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Comment Re: I welcome our new robotic overlords' produce (Score 1) 161

Having said that, my observation is that I see little difference between conservatives and liberals in their contempt for working class people, either legally or illegally in the country.

Yeah, slashdot's a horrible place for empathy. Go out into the world and the libs/cons you'll find there are slightly more human.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 20

No, it's just that the rabid left is as hilarious in its delusions as the rabid right, and deserves the appropriate mocking. Unlike Fox News, I am fair and balanced.
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Journal Journal: Rant: Android namespaces and ids 3

I hate Java, i hate Android development, but i repeat myself. And that's exactly what i hate about them.

In Android, objects have their own namespaces, under R. There's R.class, R.mipmap, R.layout, R.color, R.integer, and many more. So, the namespace of the layout (where you usually add objects) is under R.layout, the image on a button can be under R.mipmap. Nice.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 20

We have it because people are scared of change.

No no no, get your stories straight. You got the ACA and not Sp because Obama was insufficiently awesome.

Comment LOL (Score 1) 20

"Look, let's get rid of that stupid hack Obamacare BS and bring in single payer"

Keep fucking that chicken.
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Journal Journal: And the loser is 12


Son, if you can't keep Marco Rubio, of all people, more than 5 points away in Iowa, of all places, you do not have what it takes. Go home.

Alright folks, now that the writing is on the wall, let's place our bets on Trump's demise. I'm thinking he's in until at least Super Tuesday. Maybe the better question is, how much more damage is he going to do before that?

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