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Submission + - Simple, cheap drug holds cancer treatment promise

SoTerrified writes: A major breakthrough at the University of Alberta where it's been discovered that a drug already being used to treat mitochondrial diseases, also stops cancer growth. Early tests have been very successful. (Of 5 test subjects, 4 had cancer growth end, and 3 actually had tumors shrink.)

The most interesting part of the story is that the breakthrough was originally discovered in 2007, but tests have taken so long to advance because no one would profit. From the article "Michelakis notes that all of the studies they've undertaken thus far on DCA has come with the support of the University of Alberta and public donations. That's in part because DCA is a commonly available compound that is not patented or owned by any drug firm. Pharmaceutical companies have not been interested in funding further research on DCA since the treatment won't make them a profit."

The University of Alberta continues to solicit funds to advance the research on DCA. Anyone who would like to donate to the university's DCA Cancer Research Fund can can do so online, or by contacting the university's Faculty of Medicine.

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