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Comment: Re:Thought it was already the norm abroad (Score 1) 68

by dbIII (#49170433) Attached to: Will you be using a mobile payment system?
This. Ten times over. A company I did some work for in 2001 had some reasonable technology for a mobile payment system (as did many others - back then people in Italy were apparently using a different system to pay for fuel at the pump with their phones) but with the banks as stakeholders you find they are not going to change anything unless there is obvious short term profit. As nearly 15 years has passed they are getting a few more senior people that are starting to see obvious gains from those new fangled mobile telephone thingies and other devices.

Comment: Re:Secure is now illegal (Score 1) 182

In some places even a cartoon of an imaginary person counts as child porn and people have been jailed for such images.
Personally I think that's going too far and we should be worrying about crimes committed against children instead of being thought police. Go after child molesters first - there's been more effort going after Kim Dotcom by playing the child porn hosting card than going after a convicted child rapist like Polanski.

Comment: Re:Slight factual error (Score 1) 270

by dbIII (#49169883) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

You seem to think I "wasted" my time

Since I'd already addressed it before your post - most definitely.
All that time wasted on a throwaway aside that had already been pointed out as such AND SETTING ME UP AS A STRAWMAN instead of a productive discussion. A complete and utter waste of time that just makes you look like a vindictive child instead of whatever you really are. Let's just put that behind us and take what you've written about trains as read.

It should be noted that our electric light rail are almost all modern

Sorry to point this out again - but mass transit is an example of an industry that the USA just is not interested in dealing with apart from buying stuff from elsewhere (eg. importing German trams/light rail for that modern stuff) and my point was that many others are heading that way unless there is a focus on quality and/or technological progress instead of mere hope and greed. That's the only reason why I mentioned trains as an example. Can we get back to that point or do you want to continue going off on a tangent and pretending that I'm leading you there?

Comment: Re:Best idea is not to hide. (Score 1) 231

It all depends upon the STORY being told.

If the "infection" has already happened (you're a zombie when you die whether or not you were bitten) then that changes the math.

Then it comes down to how fast you become a zombie once a zombie bites you. Seconds or days?

And, finally, it comes down to whether this is going to be a book or a movie/TV show. In a book the protagonists can employ non-FPS means to deal with zombies. Otherwise you're stuck with hand-to-hand and guns.

Comment: Re:Cutting Off Speech? (Score 1) 467

Similarly, ...

No. Not similarly.

Just because A and B share a single common feature does NOT make A = B. And your original claim was incorrect. Twitter is not "the modern equivalent of the public square".

Particularly when you then try to argue that C and D are also equal.

Comment: Re:Cutting Off Speech? (Score 1) 467

Is it good to cut off access to the modern equivalent of the public square just because we don't like what is being said?

It's a good thing that no one is doing that, right?

Remember, twitter is owned by the twitter people who get to decide who is allowed to post what on twitter.

Just because you feel you have something to say does NOT mean that EVERYONE has to carry YOUR message.

Comment: Re:Xfce 5 should be based on Qt. (Score 1) 89

by dbIII (#49161355) Attached to: Xfce 4.12 Released

obscene amount of CPU time is uses for doing just about anything.

Yes, the obscene amount on a Nokia N900 phone, on an older Kindle, on a thin client, on a Pentium fucking 60 - maybe up to 5% of CPU at times. How is a modern system with GHz instead of 60 MHz and multiple cores going to cope?
It's best to think before posting Mr AC.

Comment: Re:Xfce 5 should be based on Qt. (Score 4, Informative) 89

by dbIII (#49158285) Attached to: Xfce 4.12 Released
GTK+ has also been used as a strawman for X. The Wayland people have used the slow startup of the new gedit as their example of how X is slow, and they have used the network transparency problems with the new gtk+ to say that only "old" software does not spam the network with full sized bitmaps.
I wish Wayland the best but the fanboys who pretend that the bar for it to reach is set low are hindering it.

Comment: Re:stop the pseudo-scientific bullshit (Score 1) 87

by dbIII (#49157919) Attached to: Mysterious Siberian Crater Is Just One of Many
Another factor is nearby gas wells have lowered the local water table recently which changes how seasonal thawing happens on the spot, so "warming" should be taken literally as a matter of local conditions instead of a knee jerk assumption that the observer was blaming it on global warming so must be burned as a witch.

Comment: Re:Slight factual error (Score 1) 270

by dbIII (#49157881) Attached to: It's Official: NSA Spying Is Hurting the US Tech Economy

because something exists and is important to niche users, it must not be true that it isn't used "a lot?" Huh?

If you read my earlier post (about "attacking obvious examples of abandoned industries") after writing all of that you must feel really stupid for wasting so much of your time :)
You missed the obvious example AND got things wrong in your criticism when you got "hung up on absolutes" by taking it literally and not as an obvious example, Were you drunk?
Also why all the anecdotal shit when you can look up freight numbers that will correct it anyway?

"Nature is very un-American. Nature never hurries." -- William George Jordan