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Comment absolutely (Score 1) 225

I've also read that systemd apparently saves a lot of work for e.g. the distribution maintainers and desktop environment programmers...

They will soon have 100% free time, after everything they work on is also absorbed into systemd, Borg-style.

"You've been systemd!!"

Red Hat will go down in F/OSS history as their Benedict Arnold.

Comment NCAA (Score 1) 173

This is the most succinct explanation of NCCA revenue sports I've seen.

For those that don't follow them, they are collegiate money-printing machines where cheaters do prosper (the big names never change much for this reason), the punishments are tepid, and you only pay the workers with the monopoly money of a 'degree' in... something (the -ahem- minority of those that actually graduate, that is).

Comment Re:Surprised? (Score 1) 580

Keep in mind walmart largest retailer in the country is still today using IBM checkout systems. Why? because K.I.S.S

And after three weeks of working perfectly, my chip-enabled Visa card has become a frenzy of swipe/cancel/override/retry activity forced on the harried casher, cursing under their breath as the line behind me grows.

Every time I ask is it my card that is damaged, as the terminal screen insists, and every time they say no, while pointing at the card reader with a withering look that could kill.

Perhaps a little too stupid simple.

Comment The other cable fraud (Score 1) 176

Here's what I want investigated: the rather recent and ongoing sharp rise in cable Internet package costs. Why? Has free agency broken out on line, requiring cablecos to cover all those fat contracts?

Or is it far more likely that they are trying to make up for lost cable TV revenues (cord cutters) on the backs of all their customers.

If they do have legit increase costs for providing broadband, fine: show all your work to the FCC to justify it.

Comment Re:Want big Hollywood movies? Eliminate Hollywood (Score 1) 144

Yeah, studios who spend a billion dollars making sure three movies try pretty hard to recoup the cost, mostly from the one that turns out to be popular, and that includes all the typical "big business" stuff that goes on when hundreds of millions of dollars are involved.

Keeping in mind that Hollywood has elevated illegal accounting to the highest form of Art and Science. There have been name-brand, legit blockbuster movies that the studios claim they barely broke-even on.

I'm not advocating pirating movies, but maybe if they weren't such dicks about delayed access and massive overcharging in foreign markets, piracy would be more along the lines of shoplifting: an annoyance.

Comment Breathtaking (Score 1) 327

I still find it breathtaking we've never heard anything from these two women (at least, I've never seen anything), even so, the anti-JA side claims them to be classic rape victims, while the pro-JA side claims them to be everything from being jealous of the other to being CIA dupes / operatives.

The silence from them (while everyone claims to speak on their behalf) is both deafening and exasperating.

Comment Yes, and (Score 1) 668

This is kids of both sexes who have been treated like fragile little objects, and are now incapable of having adult emotions and experiences without being overwhelmed, because they've been shielded from such things.

There's a reason why the term "precioius little snowflakes" is so widely used, and it has nothing at all to do with gender.

It also makes them far easier to manipulate and cow with big, bad scary stories of pedophile terrorists around every corner, so unquestioningly trust your government to keep you safe, citizen.

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