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Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 165

As a java developer, working on java from JDK 1.0,

This is a long time coming, Java is now mostly used on large server side projects. Its driving the Big Data revolution with technologies like Apache Spark. Running countless servers on Tomcat and/or Spring containers.

Oracle is not wrong in discontinuing the browser plugin. They should have done it with JDK 5

Comment Re:SIgh... (Score 1) 177

i have been flying drones, half a geek can build drones that avoid collisions, auto land using laser range finders or sonars. And this is open source stuff that few hobbyist put together, no where near the kind of effort apache or linux put in.

So I think its fear mongering.

Further, all those news, I have always seen a commercial product from DJI etc, a bloke went and bought one from target. None were ever where hobbyist who have made there own drones. They are more responsible, know the rules and play within it.

Comment Re:Scam (Score 1) 702

No, the Canadian nickel hasn't been solid nickel for decades. It switched to 75-25 copper-nickel in 1982, and then to nickel-plated steel in 2000.

With the exception of the centre of the toonie, all current Canadian coinage is steel coated in nickel with some whizz-bang patented multi-ply plating process to make counterfeiting difficult.

Comment Re:probably, detects superheterodyne stage (Score 1) 42

Hmmm, so no building a stealthy detector this way.

Is it theoretically possible to capture a larger bandwidth using SDR, with oscillator freq far away so not to be detected, then doing a FFT on it to isolate police radar?

In my excuse if I make no sense, last I studied radio communication was 2 decades ago in engg, went down to software development and never looked back.

Comment Question: Evading Police radar-detector-detector? (Score 2) 42

Where I live, radar detectors are illegal.

Naturally, police have Radar detector-detector built into their radars, and I know of one confirmed case where a friend visiting out of state got caught with his radar detector.

So, can a radar detector built out of SDR/GNU Radio be detected? Hypothetically of coarse.

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