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Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 165

As a java developer, working on java from JDK 1.0,

This is a long time coming, Java is now mostly used on large server side projects. Its driving the Big Data revolution with technologies like Apache Spark. Running countless servers on Tomcat and/or Spring containers.

Oracle is not wrong in discontinuing the browser plugin. They should have done it with JDK 5

Comment Re:SIgh... (Score 1) 177

i have been flying drones, half a geek can build drones that avoid collisions, auto land using laser range finders or sonars. And this is open source stuff that few hobbyist put together, no where near the kind of effort apache or linux put in.

So I think its fear mongering.

Further, all those news, I have always seen a commercial product from DJI etc, a bloke went and bought one from target. None were ever where hobbyist who have made there own drones. They are more responsible, know the rules and play within it.

Comment Re:probably, detects superheterodyne stage (Score 1) 42

Hmmm, so no building a stealthy detector this way.

Is it theoretically possible to capture a larger bandwidth using SDR, with oscillator freq far away so not to be detected, then doing a FFT on it to isolate police radar?

In my excuse if I make no sense, last I studied radio communication was 2 decades ago in engg, went down to software development and never looked back.

Comment Question: Evading Police radar-detector-detector? (Score 2) 42

Where I live, radar detectors are illegal.

Naturally, police have Radar detector-detector built into their radars, and I know of one confirmed case where a friend visiting out of state got caught with his radar detector.

So, can a radar detector built out of SDR/GNU Radio be detected? Hypothetically of coarse.

Comment They Never thought he had a bomb... (Score 4, Insightful) 361

Read this somewhere, humor with a hint of truth (and I paraphrase):

Girl: They thought he had a bomb
Guy: No they didn't think he had a bomb
Girl: Yes they did
They didn't evacuate the school like you would if he had a bomb.
They didn't call bomb squad like you would if he had a bomb.
They took pictures of the contraption which you wouldn't have time for if it was a bomb.
They put the contraption in a cop car which you wouldn't do if he had a bomb.

They didn't think it was a bomb.

Comment Love my Android but... (Score 2) 174

I have never owned an iOS device, in fact I stick to Nexus devices with a 3 month S4 stint few years back.

I still don't want to move to iOS, but I am pissed at the android manufacturers.

Why can't they give me better battery life, LG G4 has a 3000mah battery, iPhone 6 has 1810mah, then how the hell does it manage to last longer than the G4.

Fortunately Camera's are starting to compete and exceed, but the battery life still sucks.

Yes, I know the android's do more, the services from different apps keep running, but thats the wrong design IMO. All apps should rely on push from servers which Google should take ownership, how it will work in the most efficient way.

So basically, few years of nexus from one to 5 and a few tablets like 7 and 10, I am at a loss.

Wife has the iPhone, and clearly, I don't like what I see there and the Android guys haven't got their act together where they can give me a price/feature benefit as well as a device "better" in all respects to iPhone, which fortunately ot unfortunately is still the king.

Comment Re:Arrogance? (Score -1, Troll) 867

Its not like they are installing it. Its just downloaded and you can always remove it by saying you don't want Windows 10.

I found it rather handy, an icon says windows 10 is ready for install, and it installs if you so choose to. In fact, on my laptop, which often stays turned off, I decided I like Windows 10 and want it there too, since the laptop stays off, it downloaded for a few days before I could install/upgrade it

The experience on my desktop was much smoother.

And no, its not at all like Apple/U2, there you had it forced, here it stays dormant unless you decide to either install it or not.

Comment Re:Consoles and couches (Score 1) 147

What halo provides is a level playing field where average Jor can turn on and start playing, no fiddling with PC configuration, no over clocking, just simply powering up of an appliance.

PCs with K+M provide better gaming experience much in the same way as a personal helicopter commute would be so much better compared to public transit or cars.

Comment Business not changed... (Score 1) 25

The crux of the media conglomerates problem is their greed. We all know that, stating the obvious here, but as technology changed, they wanted to keep the same price and increase their profits, no problem, we all want that. The only problem, profits need to be in line "value added" by them. Back through history, they had to manage physical media, record goes through manufacturing, distribution and advertisement. Now, its pretty much just advertisement. Even that is mostly online now, no more putting big posters throughout the country side. No more 60 feet across billboards, just and advert on a site.

So why is the cost still $50 for a bluray, I don't know. I just can't justify it, hell, there is so much more entertainment out there that I don't even bother downloading these movies, when I can grab a copy of GTA, Destiny, COD and have a much more engaging social entertainment with my friends spread across the world, why do I bother watching a movie at all. I mean a $0.99 game on app store provides orders of more entertainment than watching a movie.

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