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by AK Marc (#48183703) Attached to: Despite Patent Settlement, Apple Pulls Bose Merchandise From Its Stores
A small amount of directionality is all you are missing out on. That, and back in the '60s they played different instruments through different channels, and didn't mix the channels. So you'd get sound in one ear, then the other. Like the song was talking to itself. It was mostly annoying, but some swore by it.

My hearing problem is that I can't hear voices well. Audio tests put me as exceptional hearing. Much better hearing than most. But put me in a situation with minor background noise, like an airplane, and I can't understand voices. They just kind of sound underwater when I'm in a noisy environment. I've not ever seen anything about it. Though I've heard of DSP hearing aids that block all but voices, but they are expensive, and unfunded (by insurance and such) for a 30-something with perfect hearing. I got my eye floaters diagnosed on Slashdot, maybe someone will recognize this and let me know what it is, even if there isn't a cure.

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AKG's I can't speak for, but having used noise cancelling headphones I won't settle for ordinary ones.

I can't use them. My hearing hasn't failed as fast as it's supposed to. A few undred dollars on some Bose noise canceling headphones, and they are quieter off than on (on being the cancellation feature). When they are on, and there's a regular high-pitch noise (like a plane engine or other sound above 10kHz), they increase the sound. They filter out the low well, but not the high. So I'm not sure if they are eliminating everything else, making the whine worse, or actually increasing the volume of the higher-pitches.

Noise cancelling isn't about making better sound, but isolation without needing isolation. I don't travel carrying a cone of silence.

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"Flat" when I hear it generally means "compressed" The louds are softer. The soft parts are louder. The volume is flatter.

Although it should be noted they are called equalizers because the intent is to bring an equal loudness to all frequency bands - aka, a flat frequency response.

Yes, almost what I was saying. Flat is equal loudness. Now, there are some who mean with reference to frequency, and others who use it with regards to overall volume. But "flat" is usually a "bad" thing. "Oh, that sounded flat"

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clickbait isn't essential. It's there, none the less. Opting out of the movie theater experience would opt you out of modern culture, but not an essential part of it. I'm not sure why you added "essential". MST3k is less funny if you've never been to a movie theater, and there are many other cultural references one would miss.

Blocking all advertisements is more than just clickbait. There are awards shows for ads, and lots of ones spread by independent sources as they contain their own entertainment value.

Some people watch the Superbowl mainly for the ads. At least from the mid 90's to the mid 00's. Currently, they are on a distinct downward spiral.

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Carbonation is an acid. The effect on teeth is three-fold. The sugar is bad (Feeds the bacteria). The acid level rise damages teeth directly. The acid level rise is beneficial for the bacteria. The bacteria raise the acid level, and the acid ends up eating the enamel. So a sugary carbonated beverage is worse than a sugary drink with no carbonation, or a carbonated drink without sugar.

There are many such interactions we don't count. We think of everything on a "yes" or "no" basis, when often it could be more complex than that.

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