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Comment: Re:Can't capture the same benefit twice (Score 1) 687

by TamMan2000 (#29108743) Attached to: World's Only Diesel-Electric Honda Insight

That would be true if we were talking about series hybrids.

But every hybrid you can buy these days is either parallel (most) or series/parallel (toyotas). These engines are not exclusively operating in the sweet spot. Most of the benefits you get from hybridization these days come from regen braking and being able to use a smaller engine (the electric can help out during hard accels, so you don't have to size the engine to be able to handle the max output you desire, it only has to handle the max steady state output).

Also you forgot to mention that diesels have a higher temperature combustion chamber. That gets you a lot more juice from basic thermodynamics...


+ - Relocation Package Bait and Switch

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An anonymous reader writes "I got a R&D job offer with a large company in Philadelphia area last week. It includes a relocation package that they told me was standard for my position.

After I accepted the offer and made plans to terminate my current job, the recruiter handed me off to their relocation department, where I was told that my relocation package is significantly less than what I was promised. The relocation manager tells me that whenever there is conflict between their relocation policy and the offer, their internal relocation policy supersedes.

What I want to know from my fellow Geeks are : 1) Is this type of switch-and-bait common practice in corporate America? 2) If you have gone through this nightmare before, any advice on how to respond to it?"

+ - Typing Style Can Reveal Identity Online

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joabj writes "Did you know your typing style can serve as a globally unique identifier? Science News reports on how researchers are starting to use people's "clickprints" as digital forms of identification. "It's a bit scary," says Jaideep Srivastava, a Web researcher at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. "The privacy implications are huge.""

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