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Journal Journal: Chronicle: A little kayaking

On Sunday, i wanted to go kayaking at Kensington Metropark, which i've done in the past. I aimed to leave at 3 with a friend for the 20 minute drive, but we got there after 5. Regardless, they weren't renting boats due to high winds. So, off we went to Heavner Canoe & Kayak Rental, instead, which was on the way, and he had wanted to go to anyw

Comment Re:User scripts FTW (Score 1) 6

I'm not comfortable with what you wrote (yet). The easy route for me--right now--is to keep doing it the way that i know. I wonder though, which method works in more browsers (and versions) that support scripting?

Right now, i want to add a Home button to Memrise after a course review (maybe even during a review) or learning session. The top bar changes and it takes extra clicks to get home, even when the session is over.

(Source not shown to do "Filter error: Please use fewer 'junk' characters." And to think, /. used to be for geeks.)

So, the easy way out might be:

var review = document.getElementById('gardening-area');
review....= (add button here) + review.....;

What would you do?

Comment Re: Or let us keep our hard-earned money (Score 4, Insightful) 571

The problem with subsiding solar is that it causes the market to compete for subsidies instead of produceing a good product.

Funny, never once heard that complaint about oil, but renewables come along and all of a sudden it's all hand-wringing and embarrassed shrugs...

Comment Re:Well, Trumka Loves Him (Score 1) 18

But you won't shut your useless trap. What are you up to, 10, 20 posts a day, all the same chickenshit "ha ha" crap recycled over and over:

Eh, we here are getting a good chuckle out of you all.

Thanks for the pull quote. You got nothing.

It's not that I mind you feebly jerking off in the corner, I mind that you think your shit don't stink.

Comment Re:Well, Trumka Loves Him (Score 1) 18

:-) We're not counting 2010, 2012, and 2014, right?

Not the way you are, no.

I mean, you know, because, like, congress is irrelevant?

More and more so by the day.

Bastards aren't worth shit.

I love how you can't stay on topic for more than a sentence. All breadth, no depth.

When did all our Bourbon Democrats

See, there's your problem in a nutshell. Starting with faulty premises will get you nowhere.

One last time: I hope you njoy being clever, because your attitude won't get you fuck all else.
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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Had a problem conceptualizing recusion in Java

I'm reading Java: A Beginner's Guide by Herbert Schildt. Schildt really is good. The lessons are smooth, with small complete examples of everything, explanations, and learning in steps, that is, each chapter builds on what was learned in the past. It's not just a bunch of concepts thrown together.. Here's one case where the O'reilly book

Where are the calculations that go with a calculated risk?