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Comment Re:5% (Score 1) 366

To explain my comment.

Under no wind conditions you could expect a lighter plane to be travelling at 40mph when it takes off. It'll takeoff off after 200ft of runway. It will rise to an altitude of 101ft after 1000ft. Providing a 10mph headwind means it will have a ground speed of 30mph (-10mph), require 138ft of runway to takeoff (-62ft), and have an altitude of 140ft (+39ft) after 1000ft. Adding a 10mph tailwind would mean the plane will have a ground speed of 50mp (+10mph), require 384ft of runway to takeoff (+184ft), and have an altitude of 64ft (-35ft) after travelling 1000ft.

Comment Re:Why (Score 1) 965

France was increasing isolated leading up to WW2. Her allies from the first world war were gone (Russia), under new management (Italy), living in isolation (USA), or not really opposing Germany all that much (Britain). The few nations that could support her (Belgium, Netherlands) were not the strongest allies. She was isolated on mainland Europe and consequently began shifting from a peacekeeping view to a defensive view. Instead of smacking down Germany when she reoccupied the Rheinland, the Anschluss, or the occupation of Czechoslovakia, France instead built the Maginot Line and waited.

At that time the French army had more men and equipment than the Germans. They would have steamrolled them. Instead they did nothing because Britain wasn't going to make a commitment, like they never really did in the past.

Comment Re:Mixed (Score 1) 350

There's plenty of bad driving habits in the midwest. The major ones I see on my commute are failure to leave adequate space between you and the car ahead of you which mostly manifests as either tailgating or making failing to yield to merging traffic. Then there's also the people that fail to signal before changing lanes.

Comment Re:Mixed (Score 1) 350

Speedometers have 1-5% tolerance up or down when maintained within factory specs. So if the car says 50 mph you can be going anywhere from 47.5-52.5 mph. Once the vehicle is modified then the speedometer would need to be recalibrated and the most common way that people modify the vehicle, unwittingly, is to change the size of tires they use.

Increase the diameter of your tired and you increase the distance covered by each turn of the axle causing your actual speed to increase above what the speedometer will read. Add the standard 1-5% drift on top of that.

Comment Re:Not the same problem as most of the duplicates. (Score 1) 214

You've incorrectly parsed the summary. There's two stories in the summary. The first is about the rare incident where two people were issued the same SSN. The second story is about how 40,000,000 SSNs are associated with multiple people which the vast majority are either due to name changes or illegal immigrants using someone else's SSN to file employment paperwork.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 125

What went on in that case was the employee took the roster information that was being submitted in aggregate and used that to submit an idealized roster at the competitor. It is insider trading as the information that was relied upon for creating a roster was data that wasn't available to the vast majority of participants.

Comment Re:It's either that... (Score 5, Informative) 289

6 Vostok (0 fatalities) [0%]
2 Voskhod (0 fatalities) [0%]
127 Soyuz (4 fatalities - 2 missions) [1.575%]
135 missions - 2 incidents [1.481%]

6 Mercury (0 fatalities) [0%]
10 Gemini (0 fatalities) [0%]
11 Apollo (0 fatalities) [0%]
135 Shuttle (14 fatalities - 2 missions) [1.481%]
162 missions - 2 incidents [1.235%]

Apollo 1 falls under the test/training mission and was never a flight.

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