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Comment: Re:Why is a robot different from any other machine (Score 1) 313 313

It wouldn't cost much money at all. In fact a number of industrial machines where the users need to get to an area that can be dangerous during operation to load or unload the device can use a simple visual sensor and mirror to detect if any object has entered the enclosed area and require a button on a control panel outside the area to be pressed to resume operation. I'd be surprised if the manufacturers of equipment don't include it or something like it as a standard safety feature. Our laser cutters use it. It's simple and effective to ensure that no humans are in the enclosure during operation but it also may not be effective or work depending on how and what types of maintenance needs to be performed. In the case cited by the article this was a repairman or machinist doing something to the robot that was outside what a standard employee would be subjected to.

Comment: Re:Altough I agree (Score 1) 61 61

It doesn't seem like Microsoft is selling Bing Maps to Uber only some of the underlying tech. I imagine Uber has been courting both MS and Google trying to get some sort of map technology for their business. It's a great business decision on MS's part. There's a high probability what they're selling is not at all risky for Microsoft and they may have also be receiving up front payment which puts the government threat to Uber as a non-factor.

Comment: Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 326 326

Self-insurance will require that some amount is set aside and cannot be touched thus it will be available should the insurance be required. This means you're locking up a sizeable amount of your assets where you can't get access to them. The people that can afford to self insure are not the majority of Uber drivers.

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