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Comment: Re:There rarely is a single cause (Score 3, Insightful) 213

by Captain Splendid (#48426411) Attached to: Lessons Learned From Google's Green Energy Bust
It's not Oil being a part of the equation, it's cheap oil, which really wasn't available until he beginning of the 20th, that was the feedstock for all that complexity.

See how much innovation and growth you can manage when just brewing your cup of coffee in the morning either requires you to build a fire or fork over lots of money for a few watts.

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by Chacham (#48377557) Attached to: Things I Can't Avoid Knowing

expat? I don't remember that.

reddit is a cesspool, so i rarely bother with it, even when it shows up from a search.

I (like to) think i would pay for a service where someone filtered slashdot & reddit comments to what is actually informational, interesting, and truly funny. IOW, what comment moderation was intended for.

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by Chacham (#48316985) Attached to: My Spine

Dude, i hope ya feel better.

I have to agree with your thought process here. Second opinion, costing more, pain killers, disc vs disk, spine is more important, etc.

Thanx for posting! And get better!

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