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Comment: Re:So now that the UN said it, (Score 1) 261

so says an a/c ? really? you are more scared to comment with your ID than I am?

hey, if what I said makes me a terr-a-wrist(tm), then I'll accept that label. the label is now meaningless.

one wonders if the revolutionists who FOUNDED the US would be now called terrorists.

its meaningless. no more meaning than 'boogeyman'.

who really gives a shit, anyway. the US has lost all moral high ground over the last few decades and we are circling the drain, at this point.

I love what my country used to stand for. but now, its nothing that I would recognize as my own homeland, anymore.

and I give fuck-all who thinks what of me, for I am speaking the truth, here. and everyone with half a mind knows it.

Comment: Re:So now that the UN said it, (Score 5, Interesting) 261

wrong. the US now does not care about anything but itself.

rights belong to the highest bidder or power holder.

that means: not you or me and certainly not some powerless speech-giving org.

the US is out of control. we all know this now and we all see it.

the question is: who has enough power to control the current top-dog and put him back in his dog-house?

THAT is the question. the US is not going to give in willingly.

I guess its at last a tiny half-step - having the ROW realize that the US is out of control and is violating the rights of, pretty much, anyone who dares try have a private thought or conversation.

Comment: Re:Serious? (Score 5, Interesting) 71

by TheGratefulNet (#47341631) Attached to: KeyStore Vulnerability Affects 86% of Android Devices

no, by google, the code OWNER, for much of the code base.

old 2.x android which still works for audio phone and email and simple web (which is 99% of what many users want, actually). but has no security patches from google since the last OTA update was at least 3 yrs ago, maybe more.

google abandons things. it may not be pleasant for fanboys to admit, but its a fact and its part of why I have so much anger toward google. they are not serious. not by my definition. 5 yr old hardware that needs security SHOULD get security updates. even 10 yrs. again, this is the money and power and brain-rich google we're talking about. they do NOT get a pass on being bad about backporting security. a 10 or 100 man company, sure. but google gets no free pass on abandoning their own phones (my case, the N1). total complete abandonment. even the gmail app BY google refuses to work properly on the N1, now. it does not auto poll and show newmail indications. you have to manually poll. a google app on a google phone that is broken. this is why I hate them.

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by TheGratefulNet (#47341599) Attached to: KeyStore Vulnerability Affects 86% of Android Devices

the once flagship N1 that I own (and still use since it still mostly works) has been abandoned long ago and I hate google for it.

this is yet another reason not to trust them. I don't care about new features, but porting security fixes should be a must-do for them, given how HUGE that company is. they have endless pockets and can easily afford to keep just a few guys (at least) busy keeping the old google flagship models updated.

they don't. and they suck for it.

Comment: Re:R's support lower H1B caps? (Score 1) 341

by TheGratefulNet (#47340471) Attached to: If Immigration Reform Is Dead, So Is Raising the H-1B Cap

bullshit. we have more than enough people already in this country and we cannot give jobs to all of them. you want MORE immigrants?

this is not the turn of the century. we already have too many huddled masses yearning to read the next page of their tech support script.

enough is enough! if locals (skilled and hungry) cannot get jobs, then we have enough imports.

I went without work for a few years! I tried and tried and tried. every place I interviewed at, I was the only westerner. I know what was going on and the interviews were confrontational without being directly rude. the drift was: we had to fight hard to get to your country; why should you, a local, get such an easy time getting a job.

seriously, that was the drift from every single god-damned bay area company I interviewed at for the last few years. they went out of their way to not hire americans and it showed in every thing they did.

the resentment of the immigrants towards me, born and raised here in the US, was sickening. they acted like I was out of line even asking to work there. the looks I got, wow, insulting.

the culture of the bay area is broken. we have to admit there is a problem before we fix it. but its broken by design; the ceo's all want to lower wages and they found a way and they are NOT giving it up without a fight.

we are not humans, we are 'resources' to them. that's also part of the problem. no respect for humanity and the fact that part of the social contract in the US is to give every person who can work, a living wage, as long as he does work. that chance was removed about 15 years ago and its been a down-turn ever since.

walk into a bay area company and you will see only indians and asians. in an US company! is that right? of course not. it shows, very clearly, what is going on.

Comment: Re:Reinstate the Prohibition (Score 5, Insightful) 454

the articles on pot will be biased beyond all belief. the US won't admit that they were wrong, all along. never admit you were wrong: that's the government's motto. plus, there is too much money involved in arresting people, jailing them (for-profit jails!) and stealing their assets in immoral property grabs.

there will be more car crashes due to mothers yelling at their kids in the back seat, cell phone use and inattentive drivers (not stoned) than pot users, but I do expect lots of SPIN trying to convince us of how evil the devil weed is.

just don't believe it. its all lies.

Comment: Re:Reinstate the Prohibition (Score 2) 454

and yet, zero deaths due to 'overdosing' (impossible in practical terms) from taking teh pot (sic).

one is still (federally) illegal and the other advertises freely on print and broadcast media.

I often wonder if we are living in opposite-land, given that our logic is in reverse.

