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Comment: Re:Didn't it include SecuROM in the first place? (Score 1) 223

by Talderas (#47556163) Attached to: Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM

Well, I'm guessing you don't know the offer they're making. You can get The Sims 2 free if you enter a promotional code (which is only good for one week) when purchasing The Sims 2 in Origin. So the copy of the game is simultaneously available for $X and $0 depending on whether you enter that code. It doesn't make sense to re-engineer it out, when the same copy is being distributed to people using the code and people not using the code and the code will become invalid in August.

Comment: Re:Anybody know? (Score 2) 223

by Talderas (#47556129) Attached to: Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM

No. ESPESCIALLY for free games. Why add copy protection to free stuff anyway? It's free to begin with! No one needs or wants to "pirate" it. Unless of course you need a "pirated" copy of the game to keep the negative SecuROM effects from your system.

Because everyone and their mother didn't pay attention to what actually happened. EA provides The Sims 2 through Origin at a cost. They are currently giving copies of the game away, through Origin, if you use a redemption code which is only valid through July 31st. After that date, you will have to go back to paying for the game if you want to acquire it. You could also acquire the game right now without the redemption code, you'll just have to pay for it. So the game isn't permanently free, it's temporarily free, and it's using the exact same distribution method and version that the not-free version of The Sims 2 uses.

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I'm pretty sure this wasn't a stewardess. The guy is a preferred business customer so he gets to board before everyone else as would be marked on his ticket. His children were not and were supposed to board with their boarding group. Previously, other boarding agents had permitted him to board the plane with the preferred business customers and have his children board at the same time. This time the boarding agent didn't allow him.

So I'm pretty sure Kimberly S. was not a stewardess and in fact was a boarding agent. So the whole "not speaking to you during the flight" bit is completely off.

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I have very small cataracts forming and my family has a history of cataracts. I could go for the cosmetic surgury now, but the cataracts are still likely to form. I could wait until those form then get a non-cosmetic lens replacement surgery. Granted, that won't likely happen at least for another 30 years so it might still be worth it but that is one reason to consider not getting lasik.

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It means the use a droplet that forces your pupils to dilate wide open. Normally your pupil isn't dilated very much unless it's dark and if a bright light would be shown in your eyes it will contract and narrow. The dilation allows them to widen your pupils while still using a bright like which allows them to see far more of the inside of your eye.

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What exactly are they supposed to offer?

There's two concessions that would grease the wheels to allow peace to happen. Either Hamas is barred from any government capacity in Palestine or Hamas recognizes Israel's right to exist. Barring either of those concessions, any cease fire will only last until something else relights the powderkeg. You cannot negotiate with a party that doesn't recognize your existence unless you have leaders in that party that can see the forest for the trees like Anwar Sadat following the Yom Kippur War who was, incidentally, assassinated by Islamic jihadists for signing peace with Israel. That peace treaty also lead to Egypt getting kicked out of the Arab league until 1989.

Israel has demonstrated in the past that it wants peace. It has removed Israeli settlers from Gaza, forceibly. It returned the entire Sinai pennisula to Egypt once the peace treaty following the Yom Kippur War was concluded. However that requires that the other party will engage honestly in negotiations that are seeking lasting peace. I cannot honestly say that will ever occur with Hamas.

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Okay, let's go with that. Netflix is throttling it's own traffic. Verizon can't control where the traffic is coming in. Netflix chooses which provider it sends out its traffic. It could engage in load balancing among multiple providers, like other CDNs, so that all it's traffic isn't going out across one provider.

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