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Comment Re:No... Khan (Score 1) 115

IQ is defined for a normal distribution, so if we start designing, the scale is broken. It'd like the mpg measurements for EVs. It's some weird conversion to electric, then priced out, then converted to fuel comparision, and 100% unrelated to the number of miles you can go on a gallon of gasoline. But people like hanging on to broken measuring systems.

Comment Re:Why are we not funding this? (Score 1) 115

Eliminate sickle cell, and grant tetrachromacy and 6-fingers to everyone (along with flawless teeth).

Though the last I read on teeth, you get the choice of an acidic mouth, which has tooth decay, but no gum disease, and reduced bad breath, or a more basic mouth with low tooth decay, but increased gum disease and bad breath. But at least, you can get 32 healthy teeth in, rather than all the work to pull 4 of them many people go through.

Sure, once they get the process down, some people will design super-athlete children and such, but should we ban the possibility of wiping out genetic diseases on the chance that someone somewhere might abuse the process?

Seems like ethics demand we do it, and, at best, punish those who misuse it.

Comment Re:IT workers shouldn't freelance (Score 1) 143

it is easily possible to do testing on live systems safely with proper coordination between the development and IT operations teams and a modicum of competence on both sides.

Go back and read the original. There was no coordination. Dev did what they wanted without notifying anyone they were doing anything, taking down the live environment. And that's what dev would do every time, as they hate ops asking them to not break everything else so they could do a test.

Comment Re:Sorry guys, Israel doesn't care what you think. (Score 1) 508

I made it through your first video. "beating" looked more like a finger poke, and the video was obviously edited, with the spitting shown multiple times, with cuts, gaps and pauses for effect.

When that's the first and best example of abuse, yawn.

Ah yes, saying "Israel isn't as bad as the anti-Semitic racists claim" is a Holocaust denial. I'm the devil, for being able to look at things objectively. That's an offensive skill these days.

Comment Re:IT workers shouldn't freelance (Score 3, Interesting) 143

And I've had programmers take down a 1000+ user network by "testing" by turning on a test network, where it mimicked the real environment, down to the IP addresses and such. Of course, they didn't tell anyone else in IT what they were doing, and they had admin access to the networking gear because the CIO was ex-programmer and programmers are the best IT workers.

Of course, when the calls were rolling in that the network was down, I got in trouble for unplugging their test gear. Programmers are best when contractors. They roll in, give you buggy code, and wander off. You don't have to keep them on the payroll.

Comment Missing cost (Score 4, Insightful) 143

The Slashdot header says cost, TFA header says "pitfalls". One I've seen that is either (or both) is sales. When you are freelance, you have to spend time bidding, designing for bids, building client confidence, and other things that aren't billable.

If you aren't prepared to spend 20% of your time on unpaid sales, you aren't ready to go freelance. Yes, that's a high number. But in a down/slow time, it'll not be far off. When things are good, you'll be spending a few spare minutes on the next job, but if you only plan for the best, you'll only get the worst.

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