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Comment: Re:YouAreStupid (Score 1) 458

by somersault (#46140215) Attached to: Stephen Hawking: 'There Are No Black Holes'

How about you figure out how the creation even began if something didn't already exist? How about you explain to me that it makes more sense that whatever existed was already sentient, rather than gradually ordering itself out of disorder (ie, how we came to exist)? Saying "god did it" doesn't answer anything, it just adds another turtle.

Comment: Re:Better in theory than practice (Score 1) 156

That's part of the equation but it really is not the primary reason it has continued to fail. The primary reason is that this technology always has been a solution looking for a problem. It's neat but it doesn't really scratch an itch.

I remember similar things being said about tablet computing :) It doesn't particularly matter if it has "mass market" adoption anyway in the long run. As long as it becomes available to people like me who have been waiting for something that has "good enough" resolution and tracking, at a decent price, then it will have been worth it. I do think that there are a lot of gamers who would love this. Just look at how much the simple motion tracking on the first Wii changed the direction of console gaming.

I have peripherals like a steering wheel, nice joystick, drum kit etc which I generally leave in a corner because I can't be bothered setting it all up. But the fact remains that when I do set them up, they're very good at improving immersion (and controllability) in games. A headset should be a bit less hassle at least.

Comment: Re:salt and de-icer (Score 2) 207

Why? FWD has better traction because more weight is over the drive wheels, and it's more stable (when rear drive wheels slip the car fishtails)

Well, for one thing, I enjoy drifting/fishtailing when it's raining or there's snow (I only do that if there aren't other cars around though). Having weight over the drive wheels is pretty good for grip yes, but having the drive wheels also doing the steering is not a good thing, especially in unexpected situations. I suppose that a driver that's aware of the limitations of their vehicle will always fare better in poor weather than someone who knows nothing about drive systems and weight distribution, so it just comes down to preference. I prefer RWD (even over all wheel drive).

With thinner tyres, your car is more likely to sink through the snow and get better grip. It's perhaps bad in really deep snow, I wouldn't know.. but for the less than a foot of snow that we usually have on UK roads, it's definitely better with thinner tyres. I've never used real snow tyres, so I don't know about them.

Comment: Re:What are they really saying? (Score 1) 207

I don't really mind that you killed a kangaroo, but I don't think it's valid to use the same logic in areas where there's a high chance of humans being near the road.

If you don't have time to detect and avoid someone/something you don't want to kill (or is illegal to kill) walking out from cars or other objects at the side of the road, and especially if you don't have time to detect something that's already on the road, you're going too fast for the conditions.

Comment: Re:salt and de-icer (Score 2) 207

I love RWD in the snow. I'd say the width of your tyres mattes more than the drive system. It also depends how much snow you get I suppose. Snow is never a problem for me, but ice can really suck when it's on an incline (as in the car park at my last flat, where I had a lot of fun trying to get going some days..).

Comment: Re:ONE independent demo, please (Score 4, Insightful) 207

They don't stand to profit from anything right now, this is just news about a research project. If you are annoyed at the lack of product reviews for a product that doesn't even exist yet, maybe you should stop reading tech news sites.

Comment: Re:ONE independent demo, please (Score 1) 207

The difference is that these articles are about research projects, not final products. This one doesn't even say that the car moves, just that it can detects things. So it's probably about one student's project into computer vision.. no, I haven't RTFA :p

Comment: Re:When you have a bad driver ... (Score 1) 961

by somersault (#45678709) Attached to: Is the Porsche Carrera GT Too Dangerous?

driving down small public roads on a sunny day is fun. Its why we play video games.

No, we play video games because doing the same things in real life is often either stupid/dangerous, or impossible (alien worlds, Portal guns, etc).

Driving can be very enjoyable without being dangerous about it. If you want to really let loose on a public road, I recommend not buying a car that can do 0-60mph in less than 6 seconds.

Comment: Re:Oh Dear. (Score 4, Insightful) 192

by somersault (#45668949) Attached to: Thousands of Germans Threatened With €250 Fines For Streaming Porn

Out of morbid curiosity - who uploaded the content, and why isn't the law firm chasing that guy?

There's a possibility that the porn company uploaded it themselves, just so that they could execute this plan.

Th **AA have been caught doing similar things, so it's not unprecedented.

Of course it's very possible that a normal user uploaded them too.

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