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Comment Re:Makes sense to me. (Score 1) 223

I believe Tesla can do just fine if they are producing a pickup truck for non-commercial usage or they build a crossover or SUV as they'll have far more flexibility in their design and engineering which is an advantage to them whenever they can sell the vehicle to the customer as is without the customer needing any further alterations which will encompass practically all non-commercial purchasers. I question their ability to crack into the commercial truck market because they're facing brand loyalty and price competition and to put a bit of pain to it there's a support network for the commercial truck business that is sensitive to the nuances in the engineering in cab and chassis of pickups. Tesla will have to conform to the dimensions utilized by the big manufacturers if they want that support network to be able to be utilized because they cannot reasonably expect those suppliers to produce equipment for Tesla vehicles at a price that is going to be palatable to commercial purchasers. It's a situation that could stick them into a following position whether than a leading position which could cause them to bring vehicles to market later making it more difficult to secure commercial sales.

Believe me, I would love for Tesla to become a player in the commercial truck business as it would be very helpful for my personal life. My suspicion is that Musk is talking about heavy trucks that exceed 10,000 GVW where the bodies are primarily cargo hauling flatbed or box trailers/trucks or lighter GVW box trucks if those even exist.

Comment Re:What Type of Truck? (Score 1) 223

Pickup buyers are not going to go electric, it's not in their DNA.

A pair of questions. Who do you think is responsible for the majority of purchases of pickup trucks? What if I told you that I know a buyer that was buying so many pickup trucks that GM had to tell them that they could only manufacture a portion of the order?

Comment Re:What Type of Truck? (Score 2) 223

I know of a company with a large fleet of pickup trucks that had placed an order for GMC trucks, four digit quantity, which GMC said the volume was too high for them to fill, by about 700 trucks. That company then went and bought the other 700 from Ford and that was a single year's order. That's the market and the reason why pickup trucks are the best selling vehicles. It's not individuals that are purchasing, it's companies with significant fleets and that's because there's this huge aftermarket for pickup trucks that involve modifying the truck, typically by removing the standard bed body and placing a different body with the cab and chassis and the trucks from each of the manufacturers are just different enough that those bodies are not universal to the truck.

You're probably right that the pickup truck is probably not what he's talking about. Tesla could trivially break into the consumer market for it but there's the huge support network build around Ford, GMC, Toyota, Chrysler, etc that Tesla simply doesn't have when it comes to aftermarket unless they engineer their vehicles to have the same fittings as, for example, a F150 and consequently can utilize Knapheid service bodies for the F150. When you get into larger trucks, where International is the big player, you'll find that the bodies are more custom in their approach, since International typically only builds a cab and chassis, so that's a bit easier for Tesla to break into.

Comment Re: Paper doesn't account for successful theories (Score 4, Informative) 303

Fortitude is an interesting topic and I would recommend that you read up on it. The operation as a whole encompassed far more deception than was required, which was an unknown fact at the time, but it was two primary factors that contributed to its success. The first was the double cross system. The Brits didn't know that they had acquired every German agent in the country and closely linked to this was the intelligence sent back to the Germans via Garbo, Brutus, and Tricycle (predominantly) was given a very high level of trust especially so in the case of Garbo since they had created a fictitious network of agents working underneath him in order to give reason for the information Garbo was providing. This aided the double cross system as it discouraged the Germans from attempting to infiltrate more agents due to the Garbo network being so good. His network did include informants and sources that were situated in headquarters. The second major factor was that German reconnaissance was poor. The British had expected that the Germans would perform far more aerial reconnaissance than they did in order to verify the radio traffic they were performing as well as the intelligence received via double cross agents. Their visual reconnaissance was almost entirely limited to places where they could observe the British coast from across the channel. The Germans trusted their sources but rarely ever verified them.

Comment Re:Trend? (Score 1) 232

You want to make anything an actor interacts with as real as possible. I still think that Farscape really showcases just how much of a better performance you get out of actors when dealing with decidedly non-human creatures that cannot use makeup and costumes to create. There is an attachment that you can find between the crew of Moya and the Rygel / Pilot puppets that you simply could not replicate with a CGI creature.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 4, Insightful) 232

Who knew the Jim Henson company was right. Well, practically anyone who paid even the slightest amount of attention. CGI is fine when it's used to touch up or create things you can't reasonable do with practical applications but when you have the actors interact with the creature in question you want something that is adequate for the actor to act with. Ian McKellen interacted with a ball hanging from a stick when dealing with the Balrog in Fellowship.

I will say that Farscape was probably one of the best examples of why you want puppets or animatronics for your non-human entities rather than CGI. You can see so many more levels of interaction between the cast and Rygel and Pilot. The cast could not only touch pilot but could interact and emote with pilot in ways that would seem far less believable if it were CGI. This is what helped bring these two characters to life. The actors were able to react in believable ways so not only were we subjected to the persona of the puppets we were also subjected to how the non-puppet characters reacted to the puppet characters. Life was given.

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