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Comment: How long until these get implemented? (Score 1) 459

While they might look funny, strange, or even ugly to some, I have to wonder how soon we might start seeing these designs implemented. Fuel costs are becoming a major issue to the airline industry, if these airframes can be built for the same price as existing ones, Boeing will be all over this. Fuel economy is definitely becoming an important part of the game, also consider that if the aircraft uses less fuel it produces less emissions. Another attractive sales angle in today's society.

So we could see these in as little as ten years.


+ - Firefly MMOG

Submitted by
Barny writes "Multiverse, makers of an upcoming customizable mmog engine, have secured the rights to produce an online saga in the firefly universe.
First reported by Wired News,I think we can all admit to the same feelings summed up by Tim Absath.

Man I hope they don't butcher this.

+ - DMCA bill to go before Parliament in New Zealand

Submitted by Psyrg
Psyrg (730923) writes "Today an online petition to the New Zealand Minister of Commerce Hon Judith Tizard has surfaced about a Amendment Bill (plain text) that would bring legal protections for copyright similar to the American DMCA act. From the petition:

'We, the undesigned New Zealand citizens, are shocked to read that you have sponsored an amendment to the Copyright Act that, in some ways, mirrors the United States DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). The DMCA has been a colossal failure, with global corporations using it to bully, threaten and extort money from legitimate consumers, while it does very little to stop digital piracy. In essence, the DMCA is more about keeping the entertainment industries current business model valid, than protecting these companies from digital pirates.'

While many clauses of the new bill such as legal exemption for time shifting are a step forward, we must stand against the DMCA like sections 226A, 226B and 226C of the bill."

+ - Free Treo 680 Take Apart Video

Submitted by
Robby Stanley
Robby Stanley writes "PDAparts.com Post Free Treo 680 Take Apart Directions PDAparts.com has just posted take apart directions for the Treo 680. This gives a look inside the new Treo 680 unit. They also recently posted directions to take apart a LifeDrive and Treo 700w. Of course following these direction or doing a take apart on a unit will void tour warranty but then again most pda companies do not warranty a broken screen anyways. PDAparts.com is known for carrying hard to find part for most pda units including replacement screens. The link to the video is the following: http://www.gethightech.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc? Screen=CTGY&Category_Code=RD"
User Journal

Journal: Help needed conserving the knowledge of the 1840's

Journal by fritsd

Most of you have probably heard of project Gutenberg: preserving texts that are finally in the public domain for our common heritage.
A spin-off project is PGDP: Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders (http://www.pgdp.net/c).
It allows you to use a convenient web interface to proofread one page at a time.

At the moment, the queue for new, freshly OCR-ed books (called "P1" queue) contains the following 1342 page english book:


RIAA Mischaracterizes Letter Received From AOL 287

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the guilty-until-proven-innocent dept.
NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In Elektra v. Schwartz, an RIAA case against a Queens woman with Multiple Sclerosis who indicates that she had never even heard of file sharing until the RIAA came knocking on her door, the judge held that Ms. Schwartz's summary judgment request for dismissal was premature because the RIAA said it had a letter from AOL 'confirm[ing] that defendant owned an internet access account through which copyrighted sound recordings were downloaded and distributed.' When her lawyers got a copy of the actual AOL letter they saw that it had no such statement in it, and asked the judge to reconsider."

+ - Software that calculates Area & Moment of Iner

Submitted by
ed.scientist writes "Really interesting software that calculates geometric properties (area, moment of inertia , centroid) of any polygon in XY plane. Developed with C# (CSharp) and it's based on Green's Theorem. Easy of use and works on Microsoft Windows XP. You need .Net Framework 2 installed before. Link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/secciones/"

Journal: The Wii and ST:TNG 5

Journal by Shadow Wrought
Remember phaser practice on the holodeck? All the dots circling the room and you had to shoot the correct color? Yeah, I wonder how long until there's a game like that on the Wii.

Are Background Checks Necessary For IT Workers? 402

Posted by CowboyNeal
from the better-safe-than-sorry dept.
4foot10 writes "UBS PaineWebber learned a hard lesson after hiring an IT systems admin without conducting a background check. Now its ex-employee is slated to be sentenced for launching a 'logic bomb' in UBS' computer systems that crashed 2,000 of the company's servers and left 17,000 brokers unable to make trades."
Hardware Hacking

+ - Dell Dimension E521 - An Exercise in Futility - Cu

Submitted by
TechGod_D4N writes "Buying a Dell Dimension E521 isn't what I thought it would be. Try Dell falsely advertising their machine as supporting Raid 0! Raid 1 but not Raid 0??? It turned out to be the nightmare customer support incident from Hell. Try 10+ hours on the phone, being charged for computers I didn't want and At least I learnt what was bad about the E521 http://www.d4n.org/2006/12/06/dell-dimension-e521- an-exercise-in-futility-customer-support-hell/"

Sony Adds PS3 Support to Linux Kernel 181

Posted by Zonk
from the tux-i-want-you-to-meet-your-new-friend dept.
mu22le writes "A few Sony patches to the Linux kernel have just been merged in the mainline tree, to be included in the 2.6.20 release. The patches add 'core platform support for the PS3 game console and other devices using the PS3 hypervisor.'" From the Linux Devices article: "Linux gained generic support for the Cell processor, on which the PS3 is based, with the 2.6.13 release in June of 2005. The new Sony-contributed patches to the 2.6.20 kernel appear to add machine-specific support for technology such as the PS3's memory architecture, DMA (direct memory access) model, and SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) model. A Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) distribution has been available for the PS3 since October, thanks to a development deal between Sony and YDL publisher TerraSoft. However, YDL so far has not been bundled with early PS3 shipments, despite earlier indications from Sony Entertainment's CEO, Ken Kuturagi."

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