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Comment Re:I am not a physicist but... (Score 1) 311

German test, 80 MK, Chinese test, 50 MK. Temperature of the sun: irrelevant. He insulted you because you seemed sure you said something insightful, but only passed on a non sequitur. And you said 15 MK was lower than 0. It's not. It's higher than 0, about 15 MK higher. The only reason the numbers don't work is because you aren't doing it right.

Comment Re:She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

Though I do believe that a preemptive pardon is illegal and would be found so by the courts.

Wasn't for Nixon. History disagrees with you.

I really don't see any reason that would motivate him to do this, take the hit to his legacy and damage the party.

You assert damage to the party, based on the example of Nixon, yet refuse to acknowledge it's "legal" based on the example of Nixon. Pick one. Either Nixon is an example for both or neither. But picking the one you like and ignoring the other just makes you a hypocrite.

As for why, it just makes sense. Billions of taxpayer money has been spent on the conservative conspiracy against the Clintons. Investigated constantly for anything and everything for 20+ years. Move on. As for the damage, it's not like she's president. He wouldn't do it if she were elected, but she won't be. So she'll be of no great importance, and not in the new government. So all the pardon will do is reduce taxpayer expense. Why do you want more taxes? Save taxes, pardon the Clintons. I don't like her. I don't care whether she goes to jail or not. It wouldn't bother me either way. What I hate is the billions of dollars spent trying to persecute the Clintons. Stop wasting my money.

Comment Re:should be interesting (Score 1) 327

I don't have the time or interest to look up, but I've seen posted on previous Assange articles a long list of people that were interviewed via phone, or via Swedish representatives overseas. I've not seen anything that explains the unequal treatment, so it seems like special circumstances designed to extradite Assange, not prosecute the crimes he's accused of.

Comment Re:She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

Who had their own privately managed server that they used to conduct all department business other than HC?

Ah yes, the, "who else did it" when if you remove "all" from your qualifications, the answer is "all of them that had email". The others before her with email used personal email for department business. Yes, all of them. They also had the official email, which was used at least once (though in many cases, only by an underling). She's the first who didn't bother with the double email that everyone else had done. But nobody else was investigated for extensive use of personal email for business. Though they *all* did it.

Comment Re:She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

If she did wrong, what rule was in place that she broke? From what I saw on that, they are going after her for classified stuff because the "rules" against using a personal server didn't exist. The first witch hunt was for having a personal server. Then it was a Benghazi again, then there was discussion about classifications. But the reason it all started. The question of whether it was illegal to have a personal server. Was that ever answered?

The bigger question is, when will the hateful Republicans stop spending billions investigating the Clintons. You don't like them. We get it. But 20+ years of constant investigations, and not a single conviction just wastes money. Stop wasting my money. I don't like her. I won't vote for her. But I want the Repbulicans to stop talking about her. The only person they love more than her is Pelosi. Back in Peak Pelosi, I couldn't go an hour without hearing someone talk about how much they love her, even if they show it by calling her an evil bitch. Any woman with any power is hated. Don't you see that's their appeal? Nobody talked about how bad Carly was. She disappeared. As the bad politicians should. The effort and attention on the Clintons increased their power, not decreased it.

If Clinton wins, it'll be because of all the support the Republicans have given her, making sure she's in the news 24/7 for 20 years.

Comment Re: She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

Sanders vs Trump is more secure. Sanders is the better candidate for the Democrats defeating the Republicans. Hillary is too polarizing to get any crossover, and too boring to get a high turnout. She may defeat the invisible candidate of Sanders (last I saw an analysis, the other candidates were getting 10x or more exposure in the general media), but when the light is shined on them, Sanders is better for defeating the Republicans.

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