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Comment The other cable fraud (Score 1) 173

Here's what I want investigated: the rather recent and ongoing sharp rise in cable Internet package costs. Why? Has free agency broken out on line, requiring cablecos to cover all those fat contracts?

Or is it far more likely that they are trying to make up for lost cable TV revenues (cord cutters) on the backs of all their customers.

If they do have legit increase costs for providing broadband, fine: show all your work to the FCC to justify it.

Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 137

Yeah, studios who spend a billion dollars making sure three movies try pretty hard to recoup the cost, mostly from the one that turns out to be popular, and that includes all the typical "big business" stuff that goes on when hundreds of millions of dollars are involved.

Keeping in mind that Hollywood has elevated illegal accounting to the highest form of Art and Science. There have been name-brand, legit blockbuster movies that the studios claim they barely broke-even on.

I'm not advocating pirating movies, but maybe if they weren't such dicks about delayed access and massive overcharging in foreign markets, piracy would be more along the lines of shoplifting: an annoyance.

Comment Breathtaking (Score 1) 325

I still find it breathtaking we've never heard anything from these two women (at least, I've never seen anything), even so, the anti-JA side claims them to be classic rape victims, while the pro-JA side claims them to be everything from being jealous of the other to being CIA dupes / operatives.

The silence from them (while everyone claims to speak on their behalf) is both deafening and exasperating.

Comment Yes, and (Score 1) 662

This is kids of both sexes who have been treated like fragile little objects, and are now incapable of having adult emotions and experiences without being overwhelmed, because they've been shielded from such things.

There's a reason why the term "precioius little snowflakes" is so widely used, and it has nothing at all to do with gender.

It also makes them far easier to manipulate and cow with big, bad scary stories of pedophile terrorists around every corner, so unquestioningly trust your government to keep you safe, citizen.

Comment N-blank, please (Score 1) 196

Wasn't this around the time Obama said on TV that he "wouldn't be scrambling jets to get a 29 year old .....hacker"

You really think a mere elected official (a black one at that) *really* has complete control over the US organs of security? They are a priesthood all to themselves and answer to no one - especially politicians.

Comment Re:Can a Hillary supporter step up and explain? (Score 1) 634

To most of the world, it looks like yet another witch-hunt against a political couple that, for some reason, many on the far right in the US decided they actively hated in 1992 and as a result have held the couple to a bizarrely high standard they'd never do with any other politician.

This it the main reason I fear her getting the nomination: if it was Bernie, the Right will be resigned and apathetic; if it's 'Billary', their dead will crawl back up from Hell just to vote 'Anybody but Hillary'. They will then hang around, as it will absolutely be Hell on Earth.

Comment Disagree (Score 1) 161

Once we figure out how to cleanly make cheap power and robots are taking care of necessities we can all live like kings and do stupid stuff for cash.

That would be true except for the real scourge that plagues humanity: Religion.

They are all cults intent on command and control; codifying and justifying misogyny and genocide, but also the glory of subsistence living (not for the priests and their acolytes though).

Especially in the West (the US still the clear leader), the quote "It is Work alone that makes man noble" is believed like it was part of the Sermon on the Mount.

If you don't have a job, you're a bum. The Puritanistic morality police (politicians) will insure the cool Star Trek future of 'work for passion, not for suffering' never, ever comes to pass.

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