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Comment: Intel Store Front? (Score 1) 85 85

I particularly like how it's come out that they were backdooring (and presumably screwing, or at least reserving the opportunity to screw) their own ethically-challenged customer base.

This singular fact may lead to the exposure of this company as a very impressive, long-term false front for an intel shop. Probably not the NSA, given that the FBI (backdoor irony alert) and other FedGov organs were apparently customers. Who *is not* on that customer list: GCHQ? Interpol? Russia?

There may be a popcorn shortage before all this plays out.

Comment: It was (Score 1) 181 181

The bigger issue, though, is systemd's influence over other projects. But that wasn't raised, so why would he comment?

Oh, it was asked, but my question about Red Hats' (and their one employees') increasingly out-sized dominance even over desktop apps wasn't deemed worthy, much to all our detriment.

Comment: Occams Electric Shaver (Score 1) 112 112

Essentially Cisco did this shit on purpose, and you can bet at least some people knew damned well this was there.

Never attribute activity to nefarious government agencies to what can be more easily explained by clueless MBA PHBs demanding their own personal screendoor.

Comment: Android (Score 1) 70 70

Yes, there is adware and exploitive free to play games, but you can uninstall them and they're gone.

I can't (and never will) speak for iOS, but on Android, when you hit the back button one too many times (overshooting the app main page), boom: full-screen scummy ad.

Please tell us how to 'uninstall' that behavior.

Comment: Re:Prime Scalia (Score -1, Offtopic) 591 591

Even for Scalia - who has a reputation of holding no punches - this is intriguing stuff in his dissent (which is nearly as long as the verdict itself - pages 27 to 47 of 47 total are all his)

I assume one page of the others was written by Thomas and merely states: "Yeah, what HE said!" What a joke of a Justice.

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