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by TheGratefulNet (#47321311) Attached to: Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

you know it!

one lawsuit (which is public record) and you're now PERMANENTLY unemployable, even at places like los pollos hermanos.

if you sue, you better be sure you will win and land enough to retire from.

they have us. they made the rules, they stacked the deck and we have no power.

THIS IS WHY WE NEED UNIONS BACK. software is a sweatshop and its not going to improve unless we fight back.

immigrants have no idea what a union is and they are too happy to have a job, so they are the last people to rock the boat. this is yet another reason why employers want only immigrants. they will take any abuse and never sue and never fight back. ideal pawns.

Comment: Re:Imminent Threat (Score 1) 249

lock your phones?

cops have phone de-anti-un-lockers (uhm, what? nevermind, I'm on a roll!).

you can't even prove they used them to unlock your phone.

cops can get away with murder. you think they'll 'follow the law' when its inconvenient to them?

at least this is a partial step in the right direction; this ruling. but cops don't care about laws. not really. and there's not a GOD DAMNED thing you, as a citizen, can do about it.

make cops personally liable (remove the shield of protection they have) and then we can start to have fairness and justice again.

Comment: Re:unions are needed before the bathroom break tim (Score 1) 195

by TheGratefulNet (#47312129) Attached to: Workplace Surveillance Becoming More Common

thank you. thank you for calling out that idiot.

I GOT MINE, FARK YOU. that's his attitude.

and you know what? I bet that he's a young-un. full of self pride and a know-it-all. he has a good job, he's groomed and he thinks highly of himself. he thinks his job is secure.

I know this very well. I was like that when I was a 20something and even 30something.

I'm now a 50something and I know better. I KNOW we need help negotiating fair wages and benefits. in fact, I'm now forced to be a contractor for the first 6mos (of almost every job I end up taking) and that means the company gets to avoid paying what they used to - healthcare, vacation, sick time. I am now forced to foot the bill for those during the first 6mos. then, MAYBE, I get converted to fulltime. maybe.

the only good thing about that guy is: he'll soon learn. when he's a greyhair he'll find out he's a 2nd or 3rd class citizen and he'll be forced to be a contractor like I am, forced to come in sick since he can't afford to lose an 8 hour pay day. he'll sing a different tune.

but right now, he's arrogant as fucking hell. and too young to know how stupid he really is.

he'll get his. maybe 10 or 20 yrs but he'll get his. I know this for a fact.

Comment: Re:What choice do we have? (Score 1) 710

by TheGratefulNet (#47312097) Attached to: Workaholism In America Is Hurting the Economy

when I walk down the hallways of typical silicon valley software companies, I can walk for the length of a long hallway and not see a single american face there. when I walk thru the hallways, I often don't even hear english spoken at work anymore!

americans are squeezed out. if you want to have a chance at getting a job, you have to slave yourself to the bossman. else, well, I won't even have a hallway to walk thru.

its NOT my choice to work long and hard. its forced on us and we have no say in the matter.

this won't end well. I expect that in a few more years, you won't find a single US born person working at the tech companies.

I'm not even sure where the americans went to. what jobs did they end up with? certainly not at the bay area software or hardware places.

greedy ceo's deserve all the blame. when the revolution comes, I hope I have a ticket to their hangings. they are truly destroying our country and they could not care less! they are insulated and not affected by this.

and if the ceo's are not put up against the wall, I do expect to see people going postal ('going software' might be the new phrase) when they are completely squeezed out and they feel they have nothing left to lose but go on a killing spree.

I feel sorry for our society. its melting down before our very eyes and no one is doing a thing about it.

Comment: Re:unions are needed before the bathroom break tim (Score 5, Insightful) 195

by TheGratefulNet (#47295349) Attached to: Workplace Surveillance Becoming More Common

shorten that to:

unions are needed.


sweatshops (for computer guys) are on the return. if you and I are not careful, we will be so close to the old ways, we will have to fight that old war back again. we already lost our weekends and we lost time and a half for overtime (my grandfather used to get 1.5x, 2x and 3x time for time past normal work hours). we don't get that - we're now the evil thing called 'exempt' and we get cheated out of our own time and extra pay.

add to insult the fact that all corp firewalls have a MitM proxy in them, corp windows boxes are handed out preloaded with certs installed (for the mitm firewall entry) and at some places (like where I work) its been known that spyware and remote mic/camera stuff can be activated and logged/reviewed by your boss. how do I know: because in .de they have to disclose this and my work has offices in .de ; in the US they don't disclose what they do when spying but over in .de they do).

if we dont fight back, things will continue to get worse.

oh right, we don't have unions so we are all afraid of speaking out, for sake of our jobs.

well, so we have 2 problems to solve, then.

Comment: its a lie (Score 4, Interesting) 195

by TheGratefulNet (#47295335) Attached to: Workplace Surveillance Becoming More Common

"Through these new means, companies have found, for example, that workers are more productive if they have more social interaction."

lie, lie, lie. this is referring to the so-called open-office scheme, where they remove your privacy and sound barriers, sometimes even remove your personal desk and you are now 'fully interchangable cogs' to the company.

this has been proven to be wrong, but it keeps getting trotted out, as if repeating it over and over again will make us believe it.

CEO and bean-counter bullshit. see it for what it is.

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