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Comment Re:A free search engine (Score -1, Troll) 143

Just India copying what other countries do. Space program - we'll have that. EU investigation into search engine ordering - done.

Not sure which country they're copying the "some guy did something wrong* so we'll sentence two of his sisters to being gang raped as a form of justice" thing from though. I suppose they have some originality after all. It's certainly a very very cheap way of running a legal system.

*Just kidding; he did nothing wrong.

Comment Re: Android still sucks (Score 1) 80

Black screen for a bunch of seconds = slow, cheap phone, or faulty phone, or you're hovering over the presence detect and it's blanking the screen because it thinks it's your ear near the phone during a call and doesn't want you pressing buttons with it by accident.

Comment Get a gun (Score 1) 100

This only works if someone has your PIN and a gun, and you don't have a gun. If they don't have a gun and that use this to get your PIN and then they tell you to give you your card, you just shoot them in the neck, make an ironic comment about them not needing your PIN, and go home. If they've got a gun and you haven't, then you're giving them the card and PIN anyway. There's like no scenario when you need to breath on the keys, press extra ones etc.

Comment Re: WONTFIX (Score 1) 378

Does that scale? Sounds like a lot of non-productive typing to me. I think it's fair to expect Steam users to have enough technical experience or nous to understand that not every last wishlist item gets an essay or even a single sentence. At least they got a response and know that someone at least considered it.

Comment Re: no support for me either ... (Score 1) 54

But why can't they update *everything* using it? If they can't, why can't they introduce such a feature? Microsoft can update everything on their patch-tuesdays updates. Why can't Google? Google knows how broken and hopeless the upgrade situation is with android. Fewer than 1% are on the latest version (5.1) and most are on a 2+ year old version. Can you imagine the response if Microsoft said only users of Windows 10 were going to get security fixes when everyone's on xp and 7?

Comment Re: Oracle's monopoly? (Score 1) 457

Why didn't Google leave Java as soon as this lawsuit kicked off? Just move to some other language, or provide some wrapper around c++ to keep the noobs happy. We'd be 3 years further along now. Must be galling for anyone at Google to see the "3 billion devices run java" splash screen when over a third of those are android devices they're getting sued over.

Comment Re: YES (Score 1) 141

It's money, isn't it. "Why do you want to work here?". Money. Slightly different problems elsewhere. I'll move when it gets bad enough here. Sometimes it's funny watching management fail, too. Hey, they're paid more than me, and they're fucking stupid as shit. Yes, back in the day I raised concerns but.. You know... Management knows best. I'm not passionate about whatever the company I'm currently paid by happens to produce. What would be the odds of that? It's just a job.

Comment Re: no support for me either ... (Score 1) 54

Can't they use Google Play Services to roll out a fix to the various files which make up Android? If not, shouldn't such a tool be part of the next fix they roll out? Is there some problem - security or other- to adding/changing/removing system files, assuming the operation/process is signed?

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