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Comment: [meta] Yes, thank you (Score 3, Informative) 94

by pla (#49825401) Attached to: Cable Companies Hate Cord-Cutting, but It's Not Going Away (Video)
but running a text transcript that covers our 20+ minute conversation with SJVN. Is this is a good idea? Please let us know.

YES, thank you!

I can read all the transcripts I want at work, but unless the video starts with the Microsoft theme song and immediately proceeds to Mark Russanovich telling me how to make Windows its bitch, I'll pretty much never look at anything requiring sound.

Comment: Re:Polls on the Front page are stupid (Score 5, Interesting) 81

by pla (#49824061) Attached to: Enter the Polls! Now On the Front Page
That said, the front page also has a 'Video Bytes' line half way down full of crap, so I guess someone is really keen on killing the site.

This. I thought Slashdot had managed to break their CSS (again) when I first saw that abomination.

Serious "WTF" here, guys! Polls go in the sidebar, and videos go nowhere (or as links in the summaries, if absolutely necessary as a reference for the FP).

Comment: Re:Share your "encryption network" with Suckerberg (Score 1) 130

by grub (#49822071) Attached to: Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails
Anyone who encrypts mail to me does it from their own machines. This is for Facebook mail to you. If a user grabs your keys they can also send you mail directly without going through Facebook.

Facebook lets you control your public keys as if it were any other information: public, friends only, etc.

Comment: It took mine. (Score 1) 130

by grub (#49821015) Attached to: Facebook Now Supports PGP To Send You Encrypted Emails
Just added my keys. Not that I care about the notifications that "Billy scored X on Y Game", but anything that obfuscates and encrypts data on the wire is a good thing. It's not just the NSA, how many of you use gmail? This will keep them from scanning your mail.

>In fact I may enable a bunch more useless notifications and set up a rule to delete them at my end as they arrive.

Comment: How exactly does this work? (Score 1) 291

by pla (#49818617) Attached to: Netflix Is Experimenting With Advertising
Wait, so do they rip the DVD/BDs, add in some ads, then re-burn them?

Of course, I still wouldn't see them, since I rip them before watching specifically to remove the ads and "unskippable" bullshit, but...

Oh! Wait - This only affects people already happily paying for a lower qual*BUFFERING*ity product. Never mind, then - Carry on with your paid inferior YouTube clone. ;)

Comment: Re:A couple of things (Score 1) 539

-Keep every e-mail.

A follow-up to that - Document everything via email. Even that guy who does his damnedest to never go on the record with his requirements (and you'll meet plenty of them), summarize your conversation and email it to him for a yes/no confirmation that you understood his intent.

Of course, depending on who asks, this won't keep you from needing to fix other people's mistakes, but it can save your sanity, and possibly even your job, when Mr. Blowhard swears up and down that he told you X and you did Y.

Comment: Re: 1 thing (Score 1) 539

The obvious response to which is

... "No."

I don't provide useful information to my opponent in a negotiation, simple as that.

"Oh, come now, Mr. Jones, I see from your pay stubs that you can afford a much nicer car than that Fiesta - Sorry, I must insist you buy a Fusion or Taurus!".

Money cannot buy love, nor even friendship.