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Comment Re:probably, detects superheterodyne stage (Score 1) 42

Hmmm, so no building a stealthy detector this way.

Is it theoretically possible to capture a larger bandwidth using SDR, with oscillator freq far away so not to be detected, then doing a FFT on it to isolate police radar?

In my excuse if I make no sense, last I studied radio communication was 2 decades ago in engg, went down to software development and never looked back.

Comment Question: Evading Police radar-detector-detector? (Score 2) 42

Where I live, radar detectors are illegal.

Naturally, police have Radar detector-detector built into their radars, and I know of one confirmed case where a friend visiting out of state got caught with his radar detector.

So, can a radar detector built out of SDR/GNU Radio be detected? Hypothetically of coarse.

Comment Re:Still readily available in Canada (Score 2) 310

1. All of them AFAIK. Tylenol has different formulas, some with pseudoephedrine and some with phenelyphrine (look at the ingredients list to tell the difference). Benelyn, Advil, Buckley's, and the store generic brands seem to all be pseudoephedrine.

2. Most pharmacies around here also carry straight pseudoephedrine tablets. They're behind the counter, but you just ask for it, no ID needed (I'm not sure if there's any kind of limit on purchases, as I've never needed more than the one pack at a time). Comes in packs of twelve 120mg tablets and is good for about 12 hours. These are my go to decongestant.

Comment Geologic time (Score 1) 142

The age of the Earth (and presumably Vanus) is about 4.5 billion years. 100 million years is about 2.2% of that. An event that takes 100 million years could happen 45 times in the Earth's lifetime. If it were a day, this would be about a half hour lunch. So more of a moderate length of time, geologically.

Compare it to what the Earth looked like 100 million years ago.

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