90's, they bought us a 14.4 modem, ncd x-terminal and a 2nd phone line. later, when I was at sgi, they run us a company paid isdn line. juniper also gave us isdn lines, iirc.

the big companies used to do this for us (all in calif., fwiw). now, they seem to assume 'you need inet and a phone, anyway' so they want to avoid paying, but I have always had to give my cell # to my workers and I do get work calls on my personal line. would be nice to have them just buy me a phone and fully cover it, at this point (my last job was android based devel and so, yes, we got a company phone and data plan all paid).

Comment: Re:I have a better idea (Score 1) 207

the nsa has nothing to do with this spying stuff. CALEA is at fault and that was put in place decades ago, and forces ALL us companies to install backdoors for, cough, 'law enforcement' use.

its not cisco and its not nsa. in this case, at least.

blame the law enforcement lobby. they keep complaining they don't have enough power or tools, and congress is always afraid to be called 'soft on crime'. that fully explains that.

Comment: Re:Thanks Edward. (Score 1) 207

cisco is betting on their onePK SDN strategy; not openflow or any other 'open' switch tech.

no one else has this level of advanced API support (yet). its proprietary but its very rich and capable. time will tell if it catches on or not; but it leaves things like openflow in the dust.

Comment: Re:No, school should not be year-round. (Score 2, Interesting) 421

by TheGratefulNet (#47639401) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: Should Schooling Be Year-Round?

american education either sucks or is very good (depending on where you live). I used to live in cupertino and the rent was crazy and its now TOTALLY crazy (my previous LL wanted to raise the rent $400 more each month because, well, she thinks she can; and the stupid parents who think their snowflakes NEED the local school system are willing to pay thru the nose). people move away from areas just to get away from bad (or normal) school systems.

if you come from another country and raise kids you, it seems you care a lot about school and will do anything to get your snowflakes into 'the best schools'; but americans seem to care very little, push their kids into sports more than academics and the rest of the world is overcoming us in how educated the kids will be.

given all that, just to stay competitive, I'd say yes, have school all year round. a 2 week break here and there would help allow for vacations and a few 2 week breaks instead of a long summer break makes much more sense to me, anyway.

most parents hate having their crotchfruits hanging around the house all summer, anyway. when I was growing up, we went off to camp during the summer (even if only day-camp). so that's another reason to have school all year round; it will save money for parents who don't want to have to pay for summer camps and things like that.

Comment: Re:Why is (Score 5, Insightful) 201

by TheGratefulNet (#47638441) Attached to: Netflix Now Works On Linux With HTML5 DRM Video Support In Chrome

I used to be a long term NF user (the mail dvd's, that is) but the service started getting slow (mailings were not as fast as before) and many titles were dropped (not NF's fault, but I still had less choice).

TPB does what I need and there's never a problem with compatibility ;)

sorry, entertainment industry, but I gave up on you. for decades (quite a few of them) I helped fund your overpriced shite. that has now ended.

my cost is that of a VPN and that's it. and so, I'm 'there' until things drastically change, and I don't see that happening even in my lifetime.

so, even though linux is now 'working', I could actually care less. too little, too late.

Comment: Re:This does pose the question: (Score 1) 195

I used to run a lot of freebsd at home - until I tried linux for samba and never went back to bsd again. bsd samba simply sucks. its dog slow and it hammers on disks, unlike linux which is very cache-oriented (from just looking at the drive lights).

that was my main complaint. maybe linux has better integration with smb and the network stack but bsd is just not nearly as fast.

stability wise, this isn't 10 yrs ago and linux stays up as long as you need it (years, even).

bsd has better mgmt, though; one distro and one style of doing things. THAT is much nicer than the linux fragmentation.

