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Comment It varries (Score 1) 84

Long ago, it was *much* cheaper to build than buy. Then Dell came. Dell sold computers for below the retail cost of the components. It became cheaper to buy. It has since remained cheaper to buy, if you match a pre-built system. It's cheaper to build if you spec a system that nobody sells. Systems rarely have vastly different level components. I built myself a gaming rig. It was built to compete with a friend's I spec'ed the best gaming video card for the budget, and did everything else as cheap as possible (while still of acceptable quality). The result was a computer $200 less than my friend's brand new computer, with better FPS for every game we tried. It was much slower at video encoding, but played games better.

Bought computers are hard to get anything that's not "cheap" "middle" "workstation" or "gamer". You can't have a gamer card in a cheap system, or vice versa. Building is good for flexibility, and picking components. Another time I built, I saw the CPUs as having a poor bang per buck, so I built a good system with the cheapest CPU I could find. 2 years later, when the system was pretty bad, I upgraded the CPU and had what would have been a top-end (out of my price range) computer for budget price, though a little late.

So the decision is personal and fluid, though many here think everyone should do as they do, rather than think for themselves.

Comment Re:WD Black the 3rd most broken item (Score 1) 82

If you bought a SATA when you wanted a PATA, how would warranty repair help you?

If you can return it to the retailer for a full refund the next day, and get another brand new one, why would you bother with a warranty return of any kind? 4-6 week replacement time at a retailer sounds quite illegal. It's a return of DOA and a new purchase, not a repair at the retail shop.

Comment Re:Disposable screens for disposable products? (Score 1) 200

So your argument is that pork is indistinguishable from any other meat? Or are you implying that the only reason my kids don't want my old GS3 is that they recognize OLED and are afraid of it? One of the reasons I bought the GS3 was to have a phone with OLED. It wasn't better than my work phone, an HTC One (an older one, before HTC used OLED). I'm not an Imam teaching a religion. I'm only reporting reality, and that really pisses off the religious spec-worshipers.

Comment Re:Or just make the diesels hybrids (Score 1) 177

However, I don't think it is fair to say that it 'dominates' in any way.

300,000 sales per year. Fairly dominant in the hybrid space.

care to substantiate your claim that a diesel engine would be less efficient than a petrol engine with some references?

No. You don't deserve any references. If you don't know the basics of automotive engineering, you wouldn't understand them anyway. I've already answered, and you just ignored any answer you didn't like. I have no reason to believe that cites would change your rejection of reality. The truth hasn't.

Comment Re:Uber and pirate bay (Score 1) 47

Jaywalking isn't illegal anywhere in the world. Illegally crossing the street is against the law in some places. And jaywalking is a term some people use to describe illegal crossing of the street.

Yes that matters in law. If everyone tomorrow were to call murder "ham sandwich" Then giving someone a "ham sandwich" would be illegal, but it wouldn't be illegal to give someone a sandwich made of ham. What people call the illegal act has no bearing on the legality of something that sounds similar to the common term for an illegal act.

Comment Re:Hydro = from the sun (Score 1) 161

Change the building codes to require PV on every roof, and we'd power the country. Add in grid solar for night, and you can run the US off 100% solar without a problem(other than cost) but the cost is only bad because it's a lump. Spread the cost over the lifetime of a power plant, and rooftop PV is cheaper than coal.

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