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Comment: Re:Has anyone studied? (Score 1) 262

by compro01 (#49255701) Attached to: US Wind Power Is Expected To Double In the Next 5 Years

Voluntary birth control is only a temporary fix. I still see plenty of big families.

All those big families don't make up for the childless and one-child families. It's simply statistical reality.

Even with those large families, the USA is slightly below the replacement rate. According to the CIA World Factbook, The USA is sitting at about 2.01 births per woman. You need about 2.1 to keep the population constant. The only thing that is keeping population growth going is immigration.

And the almost all (France is an exception at 2.08) rest of the developed world is way the hell below that. Canada is sitting at 1.59 and the EU collectively is at 1.55. China is also sitting at 1.55, and Russia is at 1.61.

Comment: Re:System worked, then? (Score 1) 163

by compro01 (#49227549) Attached to: On the Dangers and Potential Abuses of DNA Familial Searching

Innocent people are inconvenienced and harassed all the time by unreliable evidence and eye witness testimony. Some are even convicted. The false positive rate for familial DNA is way down in the noise level. Why not point your outrage at the harassment of blacks on the streets of every major city.

Because unlike you, we have sufficient neural capacity to walk and chew gum at the same time and thus are also able to criticize police for multiple lousy practises at once.

Comment: Re:512 should still be too high a bar... (Score 2) 89

by compro01 (#49177725) Attached to: FREAK Attack Threatens SSL Clients

512 bits isn't a very high a bar anymore.

It took 6 months and 8000 MIPS-years to factor RSA-155 back in 1999.

According to Dhrystone, the CPU in the computer I'm typing this post on could do those 8000 MIPS-years in roughly 3 weeks and you could probably knock that down to less than a day if you brought the GPU into the matter, let alone something with some real oomph.

Comment: Re:Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 1) 241

by mrops (#49113379) Attached to: Al-Shabaab Video Threat Means Heightened Security at Mall of America

Speaking as a muslim, I do always condemn them.

Unfortunately, your logic is flawed, I live in North America, these people are killing muslims in their own countries. Those children that died when Taliban carried an attach on Peshawar school were all muslim's.

So its idiotic to think that these extremist will listen to me, who lives in Canada, shops in these malls and hell, condemn them every opportunity I get.

As a side note, heard an interview from a Taleban lunatic recently, you may not know, but he sounded like G.W.Bush, literally saying that you are either a Taleban or against them, which means you (me) a valid target.

So please, rest of muslim's are already with any other sane person and condemn them, vocally too. But you don't go out condemning every lunatic christian, nor will I, I have a 9-5 job, kids to look after. Medical appointments to meet and car to service. When was the last time you went to a street to protest, I never have, likely won't either. Those who understand this, I appreciate them, those who won't, I don't care.

Comment: Re:Dear Canada. (Score 2) 116

by compro01 (#49089661) Attached to: The Disastrous Privacy Consequences of Canada's Anti-Terrorism Bill

Now it's just a matter of getting the majority of Canadians to go "No I don't want this idiot again."

No, it's a matter of getting decidedly more than a majority to go like that. Harper got here with 39% of the vote, thanks to dirty tricks and this idiotic system of voting we're stuck with.

You'll need a large supermajority to get rid of him. The most recent projection shows he's still likely to form government with 32.9% of the vote.

Comment: Re:node is going away. (Score 1) 319

by mrops (#49082535) Attached to: Java Vs. Node.js: Epic Battle For Dev Mindshare

Being a Java Developer, I am biased. Java lets you do things, large projects, deliver goods that need to be delivered. Tons of developers and extremely good set of third party libraries. Complete technology stacks from the likes of Apache and Spring.

Tomcat is one such solution, Java has such a large open source momentum behind it that I can't imagine the problems you are describing are show stoppers, else someone would have fixed them.

Last I checked, Maven had 860,000 artifacts, hard for a language to become so large if it has glaring holes. Hard for people to submit that much open source code and not fix the issues you describe.

I guess I am one of a million qualified madmen you talk off, 9 out of 10 times a stack trace tells me what the issue is, so don't blame java because you don't know how to read a error log.

If you can't understand it, it is intuitively obvious.