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Comment Re:Clinton vs Sanders (Score 1) 348

Hillary and such would rely on gridlock to back out of promises, but I expect Bernie would actually try, not the fake try we have gotten so consistently before.

Congress makes the law, not the president.

The president can submit legislation for consideration. The president can block anything (up to a super majority). So the president has more influence than most people say.

Comment Can't happen (Score 2) 289

When all the jobs can be replaced by AI, then the singularity has already happened, and we are all dead anyway. When you can replace a programmer with a program, then that program will program a better version of itself, then repeat that 1000 times a second every second for a few minutes until it's smarter than the sum of people on the planet. At which time it will exterminate everyone. So don't worry, programmer will be the last job eliminated by AI. Safe, until you are dead. That puts you ahead of most people.

Comment Re:Clinton vs Sanders (Score 1) 348

Yes, I know. Donald Trump will save all. Ignore the fact that he declares bankruptcy regularly to wipe out his incompetence (And call it a shrewd business decision). I'd expect Donald to balance the budget by defaulting on the debt, and printing money to pay the budget. Perfect balance. And the riots in the street can't be heard from the penthouse of Trump Tower.

Is that a better reality? Because your hate toward Bernie will help make it happen.

Comment Re:Economics challenge (Score 1) 348

Inflation isn't calculated. It's created. Monetary policy is manipulated to keep inflation between 3% and 5%. So, is "calculating inflation" calculating the ideal for next year, or measuring it after it happened?

The right value is 2%. But the targets are 3-5% because deflation is an unstable feedback loop, so it's better to be 10% too high, than 3% too low.

The value exactness is irrelevant. You can be any number greater than 0% and there isn't a problem. But below 0% is catastrophic.

Also, note that inflation dipped negative [] for a couple of months last year.

A quick dip into the negative is a matter of measurement, not reality. When you measure the IQ of someone with a cold, it's lower than when they are well. So does a cold actually cause someone to get dumber, or does a cold mess with the measurement taken at that time? Given the recovery after, one concludes it was a temporary measurement error. CPI is good at comparing inflation, but poor at actually measuring it. If you want to find out whether your inflation this year is higher or lower than last, then CPI works. But to find out how much more it'll cost you to live this year, vs last, then you'll need a more accurate inflation measure.

Comment Re:Hertz probably decided not be held hostage anym (Score 1) 348

When you outsource, the outsource company's primary goal is to extract money from you. Secondary is to make you like it (or do what you want them to do, however you like to word it). When you hire, the employees should want to do the best for the company, as that keeps them employed longer and better.

The "next quarter" CEOs don't seem to understand the difference.

Comment Re:Voting for Democrats has consequences (Score 1) 348

My 6 hour wait in an ER was in a smaller rural hospital with only one x-ray machine. My car-crash x-rays were lower on the priority list than the odd string of heart attacks that came through. So 6 hours because the smaller hospital couldn't handle a regular stream of people. This was long before ACA.

Comment Re:Voting for Democrats has consequences (Score 1) 348

Perhaps Obamacare became affordable for a small percentage, but for my business it is a significant and incremental expense.

Yes. It's more like a hidden tax, than an explicit single-payer program as it should be.

Another interesting detail: have you noticed that rich encourage you to vote for Democrats?

If you cherry-pick the "rich" to only be celebrities, not business people, then yes. But if you randomly select from "rich" they seem to overwhelmingly support Republicans.

Keep voting for those who promise free stuff, more security and more political correctness, and in few years you can remember this conversation, after waiting to see the doctor after the 6 hour wait (under universal/single payer healthcare).

Single payer is cheaper and better than the US system. And yes, I've lived under both. Have you?

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