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Comment Re:This is really wierd (Score 3, Insightful) 184

Dude, a million+ people have died in Iraq alone as a result of Bush's invasion. All the key isis people are ex-iraqis, recruiting younger, dimmer but more excitable people from everywhere else. That's what's manufactured this situation. Not a few websites. Watch "four lions" - the fuckers are everywhere.

Comment Re:Too little too late (Score 1) 199

Sadly, chrome on android doesn't support plugins. What, i'm going to look at ads, suffer trackers and run whatever javascript any twat wants me to? No, that's not for me, thanks. The "chrome is fast" this is old, too. Used to be relevant, when all other browsers were slow, sucky pieces of shit but they've upped their game. Is chrome still the fastest? Don't care - firefox is plenty fast enough.

Comment Re:Can someone explain (Score 1) 109

She used a tool which lets you interrogate the fields which were added to the jpeg format when it was designed so that she could see the information stored in the jpeg format and now she's revealing that people store information in those fields.

Fuck me, I have no idea what goes through the minds of the people deciding what to post on this site.

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