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Comment Re:A first-tier IT help desk person thought of thi (Score 1) 155

Compared to smell or sound, sight is easily controlled. You simply need to control photons in the room. Since the human body doesn't generate photons you only need to control for external sources. With both smell and sound the human body is capable of generating these stimuli on its own.

Comment Re: Ban all NUKES NOW - accident waiting to happen (Score 1) 165

U-236 undergoes alpha decay. Alpha radiation has such a low penetration power that your bare dead surface skin is usually enough to block the radiation from causing you harm. You have to ingest the material for it to be a radiation risk.

The only thing I know of that has a kill time close to 5 minutes is the elephant's foot in the Chernobyl reactor building, certainly nothing close to a hospital. Shortly after the time of its formation the highest contributors to its radioactivity were a lot of isotopes with shorter half lifes, typically under 30 years. That lump has already lost over half it's radioactivity from it's formation.

Comment Re: Ban all NUKES NOW - accident waiting to happen (Score 2) 165

Thyroid cancer in these individuals is caused by iodine-131 that was absorbed by the thyroid shortly after the Chernobyl incident. Anyone who is wearing a Chernobyl necklace was exposed to fallout within mostly the first eight days after the incident or to put it another way anyone who was in the area of fallout after May 5th, 1986 is unlikely to wear one.

Your statement is rather pointless as it does nothing to refute his point regarding long term habitation in the area post accident.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it.... (Score 1) 52

I personally only consider the first one a cure. Under the second definition you are still negatively impacted by the disease which is, to me, a perversion of the term cure. You may not be at risk of death or injury from the disease but your life is still negatively impacted by the disease by requiring you to upkeep treatment in order to avoid the death or injury.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it.... (Score 2) 52

The radiation therapy for the blood cancer kills off most of the marrow cells but not all of them. The remaining living cells could still harbor the HIV virus. They were unsure if the HIV was eradicated because the donation occurred and the donor's T-cells attacked the hosts marrow eradicating hiding places for HIV or if it was because the donor's T-Cell were mutated in a way that made them resistant to HIV. The radiation played a part but undoubtedly the transplant was the reason for it.

While it is a treatment that has cured someone of HIV. I don't personally consider it a cure because you're just removing the diseased region. For comparison, if I had skin cancer on my left forearm I'm not "cured" of it if I amputate my left arm.

It's great that this guy is cured of HIV but they need to find out if it was a mutation in the donor or the donation itself and even then it's not a cure as long as it's reliant on donors because the number of people that can be cured is going to be smaller than the total pool of HIV infected individuals. We need to be able to synthesize the cure so that it can be distributed to most of the victims.

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