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Comment Re:What is this Kindle you speak of? (Score 2) 140

I have a Kindle Paperwhite 2 and I love the new upgrade. Not noticed changes to that font, but I only use Bookerly. The UI changed with this release; options like airplane mode is easier to get to, and everything looks more modern and less boring, without a single negative change to the important thing; reading books. Goodreads integration so it's easy to track what you're reading, have read and will read. It sucks if people are having problems reading a particular font but you can inject fonts into books if you like.

You probably can't get this upgrade if your kindle is that old. I upgraded from one bought around the same time to the PW2 just for the built in light, but between that, the touch screen and the new fonts it's a totally different device.

Comment Re:Why Ubuntu (Score 1) 58

I looked at debian and it looks tedious to install and i decided i could if i devoted time and energy to the project i could probably install it but would rather just install ubuntu and get on with it.

Mint is ok and i used it until I got fed up with the lack of support; it's easier to get help when you have ubuntu; also, when you install ubuntu you don't immediately get errors due to poorly configured software before you've even finished logging it. Unity may be shit but at the end of the day I'm not going to be spending a lot of time fucking around with the ui; as long as i can launch apps i'm happy.

Comment Re:Battery (Score 1) 92

You're missing out on a lot of really good phones if that's your main criteria. I've had my z3 for 18 months and it's great. I'm sure i'll get another phone in the next couple of years and this'll probably still be working then. Not sure what I could have got instead that has a replaceable battery. Why is it important? Have you had a lot of problems with batteries in the past?

Comment Re:SSD (Score 0) 92

One thing nobody wants is a microsoft tablet. I know they've put loads of effort into building and flogging them but were they to ever take off it would be despite, not because, of windows. Windows is that awful thing you used to have on your pc before you got a tablet, or that you're forced to use at work.

Comment Drivers are a massive issue for older computers (Score 2) 573

I've had a couple of family members bring me their laptops with Windows 10 issues. While I'm for people learning about their own computers and taking decisive actions, but the current Windows 10 upgrade push is irresponsible. From Microsoft's perspective things are looking great if this works. More people will be on the later versions of Windows. Great for them.

But this push is advertised to EVERYONE, regardless of hardware age. So that older Toshiba laptop gets an upgrade courtesy of grandma pushing yes to the Windows 10 prompt. Everything installs correctly until a week down the track when there's obviously something wrong with the NVidia drivers, or the bluetooth stack. Head off to the Toshiba support site to grab drivers and only 8.1 is supported with NO intention of providing anything later. And they aggressively version check in the setup, so a very manual installation is required. Same goes for HP.

While I think it's great getting everyone on a level playing field. I think they really should make sure that the hardware is supported by the vendors before recommending the upgrade.

Comment Re:What would they expect him to do? (Score 1) 186

" As can be seen, I'm not too impressed with how the money is being spent as well since I think better uses of that money could be used."

I? Who are you? They're doing fine, aren't they? Popular site, not in danger of going away soon? I mean, i'm sure if you have any good ideas they'd love to hear from you.

Comment Re:This is crazy... (Score 1) 301

"Then they tell you the same thing is not a crime if you do it in order to catch other people doing it. So, is it a crime or isn't it? I don't know of another crime that it is OK to "perform" if you're "the good guy"..."

An odd argument. You can't speed on the roads but the police can, to catch criminals. You can't place people into rooms and not let them out, but the police can when they've "arrested" someone. You can't own a gun (in the uk, with very few exceptions) but the police can.

In summary, your argument needs a little work.

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