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Comment: Billboard Campaign (Score 1) 201

and huh .... wait. They could get that stuff on anyone, couldn't they. They could get that on me.

I think the most effective campaign to raise true awareness of the dangers of the organs of state security would be highway billboards that merely say:

The NSA knows what you did.

Comment: Collect it all (Score 1) 242

by ThatsNotPudding (#47361689) Attached to: Court Allowed NSA To Spy On All But 4 Countries
The head prick was quoted as saying: "Collect it all." Setting aside the obvious immorality and illegality of their actions (and ignoring all the apologists and their fig leafs), just focus on the stupidity of this approach. What good is having the worlds' best spooks looking for wheat if they are buried under metric tons of chaff?

Unless, of course, the real reason was to golden parachute into cushy, six-figure per month consulting gigs to supplement their Federal retirement packages.

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