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Comment Re: Ban ALL NUKES NOW (Score 1) 34

TMI suffered an endogenous problem, not an external insult. The two cases aren't comparable, but if I were comparing them I'd rate TMI as worse, because it caused problems with far less provocation. And I've no reason to believe that it would have caused less damage if inundated by an earthquake followed by a tsunami.

Comment Re:RISK vs CHANCE (Score 1) 150

Look at it this way. You can compare the odds of God acting to the odds of finding an exception to the Law of Conservation of Energy. Just because no one has ever observed a violation of the Law of Conservation of Energy, doesn't mean that the entire thing couldn't be totally invalid tomorrow, or that tomorrow God comes out of hiding.

Difference is, we've been looking for a violation of the Law of Conversation of Energy for far far less time than we've been looking for God, so we're statistically more likely to find that.

Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 378

Easy, just encourage people to talk nicely to anyone who has the "delicate flower" flag set. You could even hire someone to translate guy talk into inoffensive speech; one translator should be enough for probably a hundred developers so it won't cost much.

Comment Winelib (Score 1) 51

That depends on whether developers find it easier to use Winelib to port their Windows desktop apps to Android (with appropriate changes to sizes of controls and removal of mouseover actions) than to rewrite them from the ground up in the language that Google can't call Java anymore.

Comment Re:The movie was good because the book was short. (Score 1) 191

I'm sorry, I missed out where "accuracy" and "popularity" became interchangeable terms. I was responding to a post talking about the book's amazing scientific accuracy, when in reality it's a veritable MST3K of glaring science errors on almost every page. Or at least glaring to anyone who knows anything about the scientific fields involved.

At least with "soft" sci-fi where they don't try to explain how everything works you only get hit over the head with science problems whenever they describe a situation that's literally impossible. With bad pseudo-hard-sci-fi you get hit over the head with it again and again.

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