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Submission + - Theora development update

SergeyKurdakov writes: "Monty "xiphmont" Montgomery of the Xiph Foundation, writes:The latest action-packed, graph- and demo-clip-stuffed Theora project update page ( demo 9 ) is now up for all and sundry! Catch up on what's gone into the new Theora encoder 'Ptalarbvorm' over the last few months. It also instructs how to pronounce 'Ptalarbvorm'. Ptalarbvorm is not a finished release encoder yet, though I've personally been using it in production for a few months. Pace on improvements hasn't slowed down-- the subjective psychovisual work being done by Tim Terriberry and Greg Maxwell has at least doubled-again on the improvments made by Thusnelda, and they're not anywhere near done yet.

as a bonus Monty gathered all Xiph demo pages in one place here "

Submission + - New releases: libogg libvorbis libao vorbis tools 1

SergeyKurdakov writes: "Monty Xiphmont just released series of updates for free vorbis tools. according to his blog post: Released last night: libogg 1.2.0, libvorbis 1.3.1, libao 1.0.0, and vorbis-tools 1.4.0. *whew* Aside from bugfixes, the major story here is the first wide release of all the surround hacking I've been doing the past two months. Previous demo pages ( one and two ) had documented my progress till now; there's actually one more coming that I've just started on. In addition to that, we also tagged on a release of libogg with a new default page spill rule that reduces container overhead for higher bitrate streams like video. The change is simple, but it's a reduction in bitrate for free so why not. Applications don't have to do anything, just drop in the new lib. In addition to demo pages and blogging, I've also begun a comprehensive expansion of the Ogg documentation (the very beginnings of which are in the release-- not much yet). The releases as usual can be had from the Xiph.Org downloads page."

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