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Comment Some places need GPS more than others (Score 1) 380

In the 90s, when I lived in CA, I used to get AAA maps of the cities I lived in. Like in the Bay Area, I had maps of most cities in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Alameda counties. If I was headed to a place I wasn't familiar w/, I'd study the map and then go there. More locally, I'd drive all over the place - pretty much had Milpitas, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale mentally nailed, and for other places, would refer to the maps at times.

When I moved to the East coast, I got a car w/ the GPS built in, and that turned out to be a godsend. B'cos unlike in CA, where most of the roads are in a grid and one gets a good idea of roads that are parallel or perpendicular to how one is driving, here, roads are all over the place. Atlanta in particular drives me nuts: if it weren't for GPS, I'd be at sea. I'd drive according to my instincts back from some place, and have no idea of where I'm headed, despite the compass on the GPS, unless I plug in my destination.

But about the people in the story, if one is 2 hrs drive away, how does one keep driving and end up from Belgium to Croatia? Wouldn't one re-check one's destination periodically? Not to mention that most GPS systems tell you when you are close to your ultimate destination

Comment Re:so THAT'S why NK's Sat is out of control (Score 2) 120

The Macs that he is on - are they on OS X, or did they replace that w/ North Korea's Red Star Linux? We discussed that OS here on /. a while back. His generals may have PCs, but if all of them run Red Star Linux, as opposed to OS X or Windows, then it's all level. He just has the most expensive computer of them all

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 533

Have you seen the blogs, or YouTube comments? I see Judeophobic comments all the time. Your comment that 'there would be a huge backlash' is a fiction. Judeophobia is one of the few accepted forms of religious bigotry. Particularly on /.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 533

I am anti-Islamic - regardless of the race or ethnicity of the Muslim in question. The subset of the religion that you are referring to happens to be the core of the religion - endorsed by all its leading texts, and endorsed by most Muslim governments worldwide as well as the OIC. Your 'most Muslims are against that too' is just wishful thinking, w/ NO supporting polls worldwide. In fact, Pew has run several polls of Muslims over the years both in Muslim countries and outside, and most Muslims have been pretty ambivalent about a lot of aspects of Islam that normally trouble non-Muslims. Like whether honor killings are okay - and that is something that individual Muslims do, not governments.

There is a huge difference b/w Islam and ANY other religion - Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Shintoism, Hinduism, et al. None of the latter religions bother about non-believers (yeah, Christianity may have once done that, I'm talking about NOW!) and more importantly, none of them advocate hatred of the other. That is NOT true about Islam, regardless of what you might wanna believe. All the things one hears from the likes of ISIS, Hamas, Hizbullah, al Qaeda, Jaesh e Mohammed, Lashkar e Toiba, Jemiah Islamiah, Lashkar Jihad, Abu Sayyaf, Boko Haram, et al - are there in the Quran, Hadith, Tafseer and Sira. The reason Muslims regardless of where they are from - be it Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Syria, Chechnya, Pakistan, Yemen, et al engage in Jihadi activity is that it's endorsed by the Quran and Sunnah, and they know it. It's only cretins in the West who've invented words like 'Islamist', 'Islamism', and other terms that didn't exist 20 years ago who believe otherwise.

Atheists - the reason Christians, Jews and others have problems w/ them is that they are typically aggressively anti-religious. But in any Western country, mock anybody for believing their imaginary friend, and nobody will respond. Try going to even countries like Jordan or Emirates or Malaysia and call allah their imaginary friend, and see what happens to you.

As for what I want America to do, I'd like the US to recognize that Islam is not just a religion, but a geopolitical ideological cult and regulate it as such, just like it would do Scientology or Branch Davidians or Heavensgate or any other garden variety cult. As opposed to having the religious protections of the first amendment. Yeah, people can still continue to believe in or practice Islam, but any Muslims who want 5 prayer breaks during work, or women who want to wear burqhas to a place where they are not welcome cannot bully them into accepting them in the name of religious tolerance.

For the record, I'm neither Christian nor Jewish, nor am I Atheist. For purposes of this discussion, put me down as Agnostic.

Comment Great (Score 4, Interesting) 35

Gigabit LTE means that you'll be able to use up your entire high speed data quota in less than a minute, unless the carriers finally update their data pricing models.

How is it that we've ended up with $10 for 10Gb or less of data now for about ten years? In the meantime, we've gone from inefficient EDGE to unbelievably efficient LTE, with HSPA+ available now for, what, the last five years on most GSM family networks?

Yet the data prices haven't budged. The carriers have more bandwidth than ever, more efficient ways of using it than ever, but they still think they're running ancient EDGE or cdma2000 networks.

On a positive note, this is more bandwidth than most people's cable modems. I wonder if the cable industry will catch up.

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