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Comment: Re:Annoying (Score 1) 138

Oh man, it's worse than that. There are three options:
* 20gbps passive copper cable, USB-C connector, up to 2m long, supports Thunderbolt, USB3.1, and DisplayPort
* 40gbps active copper cable, USB-C connector, up to 2m long, supports Thunderbolt, USB3.1
* 40gbps active optical cable, USB-C connector?, up to 60m long, protocols not yet announced
Notice that you can't use DisplayPort on the 40gbps active cable. So in addition to having ports that look identical but support different functionality, you have cables that look identical but support different functionality.

Comment: Annoying (Score 1) 138

Coopting an existing port makes things worse, because now in addition to knowing what ports a device has, you have to know what protocols it supports over those ports. I dread having to constantly explain to non computer savvy people that, yes that connector is a USB connector and your computer has USB ports, but that is a thunderbolt device and your computer doesn't support thunderbolt. It is enough to make he wish that thunderbolt remains a niche technology that doesn't gain mainstream use.

Comment: Re:Sentencing matched the guidelines (Score 1) 361

by pavon (#49810061) Attached to: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

Yeah, I have always thought it was weird that judges are supposed to take remorse into consideration when sentencing. It borders on violating the fifth amendment protection against self-incrimination, in my opinions. Because they are, judges have to form an entirely subjective opinion on that matter, and you end up with quotes like the above where she is basically countering the defenses narrative of how remorseful he was with her own narrative demonstrating why she doesn't but it.

Comment: Sentencing matched the guidelines (Score 5, Informative) 361

by pavon (#49803035) Attached to: Silk Road Founder Ross Ulbricht Sentenced To Life In Prison

Here's my point. When I read about the Ross Ulbricbht court, what comes across to me is that the judge is saying "blah blah yadda yadda legal stuff and now here is MY OPINION" which will vary from judge to judge. But surely justice must be consistent? You shouldn't have one judge convicting a person for making an urgent phone call, but a different judge effectively exonerating a policeman for not driving with the care required by his job. And you shouldn't have a judge handing down an entire life sentence when another judge would most likely have given a sentence of 10-20 years.

I am undoing moderation to post this, because I have seen similar comments everywhere covering the story, all moderated up, and it simply isn't true.

Yes sentencing should be consistent which is why we have sentencing guidelines, and this judge followed them. He was convicted of running a continuing criminal enterprise which has a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years. And it gets worse when you add up the offense levels in the guidelines for his crimes: It was demonstrated that people who took drugs purchased on Silk Road have died from that drug use, which give him a base offense level of 38. The continuing criminal enterprise offense adds 4 points, and since he played an Aggravated Role as the ring leader that adds another 4 points, bringing him to 46 points. The sentencing table for someone with no prior convictions and an offense level of 43 or more is a life sentence, period, and that is before talking about the other five charges he was convicted of! As a judge you would have to present a very strong argument as to why someone with that high of an offense level should get less than life.

The reason he got such a harsh sentence is because our drug laws are so harsh, not because the judge was harsh. Prosecutors have huge flexibility in what they charge people with, and in this case they threw the book at him.

Comment: Re:Context (Score 2) 62

by pavon (#49784207) Attached to: SpaceX Cleared For US Military Launches

The Orbital ATK merger is different because they had complementary capabilities and weren't really competitors. Orbital didn't have any experience building rocket motors; they have always refurbished ICBMs for military launches, or purchased motors for their private launches. Whereas Thiokol produced many of those original ICBM motors that Oribital was reusing, and was already contracting with them to produce new motors for Antares. There was/is some overlap in the non-launch services parts of the companies, but as far as launch goes it was a pretty natural fit for them to merge.

Comment: turtles all the way down (Score 1) 118

And then if I point to those under them who are sweating, then you'll say that they're undeservingly lazy too... and on and on... until you've singlehandedly determined that nobody is sweating (working hard) but yourself.

That's the problem with Lefties - for them, it's "turtles all the way down" - everyone is labeled an exploiter by the Lefties except the Lefties themselves (which is the diametric opposite of reality.)

Comment: Re:from what I read... (Score 1) 35

The demo of course takes advantage of Sony’s ‘asynchronous reprojection’ technique to ultimately output at 120 FPS." Translation: Two eyes means two frames, so you get 120fps from 60fps. Right?

No, they are talking about a technique that is also used by Oculus to translate variable frame rate renderings to smooth fixed frame rate output without judder.

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