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Comment: Re:Like with everything else, moderation (Score 2) 534

by Doctor O (#44870827) Attached to: Toronto Family Bans All Technology In Their Home Made After 1986

Amen. As a father of three, I wholeheartedly second everything you say - especially the part of making decisions for your children and being their parent, not their friend or partner. Being a parent is *not* symmetrical, nor should it be. Quite the opposite it's your duty to protect your children from things they can not or should not do (yet?).

To me, the essence of parenting is guidance, consequence, and, most of all love. Telling kids 'no' and sticking to it is more of a sign of love than most people (especially non-parents) understand.

Oh, and let me stress that explaining isn't negotiating. There *are* things you negotiate with your kids (how should they safely learn it otherwise?), but your decisions aren't among those.

Comment: Re:Not smart Enough? (Score 1) 1276

by Doctor O (#39304413) Attached to: Scientists Say People Aren't Smart Enough For Democracy To Flourish

I'll bite.

It's not as if those people would spend all that much (in proportion to their wealth). They make a lot of money through financial means, though. So tell me:

Do they pay taxes on their financial earnings?

The EU is trying to achieve this for years now, so I think that in the USA there's no tax on financial transactions or profits.

Comment: My non-hybrid VW Diesel has the same mileage... (Score 2) 633

by Doctor O (#38625734) Attached to: Another Stab At Sorting Hybrid Hype From Reality

Okay, I just got a major WTF. I wanted to know how my car compares to all those super-eco-friendly hybrids you people are talking about, and entered into Google "45 miles per gallon in liters per 100 km".

So, you see, my 2007 VW Touran http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touran, being arguably bigger and more comfortable than a Prius, does a constant 39 MPG with its 1.9 TDI engine when I don't care about mileage. When I make longer trips or try to save some fuel (because it's much more expensive over here in Germany, we pay $ 7.20 per gallon for Diesel), I can easily bring it to 45 MPG, and I am pretty sure it's possible to get it to up to 48 using all those mileage tricks that drive everybody mad and clog up the streets.

So WTF. My huge car has the same mileage as your hybrids, and unlike the hybrids it doesn't come with additional boxes full of toxic chemicals (read: batteries) that become an environmental problem at the car's EOL.

You see, I'm not trying to be a cynic, but until 10 minutes ago I was feeling bad for not being able to afford a hybrid. Now I wonder if they're just some kind of nerd bait.

Comment: Damn. (Score 1) 10

by Doctor O (#38589948) Attached to: Happy New Year. Same As The Old Year.

Sucks to hear this. OTOH, I second the notion of becoming a teacher. I've learned more from tangents of your comments than I learned from my whole professional training. Even if I usually don't adapt your ways of doing things, they show me other perspective and help me grok the underlying principles. This, IMHO, is the most essential part of teaching.

Comment: Re:If it doesn't have ads, it's going away. (Score 1) 114

by Doctor O (#38567266) Attached to: Google Leaves App Inventor In Limbo

My impression is that Web Toolkit (or as most people call it, GWT) is quite heavily used by lots of people. I guess if they made it a for-pay framework, at least the company I work for and several others would simply shell out (given the price is in the four-figure league) instead of rolling their own.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 223

by Doctor O (#38419580) Attached to: DynDNS Cuts Back Free DNS Options

You could ask that same question about your router, unless your router is used by more people than just you.

I am with you, I usually don't run my machines when I'm away, and I'm all for being green. But I've never, never, never encountered somebody who actually DID use WOL and not just talk about it.

I fare quite well with Wake-By-Wife. When I need to access my desktop, I just call her or send an SMS that she should turn on the thing. ^^

OT: MythTV is kinda nice, BTW, but my EyeTV software on my iMac can just turn the computer on before a recording and turn it off afterwards, just because I scheduled a recording. I like that and wonder why no other software, MythTV included, does do this. It's not exactly rocket science either.

Comment: Re:Doesn't matter (Score 1) 223

by Doctor O (#38408468) Attached to: DynDNS Cuts Back Free DNS Options

So what?

The point of DynDNS is being able to reach machines behind your router, so if they're online, they can run any dynamic DNS updating client they like, and even as a cronjob or scheduled thingamabob (however Windows might call them, I don't do Windows).

So, if you *have* machines running, *they* can update the IP, and if you *don't* have anything running, what's the point of dynamic DNS?

Comment: Re:silly (Score 1) 556

by Doctor O (#37748342) Attached to: Is Apple Pushing Away Professionals?

Maybe my definition of "professional" differs from the general understanding of the term. I've been CTO and COO of prepress and media production companies for quite some years and am now a consultant for a company providing software and consulting for media production processes. To me, somebody doing print design without color management simply is an amateur. The same goes for people dragging notebooks around just to have clients give them text changes in person. I haven't seen that (for non-freelancers) in at least a decade. Correction workflows are online nowadays, either per email, but more often through either CS Live or software like ours.

I don't say this to invalidate your statements, just to add an obviously different point of view. What is that line of work in which you see 'creative professionals' like that?

Comment: Re:silly (Score 1) 556

by Doctor O (#37732180) Attached to: Is Apple Pushing Away Professionals?

To be fair, he has a point. If said professional is designing for print, there's no way he will *ever* have the colors of his notebook screen calibrated anywhere *near* the printed result. Color management is there for a reason, and it's *not* to just make the manufacturers rich. (That's a nice side effect, I'll admit.)

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. -- James Baldwin