Comment: Re:Thankfully those will be patched right in a jif (Score 0) 127

by TheGratefulNet (#47563281) Attached to: Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess

bullshit excuse. I don't want or need new features. I want the 512 meg stuff TO WORK and not buzz at me when I touch the screen. or reboot (showing the shimmering X) during gps car use! or have their maps route me into a downtown (redwood city) when I'm really going from south san francisco to san jose. that is a pure route101 trip and yet, time after time, it sends me thru downtown RC when I didn't need to do that.

gmail app is broken (I have to use k9 to read my gmail) - gmail app won't even poll for new messages anymore.

we're talking HUGELY EMBARASSING BUGS here. and yet, they act like the platform is 'done' and the tell you 'just buy another phone, rich guy'. yeah, right, feed the landfills by throwing away functioning hardware.

fucking google... sigh ;(

Comment: Re:Thankfully those will be patched right in a jif (Score 0) 127

by TheGratefulNet (#47563263) Attached to: Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess

I can thank contracts? this was bought outright and from google. it used to be their flagship (yes, a long time ago, but that's not relevant). what is relevant is how google ACTS vs what they SAY. their action speaks volumes and if it wasn't google, with 10's of thousands of employees who are, supposedly, best-in-the-world - they SHOULD have at least one person to support older phones, at least for security and major bugfixes. to this day (and on its birth day) it had a problem with x,y screen calibration. after a few hours of use, it buzzes at you if you touch the screen to click something. from DAY ONE it did that and it never got fixed. flagship phone, has to be reset (power cycle) to reset the x,y calibration. I don't mean the just-loaded-software (touch corners to calibrate) - but I mean that a power cycle will cause the x,y locations to stop vibrating at you and accept your input.

this is just one of the many bugs in the nexus one. I will never buy another nexus now that I see how short google's attention span really is. I don't care what their marketing says, from personal ownership experience, they are shit and they abandon stuff for whatever reason - but the end user is screwed.

there's lots of reasons to hate carriers, but all of this that I mentioned is nothing to do with them and everything to do with google's product mgmt. they decided to pull people off the n1 project and abandon it, leaving major holes in the software. pathetic. I'd expect this from a 10 or 50 man company but NOT from the almighty google. seriously!

Comment: Re:Thankfully those will be patched right in a jif (Score 2, Interesting) 127

by TheGratefulNet (#47562777) Attached to: Old Apache Code At Root of Android FakeID Mess

cell carriers? I have a google nexus (one) and it was abandoned BY GOOGLE, not the carriers, 2 years ago. no security fixes, no nothing. stuck at 2.2.something.

google fucked us over by saying that nexus phones are upgradable and supported. they are not - not by any reasonable definition of 'supported'. I can have linux kernel, ip-stack (etc) updates (at least for security) for 10+ yr old linux pc's. but a few yr old phone - NO WAY. google has the attention span of a 5 yr old.

should I have to throw away a $300 paid for phone that still works, electrically (at least)? this is why I hate android and hate google even more. they use the word 'linux' a lot but they bastardize it and abandon it and tell you 'go re-buy your phone'. sorry, that's not acceptable. not on a device that is less than 5 yrs old and still in perfect working condition. the only issue is the poor software and that will NEVER be fixed, it seems.

I hate google. totally fucking hate their whole development model for phones. (and that leaves me no choice since I also hate apple and their whole scheme of lock-in).

wish there was another choice. the whole mobile data thing really unnerves me with how bad the scene really is.

I guess I can't (or wont) install any apps since the certs can't be trusted (or the code that checks them) and so whatever apps I have now, that's what I have and won't ever have any more on this phone.

(and I fully expect the google fanboys to mod me down. they always do when I yell about their most holy and blessed google.)

Comment: Re:Customer service? (Score 4, Insightful) 928

"that's the policy."

yeah, we're robots with no brains. we follow orders. don't question stupid rules and never use human judgement. we are humans, but we should be thought of as cattle.

yup, I fully agree.

we should do what we are told and stop thinking. yup, I fully agree. that's pure wisdom. we need more people like you and me. world would be a lot better if we all just shut up and do as we're told.


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