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Comment: Re:if that's true, (Score 1) 476 476

You've missed. It's not about the technical definition. The "key" is the passphrase. The passphrase is pre-shared. The shared secret is the key, and that is the passphrase.

The crypto key is what you are describing, not the pre-shared key the user uses.

The failure to communicate isn't our misunderstanding of the technological terminology, but your inability to put the technical terminology aside and listen to others.

Comment: Re:if that's true, (Score 1) 476 476

MAC address filtering isn't very secure, but it's better than nothing. It's like the door chain. They are easily cut, can be kicked open easily, and don't really improve security, but it makes you feel better. Aside from brute force, the glaring hole is that someone can snoop your network and see all the valid MACs on it, even if encrypted. Then, when any of those devices are gone (like your cell phone on WiFi in range), clone the MAC of the missing device, and you are 100% in, if MAC filtering is your only authentication. At best, it will deter a casual snooper, but will only add a tiny delay to a targeted attack.

Comment: Re:if that's true, (Score 1) 476 476

PSK is Pre-Shared Key. The "key" in that is the passphrase. You pre-share it by putting it in both devices before you try to pair them. The PSK isn't the session key. As you say, that's generated for the session.

And nobody was talking about what is "transmitted" so unclear what that has to do with whether the PSK you enter on the "passphrase" space on the router is a [PS]Key, or a passphrase. It's both. The terms are used interchangeably for that setting. And yes, that's confusing as "key" is used elsewhere for a different purpose. But that doesn't make your car-key not a key because it doesn't look like your house key.

Comment: Re:Taxes (Score 1) 181 181

My point was that so many people were getting hung up on "use taxes are silly" without even realize they were talking about use taxes. The tax should be valid, it's valid everywhere. It should be ignored. I was born and raised in a state with use taxes. I didn't learn what a use tax was until after I had left. Neither I, nor my parents, ever paid a use tax, despite having owed one, many times.

Chicago's move is rational. It placed a use tax on entertainment, then argued that streaming entertainment is entertainment, not a "purchase" (which would fall under a different use tax). They are 100% correct, and the move is 100% legal and consistent with existing law and rulings. It's just that Use Taxes in general are silly and ignored. They only work when the state claims a nexus and converts it to a sales tax.

Comment: Re:Taxes (Score 1) 181 181

Personally I think 9% is outrageous. It had better come with a set of Monster network cables

9% is high, but not the highest. There are places with higher, and I'm not sure in that graphic whether they count hotel taxes and other such surcharges as "sales tax" and that's more like this one is aiming, as an "entertainment tax".

Comment: Re:Taxes (Score 1) 181 181

Use taxes don't depend on the service purchased being local. Note, Texas law prevents Tesla from selling a California Tesla in Texas across state lines, as well as "use taxes" being supported in court many times.

*BOOM* headshot..

Comment: Re:Taxes (Score 1) 181 181

Netflix isn't being charged or collecting the tax (yet). This is a Use Tax, which has been ruled legal 100 times before (perhaps hyperbole, perhaps not). This just clarified the long-used Use Tax to include digital services. The customers use Chicago, so they owe.

Or more specifically, Netflix content travels over Chicago right-of-way.

Comment: Re:alogrithms aren't racist (Score 1) 349 349

If I had mod points, I'd try to undo your current flamebait mod.

People who object to racism pointed out claim there is no such thing, even when it's pointed out. The Charleston shootings weren't about race, but were about a single mentally ill person with no ties to race.

One of the problems is that cameras are racist. The default settings work for me as a pale white person, but don't work for a dark person.

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