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Comment: Re:Unions (Score 0) 220

by TheGratefulNet (#46792441) Attached to: California Utility May Replace IT Workers with H-1B Workers

hey fuck-wad, it WORKED about 100 yrs ago and its why we now have a (more or less) standard 5 day work week, vacation time off, sick time and holiday time.

you guys who deny the very real benefits our grandfathers fought for should be so ashamed of yourselves. seriously, go study just a wee bit of history and see what the work conditions were like before and after unions (in the US, at least).

arrogance of youth, I would assume, on your part. but you wait, they'll come for you when you are of logan's run age.... and then you'll wish there was something there to help you fight the man.

Comment: Re:test gear that was made in USA in the 50s and 6 (Score 1) 690

by TheGratefulNet (#46791267) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

the entry level scopes from hp and tek are now rigol and atten; chinese brands. rigol is ok but its NOT hp or tek!!

the last 'very repairable' scope from tek was the 2465 series and I'm seeing a rebirth of interest in the old analog scopes. check out all the chatter over at eevblog and you'll see what I mean. a few parts were having problems (20 yrs later) and after you replace some leaking electrolytics (just a few, not all) and replace a battery backed nvram chip (that holds calibration settings!) you are good for another 20-30 yrs. the battery in my Dallas nvram module is 20 yrs old and only supposed to last 10. I backed it up to a file, installed a new version, restored data from file and now I have another 10-20 yrs on that new battery/nvram module.

I am VERY sure that the rigol scopes won't last even 5 yrs in a heavy use environment. the company won't have spare parts, they are all specialized and it will cost a fortune to mail back to china, if you could even GET it fixed, 5 yrs after model was intro'd.

the smart money is on buying older used gear that has a huge community of owners and techs and who know how to keep the older gear running. for tek, there's a yahoo group that has some older tek employees monitoring it and offering help for those who are reconditioning their gear. you will NOT find that from the throw-away chinese brands and models.

smart money - for us hobbiests who can't depreciate gear in a few years time - is to buy older used gear.

Comment: test gear that was made in USA in the 50s and 60s (Score 4, Interesting) 690

by TheGratefulNet (#46789271) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Tech Products Were Built To Last?

I always like to point to one of my fave brands of TM gear (test and measurement): power designs.

go to ebay and search for these 3 words 'power designs precision'. see the metal concentric dials? those are not to be seen in today's gear; unless its a photo of one on a touch screen somewhere (sigh).

I have at least 4 of these models and they date from the late 50's to early 60's. some caps might need changing (not need but suggested) and some deoxit-d5 cleaner on the switches and that's that! 100uV dial-in resolution, microvolt level noise and hum, current load at full rated cap for 7x24 duty cycle and the PSU can be thrown off a truck and still work to factory specs.

they tend to be $100 or so, used. if you built that today using those specs, it would be 10x to 50x the price, if you could even GET it built today (no, china could not even build this if they tried).

old tektronix and HP gear still works great after 30+ yrs. lots of old US designed and BUILT gear is still fully reasonable to use today. its repairable and the user guides, back then, actually had circuit descriptions, schematics and even names/addresses of companies that make the parts that go into the box! you NEVER see anything like that today. you can't even get schematics from agilent or fluke or keithley or tek anymore, on their current gear.

I like to point to power designs (precision) line of gear as stuff that was built to last 50+ yrs and I have actual proof that this is not a dream. I'm over 50 and I'm not doing as well as some of the gear in my tech shop.... ;)

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by TheGratefulNet (#46788565) Attached to: Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

that would stop me from even considering working for yahoo.

(and I'm actively looking for work right now, too).

marissa is bad news. get rid of her, give yahoo a true fresh start and we'll talk about yahoo having a future.

just remove mommie dearest, please. she's an insult and does not rate being a ceo.

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by TheGratefulNet (#46788357) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

I would die first before moving to texas. most of my friend also feel the same.

in all my life, I have never heard anyone EXCITED about moving to texas, at least for tech. sure, there is tech there but only for those that can stomach the texas lifestyle and redneck attitudes.

the outright racism and bible-belt feel just is not compatible with many techies' view of what a good living area should offer.

Comment: do they have a progressive view? (Score 1) 336

by TheGratefulNet (#46788253) Attached to: Detroit: America's Next Tech Boomtown

in that area of the country? it does not seem so, to me. seems more like deep red states, more or less. not exactly what tech people flock to, to be honest.

weather is a huge turn-off. culture of progress and new ideas is not there.

crime and corruption IS there. well, the ceo's will like it, at least; but the rest of us, not so much..

Comment: subverting the intention (Score 4, Interesting) 1608

by TheGratefulNet (#46767985) Attached to: Retired SCOTUS Justice Wants To 'Fix' the Second Amendment

the intention was a check of power: that the people would rise up and fight a corrupt government and take it back.

what this assclown wants is even MORE power to the government.

I say we reverse this. arm every citizen and actually make it ILLEGAL for the government to ever rise up against its own people. like that pussy at davis, the 'seargent pepper-spray' asshole, he should have been locked up for the rest of his life for abusing his authority against actual peaceful citizens who were simply exercising their RIGHT to protest the government.

we have a system where the police (in various forms) exist only to keep the powerful in power. anything left over after that is just a token to throw to the masses to keep them in check.

I'd like to see revolts against any government org that uses lethal force against its own people.

of course, it won't ever happen. we have lost our ability to keep our government afraid of us, the people. we lost. I wonder if we forever lost that?

Comment: Re:Never ever trust the police or the law. (Score 1) 796

I would sooner seek out a tony soprano than the local cop, if I needed some justice done.

yes, we have gone 100 yrs backward. yes. we should all realize that. our law enforcement is an enslaving and 'bullying' force and not a justice force.

interesting that the paid bullies (cops) actually wanted to bully the kid who was bullied!

the real life 'fat tony' guys are mostly a myth, these days, but it sure makes one feel like they should return again, in force, to bring us justice when the cops refuse to.

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by TheGratefulNet (#46763699) Attached to: How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry

I installed my own garmin gps in my car about 10 yrs ago when I bought the car, new. I did a very custom install and people are usually impressed by it. its also quite hidden, which is why its not been taken OUT of my car in 10 yrs.

but now, 10 yrs later, the maps are very out of date for many areas I drive in (bay area). I'm too cheap to buy an update and so I use my android phone. it sits in a center cup holder area, it uses cellphone locations and gps and always stays current, for free.

I don't love google, believe me, but I'm not sure I'm willing to go back to old school gps boxes again. I also can't see paying the car co for their version when a cellphone does gps these days just fine.

if I had garmin stock, I'd sell it. same for others. they were great when they were all you could get; but now smartphones have this one killer app and that's gps, for many of us. I value the gps almost more than I value remote email and web on the phone.

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