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Comment Re:I don't entirely disagree (Score 1) 148

I don't entirely disagree with you. However, consider this. You not only got on the web, you also LOGGED IN and posted your private opinions publicly. For whatever reason, you just chose to make your private thoughts public, and chose to have Slashdot track your /. user id. That shows that SOMETIMES, you want Slashdot to identify you. Sometimes, privacy is not the most important thing to you.

Right, and I prefer to choose when that is, not have that as the default.

On the other hand, I want my Google maps to be very convenient. I'd rather it remember frequently used addresses rather than make me type em in every time.

Yes and you should opt in to that.

Comment Re:What it IS, not SHOULD be. I prefer both (Score 1) 148

The fact that you have to explicitly say you want privacy makes it a bad spec to begin with, just like having to explicitly say you dont want to participate in Windows' CEIP rather than it being something you opt-in to is bad for privacy (even though in that case it's just telemetry data).

Comment Re:Who cares about Flash now that HTML5 is here? (Score 2) 58

You know 2012 was an exciting year for web developers.

We just started learning 1998 CSS 2.1 and HTML 4.01. Why??? IE 6 prevented us from not being behind 10 years. It killed standards and we had to wait until it hit 1% and corporations who pay for the web developers who ran IE 6 saw a scrambled mess and said HEY WHO THEY HELL DID WE HIRE etc not realizing it was their poor 10 year old browser.

My point?

Grandma on XP uses IE 8 her internets won't work unless you do flash. THat client who pays you has IE 8 from 2009 because Oracle won't update their peoplesoft app without millions of dollars.

So we have to wait until CHina too who still uses XP with updates disabled so they are all on IE 6 to upgrade too by 2020.

In 2020 we can start to learn 2010 technology while the rest of us update every 6 weeks. Sigh and face palm. Flash will be here for a very very very long time short of making a law requiring TO STOP USING ANCIENT IE

Comment Re:People like you are destroying Firefox. (Score 2) 33

You don't really think they are going to acknowledge their problems do you? It's easier to just keep the blinders on and say "the only things that matter are the things we say matter". Yes their marketshare is in the toilet, yes their own satisfaction numbers confirm people don't like it but they will just point to the strong points that nobody cares about and call all criticism "nonsense" instead. User-hostile companies like that deserve to die the slow death that Mozilla is dying unless they get in touch with reality and realize that they have no idea what their users really want.

Comment Re:No, that guy killed DoNotTrack dead. DNT for Be (Score 1) 148

Do you really think that all sites are going to get rid of cookies, including "don't show me Beta" cookies, for anyone and everyone using IE? Just because Microsoft thought it was a good idea? No friggin way. If the USER chose to actively ticked the box, perhaps so. Because Microsoft's marketing team thought that "Do Not Track" sounded good and that breaking most web sites was an acceptable side effect? I don't think so.

So you're saying privacy should be opt-out rather than opt-in.

Comment Re:DSL (Score 1) 144


Comcast tried $100 a month with no TV for just Internet??! Talk about highway robbery. My dsl really sucks and feels like it's 2005 rather than 2015 with 7 megs a second. My phone losses calling and email abilities if I run Windows update. Sigh

But at least I have no caps and a $40 a month and not $100 price

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 201

5% adoption in one month is actually pretty fantastic, for such an immense market that is filled with enterprise users (whose IT departments need to train and prepare for rollout, and who do not get the upgrade for free).

For perspective, it took Apple around 3 years to sell a total of 75 million iPhones, and it was deemed a resounding success much earlier than that.

Comment Re:Sounds like what we need (Score 1) 43

I just don't understand how people who design commodity networking gear can be so bad at network security.

Really? Pick any of the following:

Lazy, incompetent, cheap, unaccountable, indifferent, greedy

Right now, companies have no liability for writing products with shit security. So on pretty much a daily basis we hear about products with shit security.

At this point I mostly assume any consumer technology which is designed to connect to a network is riddled with security holes. Because companies are lazy, incompetent, cheap, unaccountable, indifferent, and greedy.

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