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Comment Checked exceptions as API (Score 1) 262

Checked exceptions are probably better viewed as part of a the API, in the sense that if exceptions didn't exist, these would be implemented as return parameters, which you would also have to declare and either check, or pass to the calling code.

Maybe all exceptions should have been checked, but the difference (not always followed) is that checked exceptions are supposed to be for things the deployed program or user has some control over (missing file, sleep interrupted - that is, things you should plausibly expect to happen), and unchecked exceptions are for bugs or uncontrollable things (NULL, out of memory - bugs you should have fixed, or can't expect). In other words, handling checked exceptions should be as natural as checking to see if fopen returned NULL in C.

Not done as consistently as it should have been in Java though. Made them confusing, inconsistent, and irritating to a lot of people who just decided checked exceptions were wrong rather than misimplemented (similar: operator overload abuse makes many people dislike the entire idea).

Comment The software generation (Score 1) 320

The big advance of the F-35 isn't the physical capabilities. Jet fighters have reached the limits of what humans inside can endure a while ago. It's basically a refinement to (theoretically) lower costs and maintenance, and expand range.

The big thing is the software, which is supposed to give the pilots an unmatched situational awareness, and ability to respond. Metaphorically it's supposed to be like being surrounded by a mob wearing masks with tiny eye slits looking around for other people around them, while you can just see them all. Probably not actually like that, but that's the idea.

to give a historical example of how this is important, you can compare the MIG-29 to something like an F-16 or F-18. The MIG is physically superior in some ways, but was designed for "dumb" pilots to follow real-time orders from ground based radar and controllers, so the pilots can't get a good idea of what's around them. When Germany reunified, they had plenty of MIG 29s in the air force, but got rid of them for this reason - they just crippled the pilots too much, and upgrading the avionics would have cost more than new planes (the Eurofighter Typhoon, which has similarly advanced software).

I think starting with the current batch of planes, you're not going to see vastly improved physical capabilities, so they'll seem boring, in the same way that all modern mobile phones look like boring, featureless rectangles.

Comment They Never thought he had a bomb... (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Read this somewhere, humor with a hint of truth (and I paraphrase):

Girl: They thought he had a bomb
Guy: No they didn't think he had a bomb
Girl: Yes they did
They didn't evacuate the school like you would if he had a bomb.
They didn't call bomb squad like you would if he had a bomb.
They took pictures of the contraption which you wouldn't have time for if it was a bomb.
They put the contraption in a cop car which you wouldn't do if he had a bomb.

They didn't think it was a bomb.

Comment Germany vs. Russia (Score 1) 258

80% of German casualties were against the USSR. And they were the ones that made it to Berlin. Once Stalin stopped interfering and let the Generals run the war, either Germany would have lost, or would have had to withdraw from all other fronts anyway and didn't have the resources for a sustained war against Russia, and would have lost (surrendered or negotiated a truce). The Allies just shortened it (not a small accomplishment though).

Comment Automation or not (Score 1) 1291

The economy has a lot of feedback which makes it hard to model. But the unemployment problem from automation is not the result of automation itself. Generally, long term, automation may eliminate jobs, but that's because it's cheaper. This means savings for the rest of the economy, so other things become cheaper, to varying degrees. Some number of things pass an affordability threshold, and become more popular, leading to some booming sectors, which need people, and employment rises to a stable level again.

The two main problems are: Short term, the interim change isn't good for those unemployed - a big disruption until replacement employment is available. And the rich and powerful changing the system to benefit themselves over the rest, which is independent of the automation, but they can certainly use it for leverage. It's the system changing for the rich that's the main cause of the income disparity and wage stagnation lately.

Basically, feudalism is inherent in human activity (based on ratio of people who's desire is productive work vs. wealth accumulation, the accumulators spend more time on it), unless some system of governance modifies it to benefit more people (usually government, but could be consumer activism, unions, the press, violent mobs, or just smart rich people who know better).

When technology changes quickly, a lot of short term unemployment disruptions can build up into what seems to be a long term problem. Government can (and should) help with that too, but it's not yet clear that it'll become a long term problem.

Comment Love my Android but... (Score 2) 174

I have never owned an iOS device, in fact I stick to Nexus devices with a 3 month S4 stint few years back.

I still don't want to move to iOS, but I am pissed at the android manufacturers.

Why can't they give me better battery life, LG G4 has a 3000mah battery, iPhone 6 has 1810mah, then how the hell does it manage to last longer than the G4.

Fortunately Camera's are starting to compete and exceed, but the battery life still sucks.

Yes, I know the android's do more, the services from different apps keep running, but thats the wrong design IMO. All apps should rely on push from servers which Google should take ownership, how it will work in the most efficient way.

So basically, few years of nexus from one to 5 and a few tablets like 7 and 10, I am at a loss.

Wife has the iPhone, and clearly, I don't like what I see there and the Android guys haven't got their act together where they can give me a price/feature benefit as well as a device "better" in all respects to iPhone, which fortunately ot unfortunately is still the king.

Comment Re:Arrogance? (Score -1, Troll) 867

Its not like they are installing it. Its just downloaded and you can always remove it by saying you don't want Windows 10.

I found it rather handy, an icon says windows 10 is ready for install, and it installs if you so choose to. In fact, on my laptop, which often stays turned off, I decided I like Windows 10 and want it there too, since the laptop stays off, it downloaded for a few days before I could install/upgrade it

The experience on my desktop was much smoother.

And no, its not at all like Apple/U2, there you had it forced, here it stays dormant unless you decide to either install it or not.

Comment What IED? (Score 1) 87

I'm constantly dismayed when terms get misused to the point that they lose their original meaning, but the culprits are usually people wanting to use words they don't quite understand to look smarter than they are. Your sentence "Hayabusa 2 is carrying [...] an IED meant to blow a hole [...]" is an example - do you actually know what the "I" in "IED" stands for? Hint: if it's carefully designed, it's not improvised.

Sadly, most things called IEDs aren't particularly improvised either, they're just "ED"s - or as they used to call them, "bombs".

Comment Was your stethoscope 3D printed in Gaza? (Score 3) 54

It seems there are a lot of restrictions on what can be imported into gaza as there is a risk technologies might fall into terrorist hands and used for nefarious purpose. Under this, is it really possible to import a 3D printer into gaza for such tasks?

Comment Re:Consoles and couches (Score 1) 147

What halo provides is a level playing field where average Jor can turn on and start playing, no fiddling with PC configuration, no over clocking, just simply powering up of an appliance.

PCs with K+M provide better gaming experience much in the same way as a personal helicopter commute would be so much better compared to public transit or cars.

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