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Comment: Re:impossible (Score 2, Insightful) 297

Ellison is a clever man who helped invent the modern RDBMS, which is the basis for much of today's information technology.

What have you invented lately?

"Henry Ford was a clever man who invented the otherwise useless automobile, which helped him to divert the productivity of his newly created workforce into filling his personal pocketbook"

"Edison was a crafty fellow who invented this light bulb thing which wasn't very useful, except to divert the productivity of many workers into fattening his own wallet"

"Einstein was a cunning patent clerk who came up with this stupid Relativity thing, which wasn't very useful to anyone except Einstein, because it allowed him to cleverly gain the confidence of the so-called scientific community, while also turning him into a household name."

"Slashdot was invented just to provide an outlet for too-clever-by-half Tinfoil Hatters (Haters?)..."

Comment: Chinese Hosting (Score -1, Offtopic) 165

by sanman2 (#44013267) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Self-Hosting Git Repositories?

Just get China to host you - Ed Snowden did.

Seriously, though - that guy has been working for China all along. He makes his revelations on the eve of the US-China summit, where China was facing angry US allegations about cyber-hacking attacks, and suddenly the tables are totally turned on the US. How magically convenient for the Chinese. Ohhh, but China would never stoop to a trick like that, you say?? In which case, I have a hosting service in the Everglades I'd like to interest you in...

Comment: Snowden = DoubleAgent for China (Score 1) 749

by sanman2 (#44013101) Attached to: Snowden Is Lying, Say House Intelligence Committee Leaders

It seems to be looking more and more like Snowden has been working for China all along.

Note that Snowden came out with his explosive revelations just as the Chinese premier was about to meet with Obama, with the US already upset at extensive Chinese hacking attacks against US targets. What convenient timing for the Chinese.

China is the new USSR - same old ColdWar double agent defection games. Same old Useful Idiots on the Left who will lap up in Pavlovian style any propaganda ploy that feeds their anti-establishment appetite.

Comment: CG Avatar (Score 1) 245

by sanman2 (#44002733) Attached to: Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Be Back As the Terminator

They'll just put the facial-capture stuff on him, so that he can mouth out the words in his usual robotic way, and they'll slap it all onto some CG model, a la Avatar.

In which case, why not just hire an impressionist who can do Arnie's accent on the cheap, and then map his stuff onto the CG model?

Comment: Planetary Resources Arkyd-100 Space Telescope (Score 2) 196

by sanman2 (#43991533) Attached to: Crowd-Funded Radio Beacon Will Message Aliens

It's great that Slashdot is giving coverage to the above story, but how come they're not giving timely coverage to the fact that Planetary Resources has announced a new Stretch Goal for their existing Kickstarter campaign:

They're promising that if the new $2M fund-raising goal is crossed, they'll use the extra funds to upgrade their Arkyd-100 Space Telescope to search for exo-planets. This is a fantastic idea, especially given the recent breakdown of NASA's Kepler planet-finding probe.

I hope you will all consider pledging some money to this fine Kickstarter campaign too, because finding more of those alien worlds will help to expand our horizons and our aspirations of the future.

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