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Comment Was your stethoscope 3D printed in Gaza? (Score 3) 54

It seems there are a lot of restrictions on what can be imported into gaza as there is a risk technologies might fall into terrorist hands and used for nefarious purpose. Under this, is it really possible to import a 3D printer into gaza for such tasks?

Comment Re:Consoles and couches (Score 1) 147

What halo provides is a level playing field where average Jor can turn on and start playing, no fiddling with PC configuration, no over clocking, just simply powering up of an appliance.

PCs with K+M provide better gaming experience much in the same way as a personal helicopter commute would be so much better compared to public transit or cars.

Comment Business not changed... (Score 1) 25

The crux of the media conglomerates problem is their greed. We all know that, stating the obvious here, but as technology changed, they wanted to keep the same price and increase their profits, no problem, we all want that. The only problem, profits need to be in line "value added" by them. Back through history, they had to manage physical media, record goes through manufacturing, distribution and advertisement. Now, its pretty much just advertisement. Even that is mostly online now, no more putting big posters throughout the country side. No more 60 feet across billboards, just and advert on a site.

So why is the cost still $50 for a bluray, I don't know. I just can't justify it, hell, there is so much more entertainment out there that I don't even bother downloading these movies, when I can grab a copy of GTA, Destiny, COD and have a much more engaging social entertainment with my friends spread across the world, why do I bother watching a movie at all. I mean a $0.99 game on app store provides orders of more entertainment than watching a movie.

Comment Re:Where are all the "moderate" Muslims? (Score 1) 241

Speaking as a muslim, I do always condemn them.

Unfortunately, your logic is flawed, I live in North America, these people are killing muslims in their own countries. Those children that died when Taliban carried an attach on Peshawar school were all muslim's.

So its idiotic to think that these extremist will listen to me, who lives in Canada, shops in these malls and hell, condemn them every opportunity I get.

As a side note, heard an interview from a Taleban lunatic recently, you may not know, but he sounded like G.W.Bush, literally saying that you are either a Taleban or against them, which means you (me) a valid target.

So please, rest of muslim's are already with any other sane person and condemn them, vocally too. But you don't go out condemning every lunatic christian, nor will I, I have a 9-5 job, kids to look after. Medical appointments to meet and car to service. When was the last time you went to a street to protest, I never have, likely won't either. Those who understand this, I appreciate them, those who won't, I don't care.

Comment Re:node is going away. (Score 1) 319

Being a Java Developer, I am biased. Java lets you do things, large projects, deliver goods that need to be delivered. Tons of developers and extremely good set of third party libraries. Complete technology stacks from the likes of Apache and Spring.

Tomcat is one such solution, Java has such a large open source momentum behind it that I can't imagine the problems you are describing are show stoppers, else someone would have fixed them.

Last I checked, Maven had 860,000 artifacts, hard for a language to become so large if it has glaring holes. Hard for people to submit that much open source code and not fix the issues you describe.

I guess I am one of a million qualified madmen you talk off, 9 out of 10 times a stack trace tells me what the issue is, so don't blame java because you don't know how to read a error log.

Comment Not just Russia.. its global internet isolation. (Score 1) 157

Resources have a way of not having boundaries, radio waves, land, water... and internet.

We have already put man made boundaries on other resources, so why not internet. It is just inevitable. The sad bit is that internet is not like land or water, there is abundance of it, unfortunately we just don't know how to handle abundance.

Comment Re:Why do we call remote quadrotors "drones"? (Score 1) 42

$1000 is way too much. I can build one for $300 that can take off, take (waypoint/altitude) mission off an Android device or PC (wireless). Navigate all on its own, trigger a few relays or servos (to do what ever) come back and land. Fly time around 17-20 minutes with a payload of 500g and a total weight of say 1.5 kg.

Comment Pizzo crystals (Score 1) 188

Looking at the pictures, I don't think it uses fins at all. I am guessing the bullet has pizzo crystals or some other material that changes dimension when electricity is applied. Put 3 such crystals so the bullet can itself bend and you essentially need a multicopter stabilizer modified to keep the bullet locked onto its target, much like how multicopters use gyros/accelerators to stay level, only the bullet is using feed from camera instead of gravity to stay level to the target.

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