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Comment The real cost (Score 1, Troll) 98

The real reason of this costly storage is that incriminating evidence of an LEO executing someone can be completely deleted at a moments notice, with the traces left behind as that of a cosmic ray / solar flare incident.

That there is zero talk of all the data being recorded to and held only by the DOJ is related to the same reason that there is _still_ no centralized, national database of LEOs shooting and killing people. It speaks volumes about the real agenda of state / local LEO w.r.t. all the minority communities nationwide. The Klan didn't so much disappear as having merely traded their white robes for blue and brown uniforms (and the license to murder with impunity).

Comment Re:The market for this (Score 1) 62

It's proven most weekends, that golf is just an excuse to go drinking; either at the '19th' hole, or via that second golf bag crammed with ice and beer. But given the preponderance of lawyers, judges, and even cops playing, you'll rarely see DUI checkpoints at the nicer country club parking lot exits.

Comment cet par (Score 1) 152

It seems most economists have 'cet par' on the tips of their forked tongues. Ceteris Paribus meaning 'other things being equal', which is rarely ever true in meat space.

However, to truly model economist behavior, I think quantum machines should be used, so they can offer two conflicting opinions at the exact same time.

Comment Missing the point (Score 1) 248

A goodly chunk of the One Percent _want_ AGW-fueled (emphasis on FUEL) disasters, as it will 'thin the herd' of the underclass (starting with foreigners but eventually even the domestic useful idiots), all the while turning a hefty profit. It's just "Make Room! Make Room!" with a sound ROI.

Comment Buried Lede (Score 1) 80

Scant details have been released, but the technology has similarities with the RRAM and memristor technologies being persued by other companies.

So we can all look forward to massive lawsuits spanning at least five years before enough palms are greased and beaks wetted to release this magic to the proles.

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