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Comment: Re:And this is how we get to the more concrete har (Score 1) 522

by ThatsNotPudding (#47766757) Attached to: Limiting the Teaching of the Scientific Process In Ohio

So that's the real end goal - to get religion - or more correctly, Christianity, back into schools so everyone becomes a "good little Christian boy".

more correctly, the Southern Baptist form of Christianity, which from science to women's rights, are in total agreement with Wahhabism.

Comment: Puritanism (Score 2) 233

No one on the face of the planet does Puritanism better than Americans. From birth, we're close-order drilled that work is the *only* ethic, to the point that by the second week of vacation (if it exists), the average American worker starts to feel twitchy, as if they're 'cheating' by not working, or they won't be missed and thus discovered to be irrelevant by the queen and drones.

And this - with a little help from the One-Percenters - is why there will never be a Star Trek style future, where one works due to passion and not subsistence necessity.

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