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Comment Drivers are a massive issue for older computers (Score 2) 581

I've had a couple of family members bring me their laptops with Windows 10 issues. While I'm for people learning about their own computers and taking decisive actions, but the current Windows 10 upgrade push is irresponsible. From Microsoft's perspective things are looking great if this works. More people will be on the later versions of Windows. Great for them.

But this push is advertised to EVERYONE, regardless of hardware age. So that older Toshiba laptop gets an upgrade courtesy of grandma pushing yes to the Windows 10 prompt. Everything installs correctly until a week down the track when there's obviously something wrong with the NVidia drivers, or the bluetooth stack. Head off to the Toshiba support site to grab drivers and only 8.1 is supported with NO intention of providing anything later. And they aggressively version check in the setup, so a very manual installation is required. Same goes for HP.

While I think it's great getting everyone on a level playing field. I think they really should make sure that the hardware is supported by the vendors before recommending the upgrade.

Comment Re: Keyboard (Score 1) 216

Frustrating. I had to setup a friends iPad to connect to a network, couldn't easily tell if I was typing upper-case or lower-case for each character. Took a couple of attempts before realising that the keys don't change case on the screen keyboard.

Comment Re:Off-site backups and Plex (Score 1) 268

This is a great solution. I'd have to add that Plex supports sync into whatever cloud system you have as well. You select which content you want duplicated and it takes care of the rest.

I did the same as the original poster, converting lots of VHS and other dead media as best I could. Installing Sickbeard, NZBGet, Couch Potato, Headphones and a torrent server it's become quite a thing to behold. Using Plex with a couple of Chromecasts around the house really makes things easy. Chromecast and Plex get along with each other in a brilliant way. Best $35 ever spent. Even with the Netflix, HBO Go, iPlayer and a ton of other apps that just work.

Comment Apple KNOWS what its users want (Score 3, Funny) 610

They know that ALL their users are U2 fans. Every. Single. One.

And from this point on, if someone says they bought an iPhone you can say to their face that they are U2 fans, even if they deny it. Because Apple SAYS they are U2 fans, and to them that is the word of their god.

Comment Re:Why are these numbers stored? (Score 1) 117

Exactly, there's no law to prohibit anyone from storing CC information, just a strong suggestion not to. Best practice preaches PCI/DSS compliance, but really it's the CC schemes that are broken. The schemes represent a compromise between convenience and 'security'. Here's an interesting Twitter stream: Need A Debit Card?, some even post photographs of both sides of the card and then wonder why their accounts are empty.

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