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Frankly, I think net neutrality will win out in the marketplace because of the things some companies, e.g., Google, are doing to let their users know that the ISP's are throttling them. The ISP's can't prevent them from doing this and ISP's customers can choose another ISP that doesn't do it, or at least offers better performance.

Since we are talking about the US 'market' here; what the fuck are you smoking?

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by ThatsNotPudding (#47465337) Attached to: Rand Paul and Silicon Valley's Shifting Political Climate
Greed is a disease more deadly than heroin, hardening your heart and turning you into a right-wing monster, driven to amassing ever more power and lucre until you feel absolutely justified in bending society itself to your warped, dystopian world view. Rockefeller, Walton, Koch, Ellison, Zuckerberg; all the same fuckers.

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by ThatsNotPudding (#47458623) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

Miami is fucked. NYC, unless they build some wall, is fucked. So where are the debates on how to build the containment walls? Or the storm-proofed shelters? Or the projected increase in FEMA budget?

Time to check the real estate records; are large entities buying up land about a mile inland from existing shoreline?

If they were smart, environment groups should do just that; it would swell their coffers selling increasingly valuable land - after being able to loudly gloat that they were quite right all along.

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Terror is the goal, and having people killed are only the means.

Or in the case of Bin Laden, a successful attack would lead to Machiavellian scumbags within the US government turning the country into a police state for power and profit, slowly boiling away the rights and privacies of his real target: the American citizenry (who allowed murderous, abusive foreign policies to be conducted in their name).

And to this day, they are still running his playbook, with zero intention of ever stopping.

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and huh .... wait. They could get that stuff on anyone, couldn't they. They could get that on me.

I think the most effective campaign to raise true awareness of the dangers of the organs of state security would be highway billboards that merely say:

The NSA knows what you did.

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