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Comment Re:who needs re-entry? (Score 1) 164

DPRK claims a functional H-bomb. That's sufficient for an EMP. Sized correctly, an ICBM carried nuclear warhead can make an EMP large enough to cover the contiguous US. Yes, it won't fry all electronics in the blast radius for all time, but it'll do enough damage to kill more than if they had targeted a city.

Comment Re:China is the reason NK exists (Score 1) 164

China doesn't like DPRK. China would be happy if, tomorrow DPRK was destroyed. China doesn't want DPRK hurt. China shares an unprotected land border with them. And China doesn't want millions of refugees wandering over. That's about the only thing that China cares about. If the US offered to secure the border, and ship every refugee to South Korea, China would probably agree to any military attack of DPRK that the US would dream up. The conventional destruction of Seoul from DPRK is the MAD that keeps DPRK safe for now. There's no way to take out the DRPK before Seoul is destroyed.

Comment Re:For all I know (Score 1) 164

Most likely it was a control failure. Satellites are inherently unstable. A tiny push, and they tumble. So you need a complex control system to keep them aligned. Those often did fail, and resulted in satellite loss. That DPRK suffers a satellite loss through the most common method of satellite loss doesn't even hint at foreign involvement.

Comment Re:"you don't have to be very accurate" (Score 1) 164

There is no real fallout from a high altitude blast. The most damage DPRK could do would be to launch it on an ICBM at South Africa over the US, and detonate it as it's over Kansas.

Second in damage may be a truck-based ground blast in DC, between the White House and Congress. Should be able to take out both, they are under 2 miles apart. And the damage wouldn't even be much beyond that, leaving DC largely intact, aside from the fallout from a ground blast.

Comment Re:High altitude nuclear EMP (Score 1) 164

China hates DPRK more than we do. China props them up for the sole reason of not wanting to take care of the refugees. There is a minor desire to keep them around to give the hateful Americans someone to hate who isn't them, as the US must always be at war. But China has no love for DPRK, and tolerates them more because at least they hold their refugees in-country, mostly.

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 164

Did you forget the Tim drove up a truck with a huge bomb-looking bomb in the back and parked it in the loading zone of a federal building and nobody noticed? It wouldn't be hard to put it in the smallest truck that'd hold it, and drive the 10 ton bomb that looks like a bomb down 15th St NW, or Constitution Ave and detonate it within sight of the White House and Congress. Sure, it wouldn't leave all of DC a crater, but it would make a point, and probably take out the President and Congress (if done without warning and during a session of Congress while the president is in DC).

Comment Re:Let's get real (Score 1) 164

They shouldn't launch it at DC. They should launch it at South Africa with a trajectory over the US, then detonate it over Kansas. The EMP will cover the entire contiguous states. That'll do more damage than a nuke hitting DC, and no aim is involved. Off by 100 miles would still be a direct hit, unlike DC.

And the US defense system has no protection from a low-orbit-ish ICBM passing over the US. And no plans for anything that would protect against it.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 162

it takes 6k acres to power 1M people. So it should take 42M acres to power 7B people.

You'd need 1/1000th of land dedicated to power production. The nice thing is, you don't need arible land to make power. Put it in deserts and such. The other thing is, that though you need 1/100th of the land area to power the planet, you could instead use 1/2000th of the water area. That may end up the better solution, as the napkin numbers I gave are based on the power usage from TFA (low for USA level over-consumption) and morocco level power generation (higher than you'd get in Alaska).

Despite your assertion, 5.3*RI sized plant to power Europe would be a good thing, especially if you are using Sahara land to do it. Land not used to grow crops, house people, or do much of anything.

Comment Re:I am not a physicist but... (Score 1) 317

German test, 80 MK, Chinese test, 50 MK. Temperature of the sun: irrelevant. He insulted you because you seemed sure you said something insightful, but only passed on a non sequitur. And you said 15 MK was lower than 0. It's not. It's higher than 0, about 15 MK higher. The only reason the numbers don't work is because you aren't doing it right.

Comment Re:She will ether be president or prisoner. (Score 1) 634

Though I do believe that a preemptive pardon is illegal and would be found so by the courts.

Wasn't for Nixon. History disagrees with you.

I really don't see any reason that would motivate him to do this, take the hit to his legacy and damage the party.

You assert damage to the party, based on the example of Nixon, yet refuse to acknowledge it's "legal" based on the example of Nixon. Pick one. Either Nixon is an example for both or neither. But picking the one you like and ignoring the other just makes you a hypocrite.

As for why, it just makes sense. Billions of taxpayer money has been spent on the conservative conspiracy against the Clintons. Investigated constantly for anything and everything for 20+ years. Move on. As for the damage, it's not like she's president. He wouldn't do it if she were elected, but she won't be. So she'll be of no great importance, and not in the new government. So all the pardon will do is reduce taxpayer expense. Why do you want more taxes? Save taxes, pardon the Clintons. I don't like her. I don't care whether she goes to jail or not. It wouldn't bother me either way. What I hate is the billions of dollars spent trying to persecute the Clintons. Stop wasting my money.

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